What Happens To My SSI When I Turn 62?


As we have mentioned before, the whale process that needs to be followed when you are a recipient of SSI can be daunting.

This is because it is important to know everything you need to know and understand it so that you can provide all of the information they need in order to accurately assess your case. That is why we are here to answer your questions about it. 

What Happens To My SSI When I Turn 62

Some of the most common queries we get regarding the SSI process and people who receive it are in regards to the retirement age (this is 62 in case you don’t know). Many recipients of SSI understandably want to know what happens when they turn 62. 

In this article, we are going to tell you exactly what happens to your SSI when you turn 62, as well as letting you know whether you can receive both SSI and retirement at the same time and how much you might get. 

What happens to my ssi when I turn 62?

You may be understandably worried about losing your SSI benefits when you turn 62. The thing is, they can be so difficult to get in the first palace that many people rightfully worry about losing them at some point. 

One of these fears is that they will stop as soon as they reach retirement age. People fear that they will not have money to live on when they reach 62 as they have not been able to work to accrue a pension or retirement fund and may not think they can keep receiving SSI. 

We have some good news though! If you are currently in receipt of SSI payments and are about to reach retirement age, not only do you keep receiving your benefits, but they also get automatically converted into retirement benefits instead. 

This usually requires no extra effort or information from you and oftentimes the payment amount stays the same so you may not even notice it changing! 

Occasionally they may need to contact you for extra information though so if you are about to turn 62 you should keep an eye out for any correspondence from the people at SSA.
You should also keep in mind that this conversion to retirement SSI may not happen on your 62nd birthday. In fact, for many people, it may not happen at all when they are 62.

It happens when you are at full retirement age which may be different for different people as it tends to be based on the year in which you were born. 

If you are unsure of your exact retirement age and believe it is meant to be later than 62, you can contact SSI for more information about when your full retirement age is!  

Can a person receive SSI and Social Security retirement at the same time?

No, a person does not receive SSI and retirement at the same time purely for the fact that SSI gets converted to retirement when the person in question has reached their full retirement age. They will not get extra money.

That being said, they will likely receive the same amount, but on the basis of a retirement SSI plan rather than the generic SSI plan. 

That being said, some people can receive concurrent payments of SSDI and SS at the same time, with the SSDI being a payment because of a disability and the SSI being a supplementary payment.

In terms of retirement pay, it is likely that you will get automatically converted over to retirement SSI. 

How much SSI will I get at 62?

Typically, the amount of SSI that you receive will not change when you reach 62 or whenever your full retirement age is.

For most people, if they have already been in receipt of SSI before turning 62, the payment amounts will remain exactly the same. 

This is why many people do not even realize that they have been converted to the retirement SSI instead. As we mentioned in the first section, you do not need to take action on this change yourself.

The people over at the Social Security Administration will do it for you and you do not need to worry about any payments changing. 

If you notice that they have changed then you should contact your SSI department or case handler for more information. 

Do You Need to Contact SSA to Convert to Retirement Benefits?

No! You do not need to contact SSA to convert to retirement benefits if you are already in receipt of SSI payments.

As we mentioned in previous sections, this will be done automatically by the people at SSA or SSI when you have reached the full retirement age of 62.

You do not need to do anything and may not even notice a change if the payments stay the same.

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