Saving up for Plastic Surgery

Saving up for Plastic Surgery

Although cosmetic surgery was once a taboo topic, attitudes surrounding plastic surgery have become much more relaxed in recent years. Studies have shown that feeling confident can improve psychosocial wellbeing and boost self esteem.

Plastic surgery offers a solution to change something about your appearance that you aren’t entirely happy with. For many people, becoming comfortable with their physical appearance also gives them the confidence they need to achieve other goals in life.

Whether it’s a tummy tuck surgery or laser hair removal, plastic surgery can have serious implications and permanent effects, so only commit to cosmetic surgery if you’ve considered the risks and you’re sure this is something you want to go through with.

Once you’ve made your decision, you will have to find a way to fund your plastic surgery.

This guide will walk you through some things to consider when saving up for plastic surgery and how best to save money so you are fully equipped when the time is right.

Use a reputable surgeon

Although cosmetic surgery can be costly, it’s important to make sure you’re using a trusted surgeon who operates within accredited surgical facilities.

Never take risks with your health and safety or with your results. Before committing to a procedure, or beginning saving for plastic surgery, make sure your surgeon is qualified, experienced and board certified.

Some surgeons will even perform cosmetic surgery in an office setting rather than in an accredited surgical facility. This is dangerous as an office is not a sterile environment fit for performing plastic surgery and is also not equipped for emergency situations should one arise.

Your doctor should also work with a fully trained support team including a board-certified anaesthesiologist.

Checking if your doctor is certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery will ensure they meet all the criteria.

Many new patients choose to go abroad for their procedure as this is often cheaper than the US. However, keep in mind that other countries may not have the same safety measures and hygiene standards as the US so this increases the risk of complications during and after surgery. Other than being dangerous to your health, this can also be costly as you will have to pay for treatment when you get back to the US such as antibiotics to treat infection or even corrective surgery in the worst cases. This could end up costing much more than the cost of the procedure in the US to begin with.

It’s always better to save up to use a doctor you trust, even if this means paying more and waiting longer before you have the surgery to allow time to save up.

Look for plastic surgery deals

You may not have known that many surgeons offer promotional deals and promotional financing on certain cosmetic procedures.

If you have decided which cosmetic surgeon you want to use, you can save cash by checking their website for any upcoming promos and signing up to their newsletter to be notified of any special offers.

Consider plastic surgery financing

Many cosmetic surgeons offer plastic surgery financing to help spread the cost of the surgery making it more affordable.

Keep in mind that this will mean you are paying a higher price overall as you will have to pay for the cosmetic procedure and also for any interest on the finance.

If you have excellent credit already you are more likely to be approved for the finance.

Most clinics offer promotional financing and will be happy to help you iron out the finer details.

Pay in cash

If you can afford to pay for your cosmetic surgery outright in a lump sum instead of taking out finance, this may be a wise financial decision and could save you a lot of money as you won’t have to pay interest.

Not everyone will have this amount of cash in their bank account but if you are in a position to pay directly in a lump sum then this is smart tactics as it will save you from becoming locked into a financing plan and you won’t have to keep up with monthly payments.

Some clinics also offer a discount to clients paying for plastic surgery in cash, so it’s worth enquiring about this before hand.

Tips for saving

If paying in cash interests you but you don’t have the money saved at the moment, don’t worry. There are lots of ways to save up for cosmetic surgery.

Evaluate your spending

Make a list of your essential and non essential spending so you can see the areas where you can cut back and save money which could otherwise be put towards the cost of your surgery.

Essential spending are the things you need to prioritise every much such as rent or mortgage payments, grocery bills, car insurance, gas, car payments, public transport costs and any debts or loans you are currently paying off.

If your non essential spending is very high this could be an opportunity to identify this and cut back.

Are you paying for an expensive gym membership each month but not using it? Cancel your membership and exercise at home instead. There are plenty of free workout apps and videos available online if you’re not sure where to begin or you could go for a gentle walk or even a jog or run.

Are you the kind of person who buys an expensive coffee every day or even several? Make your coffee at home and bank the money instead. You’ll be surprised to see how quickly this adds up.

Perhaps you’re smoker and pay a lot each day or month for cigarettes. If you’ve been thinking about giving up for a while, this is a great excuse to finally take the leap. You can boost your savings with the cash you will save and you’ll also experience some fantastic health benefits. It’s also advisable to be in the best health possible before you undergo surgery so this is another reason to quit.

Try a savings challenge

Whether it’s a long or short term challenge, there are lots of creative savings challenges you can try which will help you to boost your savings account and reach your financial goals in order to fund the cosmetic procedures you want.

Cut back on luxuries

You’ll be surprised how much you can save when you cut back on luxuries for a few months. You can save money by scaling back on expensive beauty products and clothing. You could be potentially saving hundreds this way without even realising it.

Try staying home

Staying home doesn’t have to be boring. Get creative and find fun activities to do with your family and friends at home while saving money. Whether it’s a nice meal at home, a games tournament or a movie night, there are plenty of options for you to keep costs down without missing out on fun times with your friends and family.

There are also plenty of free activities you can do outside of your home to pass the time such as going for walks in nature or taking a trip to a free museum.

Buy second hand

Try to reduce your spending where possible but it’s unavoidable that you’ll have to spend some cash from time to time.

Buying second hand is a fantastic way to keep costs down and give more money to good causes in the process.

Thrift shopping has soared in popularity in recent years and the options for second hand shopping are continually improving. You can find clothing at a fraction of what you would pay for the same item new.

You can also pick up great deals on items such as books, children’s toys and homeware items.

Having more than one procedure?

If you’re having more than one cosmetic surgery procedure, you may be planning to save up for these separately, paying for and having the procedures as and when you can afford them.

You can actually save money in the long run by combining the procedures.

If you want a breast augmentation and also a rhinoplasty surgery, why not save on anaesthesia fees and operating room costs by having these done at the same time?

This also means that by having the surgeries together, your recovery period will be shorter than recovering from each surgery individually. With only one recovery period, you will benefit by needing to take less time off of work so you won’t have to miss out on as much pay overall.

Don’t forget about additional costs

When trying to fit plastic surgery into your savings plans it’s easy to become fixated on the cost of the surgery. However there are more costs than this you need to consider.

Before you can schedule your plastic surgery, you will need to have a consultation. The prices of these vary depending on which cosmetic surgeon you are using. Some clinics offer free consultations so this is an area you could save some money. Most practices will deduct the cost of the consultation from the total cost of your cosmetic surgery package but some do not, so you will have to check with your practice.

Operating room costs, anesthesia fees and post op care can quickly add up to become much more costly than you first anticipated.

Perhaps you have children and need to organise child care for the period you’ll be recovering. This can be costly but you might find that friends and family members are happy to help you with child care and in any other ways you can while you’re recovering, perhaps by cooking you a meal or helping out with housework.

Many patients also forget to factor in the cost of taking time off of his or her work when planning cosmetic surgery. You will need to have some money set aside to to cover your living expenses during this time as you recover away from work

Consider a personal loan

Sometimes personal loans can be a better option than plastic surgery financing options if you need to borrow money to pay for the cosmetic procedure.

If you’ve looked into plastic surgery financing but found that interest rates are lower with a personal loan then this may be the way to go.

If you have an excellent credit score your loan terms will reflect this.

Look for a loan with low interest rates and if you can pay off the loan in full during the interest free period then this is even better.

Put it on your medical credit card

Medical credit cards are credit cards which can only be used for medical expenses.

Medical credit cards allow you to keep your medical debt separate from any other debts you have.

This also means you can’t be tempted to use the credit card for anything other than your plastic surgeons fees.

For more information about using a credit card to pay off medical bills, check out this article.

Final thoughts

If you’re sure that plastic surgery is the right option for you, there are many different ways to cover the financial aspect of the procedure.

Make sure you find a cosmetic surgeon you trust, in an accredited surgical facility, even if it means spending a little more. The risks of using a cut price surgeon are too high just to save some cash on your procedure in the short term.

Look into surgery financing options as one option to cover the cost of the procedure.

If you can pay for the surgery in cash, this is good as you won’t be making monthly payments to cover the cost and you won’t have to pay interest.

If you don’t have the means to pay in cash right now, there are plenty of ways to save to help you get there.

Personal loans are also a popular option for many patients. If you have good credit, your loan terms will reflect this.

A credit card is also an increasingly popular way to pay for cosmetic surgery.

When saving up for your procedure, don’t forget about hidden costs such as consultations, post op care and loss of earnings during your recovery period.

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