Side Hustles for Active Duty Military Personnel

Side Hustles for Active Duty Military Personnel (1)

Are you looking for ways to top up your military wages? Or are you a military spouse seeking extra work? Perhaps you are wondering how to make a lot of money after the military? With the rising costs of living, an estimated 7.8% of U.S workers have a second job. The good news is that there are plenty of side hustles for active duty military personnel and their families.

Side Hustles for Active Duty Military Personnel

Side hustles for active-duty military

You might not know that as a military member you may need to receive authorization from your chain of command first before taking on a second job.

The usual guidance is not to take on work that conflicts with your official Government duties and responsibilities.

Talk to your supervisor first in case there is a limit on the number of extra hours you are allowed to work.

Here are 10 ways to make extra money in the military.

Flip websites

Flipping basically means buying something, improving it and selling it for a higher price.

For websites, this means buying a dormant web domain and optimizing it to improve traffic flow before selling for a profit.

You don’t need to know loads about coding to make this work.

Simply follow these steps to start a profitable website flipping side hustle:

1.       Find suitable web domains online or build one yourself.

2.       Improve the traffic by improving the SEO, using long-tail keywords and advertising.

3.       Sell the site for a profit.

Run someone’s social media accounts

Running social media accounts on behalf of a company or individual has become a popular side hustle for people all over the world.

Some business owners will pay good money to avoid social media, making it a good example of second jobs for active duty military.

You don’t need a fancy degree, just some understanding of how all the social media platforms work and good time management skills.

Not sure if it’s for you? Here are some of the responsibilities involved:

  • Creating engaging content to be used across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tiktok and Youtube.
  • Scheduling posts.
  • Boosting engagement by replying to comments on posts.
  • Reporting on post-performance and reach.

Find clients on Facebook Groups and advertising in your state, or find social media work on sites such as Upwork.


Do you have a passion or knowledge for a particular academic subject? Tutoring can be a fantastic way to supplement a military income.

Find out what security clearance you need to work with children in your state. Next, decide how much time you’d like to commit to tutoring.

If you don’t fancy face-to-face tutoring, consider online tutoring instead and teach children anywhere in the world.

Spread the word that you’re offering teaching services by posting flyers in your neighborhood and creating Facebook ads to target your area.

Not keen on finding work yourself? Websites such as Tutor will connect you with tutoring jobs for kindergarten students through to college and adult learners.

Maintain yards

This side hustle isn’t just for college kids. There are so many ways you can charge people for cleaning their yard aside from just lawn mowing.

Here are just a few services that you could offer your customers:

  • Raking and collecting leaves and branches.
  • Picking up trash.
  • Using weed-eater.
  • Cleaning and organizing lawn furniture.
  • Taking down seasonal law ornaments after Halloween and Christmas.

The start-up costs for a yard maintenance business are pretty low.

All you will need is a rake, some trash bags to collect the leaves and rubbish in, some weed-eater, a mower and a leaf blower.

You will probably already have these items in your garage that you can use, without needing to buy anything new.

Buy and rent a bouncy house

Kids and adults both love bouncing on inflatables, and they also make a profitable side business.

Start by investing in one inflatable, then if the demand is there buy more so you can earn more.

Consider the other equipment you might need such as transportation and cleaning supplies.

Check your state jurisdiction and apply for the relevant license and permit to allow you to hire inflatables to the public.

Once you have all the basics sorted, start advertising your inflatable hire business through fliers, business cards and on social media.

Ask friends and family members to give you recommendations to gain more customers.

Run errands

Not interested in starting your own business? No problem. You can top up your earnings by signing up to sites such as Task Rabbit.

The best bit? You can pick and choose the jobs that appeal to you the most. Typical jobs include:

  • Delivery services.
  • Home repairs.
  • Cleaning.
  • Help moving.
  • Lifting items.
  • Admin.
  • Painting and decorating.
  • Yard work.
  • Furniture assembly.
  • Organizing parties and events.

Detail cars

If you love cars, this side hustle is for you. Before you begin, decide which services you want to provide, including interior and exterior cleaning, restoring the finish on a car and deep cleaning.

Invest in good quality detergents, waxes, shines and drying towels to ensure people are happy with the standard of service being provided.

Price your detailing services in line with competitors and the market.

Promote your car detailing business by creating an online presence through a website and social media platforms.

You can also use flyers and adverts in local publications to target people in your state.

Sell your creative work

If your military family is creative, making money from homemade crafts can be a lucrative business and something the whole family can get involved in. Here are a few ideas:

  • Make and sell fonts.
  • Sell digital prints on Etsy.
  • Create jewelry.
  • Bake brownies.
  • Handcraft household items from wood.

 Become an Uber driver

Do you enjoy driving? Uber drivers completed 4.98 billion trips in 2020.

All you need to get started is a decent car, a clean driving record and a smartphone.

You must also be over 21 years old and have at least three years of driving experience before you will get accepted.

The best part about earning money as an Uber driver is the ability to create your own schedule and fit it around your military job.

If you want to work, simply turn on the app on your phone and wait for a job.

When you’ve finished working, turn off the app to inform the company that you’re no longer available. Simple, right?

Another perk is being able to get paid for jobs at high-volume events called ‘surge pricing’.

Just a few additional jobs at this extra rate could allow you to earn a lot more per hour. Sign up to get started.

Start a military blog

Good online jobs for active duty military are flexible.

Put everything you’ve learned from a career in the military to good use by blogging about it, and earn some extra dollars in the process.

People will want to read about your highs and lows and experiences with health and fitness and being away from your family for periods of time. 

You can make money from your blog by:

  • Selling advertising space on your blog.
  • Advertising products on your site.
  • Posting affiliate links of products that have been useful in military life.
  • Hosting paid webinars or seminars on your page.
  • Asking for donations from readers.

Earning extra money in the military

With so many side hustles for active duty-friendly jobs available, pick a few that appeal to you the most and try them out.

The great thing about good side hustles for military personnel is that you can mix and match them alongside your military career.What will you do with the extra cash? Check out our blog for the latest personal finance advice on spending and saving.

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