Side Hustles For Pharmacists

Side Hustles For Pharmacists

Being a qualified pharmacist leaves you with many opportunities, such as medicine, science, and education. Ideally, in today’s climate, you’d like to get the most out of your experience and money!

There are many opportunities and options for qualified medical professionals to make extra money and put their experience to the test. Working as a pharmacist is all good and well, but sometimes you might think you’d like to stretch your expertise.

Side Hustles For Pharmacists

Look no further! This article will tell you about some side hustles to make some extra money as a pharmacist.

There are a lot of jobs in the pharmaceutical profession, but in some places, more than others. If you’re not currently working as a pharmacist, these options are also just as available and good for you to build your experience and turn your passion into something worthwhile.

Academia And Medical Writing

Academia and Medical Writing

There are so many places to publish your work and medical expertise, such as the American Medical Writers Association and medical journals. There are many potential ways to earn money from this, as students and professors need sources and medical companies. You can publish your work online and make money from your content. Also, you can write for medical corporations to turn their data and medical data into content for patients and the public. This is a great way of making some extra money in exchange for your expertise and writing skills.

Audiobooks And Ebooks

It’s extremely accessible to write and publish your own book, with ebooks being a lot cheaper as it saves on the cost of printing and distributing. You can write non-fiction articles and theories for other pharmaceutical professionals and medical professionals. You could even aim the book at potential patients or as a guide to certain medications. You will need to market your book in order to make money from it, but with the internet, anything is now possible. Audiobooks are also a great choice. There are places where you can get paid to narrate books for people to listen to, and there are opportunities to make your own audiobook to help students and pharmaceutical professionals.


If you have been a pharmacist for some time and have a lot of experience and knowledge, starting your own consulting business may be a good side hustle. With the permission of your employer or company, you can help other medical professionals and earn money. You can share your knowledge with pharmacy students of seasoned professionals by consulting them on any questions or giving second options for diagnoses and medication. This is a great way to make some extra money and experience, and it shows you can become an entrepreneur.


There is a shortage of teachers in the medical field, and if you are a seasoned pharmacist, you can easily make some extra money from lecturing and teaching. To maintain this a side hustle, it is best to teach in colleges/universities. A lot of lecturing jobs are on a freelance basis, so this is even better. You can go into education if you have a teaching qualification (and if you don’t have one, you can get one), and you can teach at pharmacy schools as well as regular colleges or online schools. There are lots of opportunities in the educational field, and you can make a lot of money on the side.



Podcasting is another great way to get some extra money. It takes a while to be able to monetize from your podcast, but in the end it may prove a consistent source of income. You could create a podcast about pharmaceutical topics, or any topic of your choice!

You could advise students, give your own experience, and create a following from your content. Aspiring pharmacists and students may be interested in listening to someone who works in the field, and it may be a great way to earn some extra money.

Life Coaching

As a pharmacist, you have to speak to patients and professionals a lot. It is often your job to reassure and give them serious advice. Well, life coaching could be an option for you! You could start your life-coaching journey on a freelance basis and coach clients to become the best pharmacists they can. You do not have to limit yourself to medical life coaching. You can be a life coach in a more general manner, as this may appeal to more people.

Student Resources

You could create and sell educational resources for schools and colleges for aspiring medical professionals, as well as working pharmacists. Within your training, you would have learned a lot about an array of subjects. Why not put this to use?

You can create a blog or website as well as sell your resources to other companies. You can monetize your website and make money from revenue and traffic by doing your own research and blog. You will provide resources for pharmacists and students as well as earn money on the side.

Improve Your Credentials

Although this is more of a long-term hustle, it may be worth adding to your credentials. You can increase your own pay and aim for better jobs by doing this. You can do this by completing courses to gain board and special credential certifications, to become super qualified in specific fields. This will prove a long-term and great side hustle.

Virtual Advisor

Virtual advisor

On the side of your day job, you could become a virtual advisor for private medical companies. This is online so that you can complete this on a freelance basis. If a patient needs advice on medication, they may be referred to a virtual chat with you. By doing this, you can earn some more money and help potential patients by giving advice and using your expertise.

Create A Community

As a pharmacist, you would have been through university, meeting a vast array of people. You could create a community to bring pharmacists and medical professionals together, to share tips, advice, and even more side hustle ideas! You could get back in contact with those from college and create something great.

Final Thoughts

There are lots of options to make some extra money as a qualified pharmacist. From podcasting to academic writing, we hope this article will inspire you to start your own side hustle.

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