What is a Good Side Job for Teachers?

side hustles for teachers (1)

Are you a teacher looking for a way to supplement your income?

Last year, 27% of teachers considered quitting their job because of the financial pressures caused by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The good news is that your skillset is in high demand, so there are plenty of side hustle opportunities to pursue and make some extra bucks from.

side hustles for teachers

The best side hustles for teachers

Whether you want to work through your summer holidays or earn some extra cash during evenings and weekends, we reveal the 15 best side businesses best suited to a teacher’s skill set and experience.

1.      Teach English as a second language online

One of the best paying side jobs for teachers is teaching English as a second language.

Take a break from teaching in a classroom and use your experience to teach English as a language to children as far away as China.

Set your own schedule to fit around your main teaching job and teach one-on-one.

If teaching English isn’t your cup of tea, you could offer private tutoring lessons in subjects of your choice in your local state. 

You can earn between $14 and $22 an hour via online teaching platforms such as VPKID.

2.      Start an Etsy craft shop

Do you enjoy painting, knitting or other crafts in your spare time? Instead of gifting your handmade items, start advertising your talent online.

There’s no fee to open your virtual shop.

Simply choose a name for your shop that describes your product, design a banner and start listing your items.

Etsy has a step-by-step listing guide to follow to help you get started.

3.      Offer remote bookkeeping services

For all teachers who have an interest in numbers and seeing how a business runs, becoming a remote bookkeeper is a great option to get some more dollars into your bank account every month.

You don’t need any specific experience to get started and there are no start-up fees.

As a remote bookkeeper, you can take on as many or as few clients as you’d like, helping them create and check financial reports and keep their company’s financial health in good order.

4.      Become a camp counselor

During school holidays, children’s camps are often short-staffed, especially over the summer.

Use your mentoring skills to manage groups and a variety of activities to keep club members entertained.

In addition to some extra cash, you’ll also get the chance to go on some fun trips and outdoor adventures.

Camp counselor jobs are usually temporary, making them a popular way for teachers to boost their annual income.

5.      Airbnb

Do you have a spare room in your house that’s not being used? Earn money from it by letting it out during certain months of the year.

You could even rent out your entire house while you are on vacation.

Airbnb offer 24/7 support to home hosts and deal with customers on your behalf, making it a low maintenance side business for you to earn money from.

6.      Self-publishing

If you write stories in your spare time, earning by self-publishing is a side hustles for teachers.

With platforms such as Amazon, self-publishing gives budding authors creative freedom and a guarantee of getting published.

Your book will be sold alongside thousands of reputable authors to millions of people across the world and you will earn up to 70% in royalties on your book sales.

7.      Drive for dollars

Your car can help you top up your teaching income by offering driving or delivery services in your local community.

You can either sign up as a driver for Uber, Lyft and other rideshare drivers, or if you’d rather not drive people around, offer delivery or shopping services instead.

Take into account the costs of car insurance, maintenance and gas to make sure you are making enough profit.

8.      Start a flipping business

Selling used goods, collectibles, antiques and cheap items at markets or garage sales can be a lucrative business.

A flipping business involves buying an item at one market and re-selling it for a higher price somewhere else.

Items that flip well include furniture, power tools, baby items and appliances.

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys finding a bargain, starting a flipping business could be the perfect side hustle for you.

9.      Try test administration

 Every school in every state needs test administrators and teachers already have the desirable skills needed to be successful as an administrator. 

Observe and monitor students during exams and assessments, and manage the administration process to ensure the relevant standards are met.

The average hourly pay of a test administrator in the US is $13 – not bad for a side hustle.

You can also become an online invigilator with companies such as ProctorU.

10.  Become a virtual assistant

Virtual assistants (VA) are in demand and are hired for a range of teacher-related skills such as organization and communication.

Computer, typing and project management skills are also important.

You can also set your hourly rate as a VA and choose how many clients you take on.

The average salary for a virtual assistant in the United States is an impressive $19.05.

11.  Lifeguard

Fancy an outdoor side hustle to enjoy in the summer? Work as a lifeguard at your local pool, gym, beach or water park.

To be a certified lifeguard you will need to obtain your American Red Cross Waterfront Lifeguard qualification.

Enjoy the sun and earn up to $12.10 an hour. Don’t forget your sunscreen.

12.  Rent out your car

If you don’t use your car for certain periods of the year, put it to work and let other people rent it from you, boosting your income.  

Companies such as HyreCar and Turo act as an online marketplace for renting your car.

How much can you make from renting out your vehicle?

Turo provides an online calculator to help you estimate how much you can earn renting out your specific car make and model.

13.  Tour guide

If you enjoy working with people, but want a break from working with children, being a tour guide could be a perfect side hustle for you.

You could offer walking tours of your local area or facts about the nearest tourist attraction.

Reach out to local attractions or organizations to see if they are hiring extra staff during the summer months.

14.  Translate

If you can speak and write fluently in another language, utilize this skill and make some extra money by offering translation services.

Platforms such as Gengo and Unbabel will connect you with jobs that match your chosen language.

If you’d rather go it alone, start advertising your services online and connect with clients who need translation work.

15.  Become a social media assistant

Similar to a virtual assistant without the need to arrange meetings and answer emails.

Your main tasks will be creating graphics for social media, scheduling posts across different platforms, planning social media calendars and growing audiences through engagement.

Being a social media assistant will allow you the freedom and flexibility to work whenever you want to.

You can build up your portfolio and skills at your pace without the need for any formal training. The average salary for a social media manager in the United States is $16.89 per hour.

What would you do with the extra money?

Side hustles for teachers

So, can you make 100k as a teacher? Absolutely when you combine your full-time teaching job with some of the side hustles for teachers we’ve just described.

Most teachers will agree that the satisfaction of teaching outweighs the financial incentive, but some extra cash doesn’t harm.

Which were your favorite side businesses?

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