Online Jobs for 17-Year-Olds: The Best Ways for 17-Year-Olds to Earn Online

Online Jobs for 17-Year-Olds (1)

Most teenagers can get a job in a local shop, but is that the only way that teenagers can earn? Luckily, teens do not need to leave the house to make some extra cash in 2021.

There are many online jobs for 17-year-olds available, they just need to know what to look for. 

Here is a quick look at amazing jobs that teens can try out.

Online Jobs for 17-Year-Olds

Online Jobs for 17-Year-Olds: Are There Any?

Yes, there are many online jobs for 17-year-olds available online. Many employers are willing to hire young people since they have more free time for work.

Moreover, many of these online jobs are not taxing, complicated or time-consuming.

So, many employers will not mind hiring a teenager for work, especially if they show that they are competent employees.

Many online jobs can also be done on a freelance basis.

Can 17 Year Olds Work Online?

Yes, 17-year-olds can work online. Some jobs may require your parent’s permission beforehand, but other than that a teenager can easily find work online.

Teenagers often have more free time than young adults, so employers do not mind handing more basic jobs to teens. 

Moreover, employers will like how tech-savvy most teens are nowadays.

The average teen knows how to work their way around a computer without much help.

So, most employers believe that online work is easy for teens.

Great Online Jobs for 17-Year-Olds 

There are a lot of online jobs that you can try out, and many of them do not require experience.

Here are some great examples of jobs online that 17-year-olds can do for work at home.

Online Surveys

There are many websites that compensate people for taking surveys online.

These are pretty basic forms that people complete with their opinions, some basic info, etc.

These surveys are important because they are used for marketing and improving products. That is why most of these websites will require you to add some basic information, shopping habits, interests, etc.

However, it is likely that you will need a PayPal account to receive payment from these surveys.

You may also wait until you reach a certain amount of money because you can cash out your earnings.

Some survey websites may also pay you through gift cards.

Watch Ads

A lot of sites are available that will pay people to watch online, so this is pretty much a no-brainer job for teens with extra time.

Some of the advertisements will vary. For instance, some sites will pay you for watching ads, surfing the web, playing online games, etc.

Again, you will likely need a PayPal account to withdraw your earnings, but many of these sites offer a sign-up bonus for new members.

Make Reviews

Surprisingly, tons of sites will pay you for sharing your opinions!

There are sites, such as Slice The Pie, that want opinionated people to come to share their thoughts.

They want reviews for clothes, songs, commercials, etc.

These opinions may not seem like much, but brands and artists need these opinions to improve.

Plus, you only need a PayPal account, and you can start cashing out at $10.

Data Entry 

This is not a very exciting job, but it can pay a lot more than the other jobs listed above.

Many employers are open to hiring teenagers, and they also offer flexible schedules.

The job mostly involves typing accurately and fast into a spreadsheet usually, so it will not take much effort to complete.

Teenagers can take a full-time job over the summer, or simply ask their employer if they are willing to hire a teen for part-time data entry work.

Online Tutoring

One of the easiest jobs for teens to snag are online tutoring jobs.

If you are particularly good at one subject, like math or English, you can take advantage of it by tutoring people younger than you.

Many parents are willing to opt for online tutoring classes for their kids, so it should not be too hard to find.

An alternative is to help foreign students learn English online. It may take more patience though, as foreign kids new to English will still be learning the ropes of the language.

So, the younger kids may be learning new words, while the older kids may learn how to form sentences. 

Write Articles

If you have a knack for writing, then why not use it to your advantage? Young people are often welcome to write for many websites and employers.

Teens have a lot of talent, so employers do not usually care about the age since they only care about the results.

However, it may be hard to find a consistent writing gig as a teenager.

Your best bet is to find freelance projects or short-term gigs in sites like Fiverr and Upwork.


Are you very particular about grammar? Then proofreading is the right job for you.

It is similar to editing, but it is a lot simpler.

Tons of sites look for teens to hire to proofread other people’s writing work before they upload it.

A lot of writers may not realize that they made mistakes, so a proofreader’s job is to correct grammar and enhance readability.

It is also a good work experience to add to your resume.

Customer Service Representative

Teens that are 16 years old and older can apply to work as a customer service representative.

Most of these jobs pay well, starting with $10 per hour or even higher depending on where you live. It is a great summer job, but some employers will offer part-time work.

It requires a computer, fast internet and a decent headset.

You may also want to find a quiet part of your home to work.

However, customer service work is not an easy job since you will likely be talking to a lot of confused or frustrated customers.

Luckily, it is a great experience to add to your resume since future employers will see that you know how to handle people.

It helps you gain experience since you will be speaking to all sorts of people.  

Create Designs

If you love to create art online, you can try your hand at making and selling designs.

Similar to writing, clients and employers do not often care about the age of a designer, they just want good results.

It is also a great way to start adding experience to a portfolio if you want to become a graphic designer.

You can show a sample of what you can make in your portfolio and show them to prospective clients who want designs made for them.

However, some clients will also be willing to buy any current designs that you have, as many websites allow you to upload designs to sell.

Some of the things people want to use designs for include t-shirts, mugs, plates, bags, etc. 

How much you earn will depend on how you sell your designs.

If you use a website to showcase designs for sale, you will only earn a percentage, but more people will see your work.

If you show off your portfolio to a prospective client, you will earn more, but the chances of getting hired are lower.

Of course, you could try your hand at doing both if you have some extra time. 

All in All

The internet gives more opportunities for people to find work, including teenagers. Age does not have to stop people from making money from the comfort of their homes. Teenagers can try out any of the online jobs for 17-year-olds listed above today to start earning cash at home.

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