What are the Best Side Hustles for Men?

side hustles for men

Are you considering starting a side hustle? If so, you’d be in great company as one in three Americans currently have a side hustle and of these, 67% got involved with it during the past three years. 

side hustle for men

As America is now firmly a side hustle nation, it’s fair to say that this type of income is increasingly popular.

But if you’re yet to get involved, you might be wondering about the best side hustles for men.

This side hustle blog post will teach you everything you need to know about selecting the perfect side hustle which is flexible enough to fit around your work, family, and social commitments. 

What is a side hustle? 

Before we get started, let’s make sure we’re all clear about what exactly a side hustle is.

Essentially, the definition of a side gig is that it’s a type of paid income that you earn in addition to your main job. 

Let’s say you’re a male nurse with a passion for playing the violin.

For your side hustle, you might freelance as a music teacher and give violin lessons after work to earn a little extra cash. 

Alternatively, perhaps you’re an accountant who is a dab hand with a paintbrush.

Your side hustle might be to offer decorating services at the weekend. 

Your side hustle is your second job, so it’s essential that whatever you choose to do fits around your primary means of income and doesn’t leave you too tired or unavailable for your main work.

Typically, a side hustle won’t replace your current income but it can be used as a way to earn extra cash to either put into your savings account or knock debt down with. 

Arranging your side hustle around your life

There are no limits to the type of work you might take on as your side hustle, but assuming you’re looking for legal side hustles, here are some common elements of typical side gigs:

  • Flexible hours 
  • A hobby that you’re passionate about 
  • A business idea you’re testing out whilst still working in your day job 
  • A career-changing opportunity 

What makes a great side hustle for one person could be a terrible idea for the next, and that comes down to the differences in people’s primary employment.

When deciding the best side gig for your situation, start by working out exactly how many hours of the week you can commit to your secondary role. 

Will you be working on it during the evenings? At the weekends? Or even whilst you work at your main job if you’ve found a way to earn a passive secondary income? The key is to get the balance right so that you’re left with enough time for yourself to unwind too. 

Passion is important when choosing your side gig.

If you’re taking on extra work, it’s miles easier to succeed if you’re doing something you truly enjoy. For example, if you’re a fitness fanatic then taking on your personal training clients before work when you’d be hitting the gym anyway is a great use of your time and skills. 

What are the most popular types of side hustles for men? 

Here are some good side jobs to make extra money.

Make money online – from digital marketing services such as setting up Facebook campaigns for small businesses, to starting an affiliate website where you earn money on referrals, there are plenty of side gigs for men online. 

At the lower end of the earnings scale, you might also start a side gig completing surveys online or earning cashback on your shopping.

Although these won’t bring in the big bucks, they’re a super-simple way to pick up some extra dollars when you’d otherwise be chilling watching Netflix!  

The best part about making money online is that it’s incredibly flexible.

You can normally fit this type of work around your primary work schedule and can even work on the go, from your smartphone or tablet if required.

Perfect for that commute into the office. 

Freelance – do you have skills in web design, copywriting, bookkeeping, or graphic design? Companies are crying out for your talent. 

Advertise your services on platforms such as Upwork and you can take on side gig projects as and when you please.

By bidding on the work you’re interested in, you can pick up jobs when you need the extra cash. 

Develop a portfolio over time and you may even find that you have enough freelance work to replace your regular income if that’s something you’re interested in. 

Neighborhood side gigs – from delivery work to providing services for local residents, your neighbors will always be pleased to hire a friendly face they can trust.

Whether you want to start a side hustle as a garden landscaper, painting fences, or walking dogs, neighborhood side gigs are perfect for picking up a little extra weekend work. 

You can either advertise your services on local forums or by dropping flyers around town.

Alternatively, you can sign up to a platform such as TaskRabbit and find available jobs which match your skillset. You might choose to mount a TV for $30, build flatpack furniture for $50 or lift heavy furniture upstairs for $25.

It’s super easy to get started by clicking on ‘Become a Tasker’ on their website. 

Creative side gigs – if you’re an expert craftsman with a diploma in anything from carpentry to metalwork, then you could put your talents to good use.

You might advertise your services to create bespoke items for customers.

Or perhaps you might also buy pre-loved items at a knockdown price and then upcycle them to make a great profit. 

You can use platforms such as Etsy or eBay to market your items, which is a really easy and secure way for side hustle millennials to do business and bring in the cash.

Renting Out – if you’re a homeowner with more space than you need, you can make an excellent passive income by letting it out to paying customers. 

Whether that be inviting someone to rent out your spare room, or renting out your unused garage space as storage, there’s some great potential for you to make an easy income.

If you live in a busy neighborhood and have a driveway you’re not using, then renting out a parking space is also a popular side gig for men. 

Renting out isn’t restricted to homeownership – if you have a car, then you can use a platform such as Turo to lend out your wheels to a paying driver.

You choose the dates, and times you’re happy to be without a ride, and you can earn between 65-85% of the trip price. 

Consultancy – who says your side hustle needs to be different from your main job?

If you’re great at what you do but would like to earn extra cash, then you can always freelance as a consultant and offer your services to businesses that could benefit from your years of experience. 

Another idea if you’re a skilled professional is to create a training course based on your knowledge and sell this to individuals or companies in a similar niche to yours.

This strategy may involve some minor costs including video production or pay-per-click advertising, but the potential income could be significant once you’re off the ground.

Getting started on your side hustle

Whether you’re low on cash, want to save up for a major expense, or are simply looking to make money out of something you already love doing, then side hustles for men are an excellent option. 

Do your research, map out your week to work out how many hours you can commit, and then get started on generating your new income stream. 
For more top personal finance tips, check out The Finances Hub for a wealth of information on budgeting and managing your cash flow.

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