What is an A103 check error code?

What is an A103 check error code

Error code A103 is a cash error that can be produced by the check-cashing app ‘Ingo Money App’ when a user tries to use the Ingo check cashing service.

In practical terms, this means that the check has been declined, but it also has other problems attached to it. This article covers a full walk-through of using Ingo, what might go wrong, exactly what this error code means, how you can correct it, and will even point you to some alternatives if you cannot fix this issue.

What does it mean to cash a check?

Cashing a check is a way to instantly get the money from a check without having to deposit it into your account. This has the advantage of being much quicker as depositing a check normally takes a few days.

However, when you cash checks, the company that accepts them and exchanges them for cash will normally take a fee from the amount, so you will not receive the full amount.

What is Ingo?

Ingo money app is a mobile app that allows you to use Ingo mobile check deposit to conveniently deposit checks.

Ingo Money service is provided by First Century Bank. As this is a National Chartered Bank, they are regulated by the federal government and so there are no delays with transferring money between states, and you can cash checks issued by a wide selection of banks.

You do have to be within the United States to use the check cashing feature, but being able to cash your check on a mobile app means no more check cashing lines, nor waiting for some future date to access your money.

How does Ingo work?

Ingo Money is a mobile app that allows you to cash checks. You take a photo of the check that you wish to cash and upload it to the app. You can then pick how quickly you would like the transaction to be completed and for you to receive the cash into your bank account, personal Paypal or business Paypal account, or pretty much any other prepaid card or credit card accounts issued by a US bank. Completing the transaction and receiving your money more rapidly will incur a larger fee from Ingo mobile money.

Ingo money accepts personal checks and business checks, and may even accept an endorsed check in some cases. The Ingo money mobile check cashing feature will even cash paychecks.

Ingo mobile check deposit only allows deposits from identity verified customers to help prevent security flaws that must be minimized in check cashing apps. Ingo also promises that once the cash is in your bank account, that it will stay there, even if the check is declined by the issuing bank, which is unusual for a third-party check processing company.

Ingo cash checks and help users to save money on both personal accounts and business accounts. They also enable their users to receive their cash quickly, to a checking account or directly to a PayPal account among other options.

How do I use Ingo to deposit a check?

To use the ingo app, it first needs to be installed. You can do this by downloading it from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. It is important to get the app from a reputable source to ensure proper installation.

You can then use the app to cash a check to personal accounts, business accounts, or even PayPal accounts by following the steps below.

  1. Sign the back of the check
  2. Place it on a surface with a single color, face-up, in a spot with good lighting.
  3. Sign in to the app
  4. Go to ‘Cash a Check’
  5. Go to the first ‘Check Image’ section and position the camera on your smartphone or another mobile device over the check. It is best to do this at a small angle so that you don’t cast a shadow on the check and prevent it from being read.
  6. At this point, there should be guidelines on the screen. Make sure the check is inside the guidelines and the box should turn green.
  7. Turn over the check and repeat the process above in the second ‘Check Image’ section.
  8. If you cannot use the automatic image capture, then you can use the flash and camera icons to take it manually.
  9. After the images have been uploaded, the app will display the amount on the check.
  10. Confirm this is correct, or correct it if necessary, then press ‘next’.
  11. If you have an Ingo Money promotional code, you should enter this now, before you confirm the check. An Ingo money promo code may help you try out the app without having to pay the usual fees.
  12. Follow the on-screen prompts to choose when you want your money, remembering that the sooner you request the money, the higher the fees associated.
  13. Follow the on-screen prompts to choose which account you want your money sent to. Eligible accounts can be checking accounts, credit card accounts, pre-paid debit cards, or PayPal accounts.
  14. Review the transaction and confirm it.

You may be asked by the app to write ‘VOID’ on the check and submit a photo of this. This is so that you can’t cash a check twice. Do not write void on the check until you are prompted as if you write this before the check is approved, you will not be able to cash it elsewhere.

Once this image has been confirmed, Ingo Money will send the money to your checking, card, or PayPal account.

Even once you have voided the check, you should hold onto it until your money appears in your checking, card, or Paypal account. While you should receive confirmation through the app or by email, it is always best to check directly in the account that the funds were intended to go to.

Most banks, prepaid card issuers, and Paypal will make funds available immediately, but some banks and most credit card issuers could take up to 24 hours.

What services can I use Ingo with?

You can use Ingo Money with a wide variety of services, from debit, credit, pre-paid, and retail cards to Paypal and Paypal Cash accounts and other financial accounts.

Eligible financial institutions include, but are not limited to Chase, Bank of America, Citi, Wells Fargo, American Express, Capital One, HSBC Bank USA, TD Bank, Discover, Synchrony Bank, First Premier Bank, and MetaBank.

Prepaid card companies include Amazon gift cards, Chase Liquid, Wells Fargo EasyPay, Regions Now Card, NetSpend, Green Dot, Walmart MoneyCard, and RushCard.

With regards to credit cards, Ingo Money works with Visa, Star, American Express, Pulse, MasterCard, NYCE, and Maestro.

A more complete list can be found on the Ingo Money app’s website.

Why wasn’t my check approved?

Every check cashed using Ingo Money is reviewed before being approved, and as such there are certain requirements regarding consistencies in images, sufficient legible information on the check, and the accounts involved.

Ingo Money cannot always tell you why a check was declined due to privacy regulations, but below are some of the reasons that they may do so.

  • The name on the check does not match the name on your Ingo Money account.
  • The check was not endorsed, or signed on the reverse.
  • The check amount is not between $5 and $5,000.
  • You have reached, or will exceed, your funding limit or your check cashing limit.
  • The check or check image is illegible or otherwise cannot be verified.
  • The check is from your own account or an unusual type of check that is not supported by Ingo Money.
  • An image of the voided check was not received.
  • The check writer’s account was not verifiable, was closed, or was otherwise in question.

If you have a check declined, you will receive a push notification from the app. You may also receive a Royal Bank response code, which may give you more information.

Why did I get error code A103?

The A103 ingo check error code is a check decline code, from when you are found to have violated Ingo’s Terms and Conditions.

This means that the transaction will not be complete and you will face the same issue on any future transactions with the ingo mobile money check cashing feature.

Ingo terms and conditions can be found on their website. There are several other decline codes, such as codes for suspected money laundering, but cash check error code a103 does not specify which rule was broken.

What can I do after getting error code A103?

While some ingo check declined codes may be for a single transaction, or a single cash check error, once you have received the ingo a103 code, your account is blocked. With decline code A103, unlike some other decline codes, it is not the check declined that is the problem but your account. In order to get your account unblocked, you must call customer service, explain that you have received error code A103, and attempt to sort it out directly, if it was a misunderstanding.

Your check has not been deposited and so you can still cash it elsewhere, although it may be harder to get it deposited directly to Paypal, for example, if you opt to take it to a traditional financial institution. However, you will not be able to use Ingo check services until the code A103 is resolved.

Other check cashing services

Thankfully, if you receive Code A103 and your ingo account is blocked, you can still use other check cashing apps to cash a check. (Bear in mind that if you received code a103 due to a problem with the check, you may find you face the check declined again due to the same issue with other services as with Ingo. Some other available services are:

  • Paypal US
  • Brink’s Money
  • Western Union Netspend
  • Green Dot

As well as these, if you keep getting a cash check error code, you could request that the person who gave you the check cancel it and transfer the money directly using PayPal or a direct transfer.


Ingo Money check cashing is a service that allows you to receive the money from checks you are given quickly, although with costs applied. You can use this service to fund traditional accounts, but also less traditional options such as prepaid cards and PayPal accounts.

A code a103 is a code that often appears when you find your check declined but actually means that your account has been suspended as you are believed to have broken ingo’s terms of use.

There is no easy fix for the Ingo A103 code, but this Ingo cash check error code may be able to be resolved by contacting Ingo directly. If you still find you cannot use Ingo Check services, there are other options such as Paypal or Brink’s Money.

In regards to A103, Ingo has published little on their website, and your best bet is to contact them directly through their helpline which can be found on their website.

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