How To Save Money On Wedding Invitations

How To Save Money On Wedding Invitations

We all want to save a little bit more of our money these days and this is never truer than when it comes to the big day. With such huge payments to make including the venue, the food, the dress, the suits, the photography, the music and the list goes on!

So, when we can cut some costs somewhere, we’d all like how to. So, this is why we’ve come up with this. Here’s how you can save money on wedding invitations!

How To Save Money On Wedding Invitations

Wait – How Much Does It Cost On Average?

Brace yourself – the average wedding couple could spend around $590 on average for wedding invitations! This sort of cost before the big day can really cause some financial headaches.

The problem is, wedding invitations generally lay the foundations for the “look” and tone of the wedding. If you have a tacky wedding invitation, the guests will start thinking that the wedding and reception will be tacky.

he same thought process goes towards the theme – if you’re planning a color scheme or theme, these invitations are vital to let the guests know so they can get prepared in advance.

Generally, wedding invitation prices will dramatically change depending on how customized you’re looking to make them. If it’s going to be a very unique style of invitation, the chances are that the cost will far exceed the basic form of invitation.

Of course, these prices can go even higher if you’re looking for specific artwork. This could be due to the need for a graphic designer or other professional. There isn’t exactly a “right” cost for wedding invitations, but it’s typically around the 10% mark for the overall wedding budget.

So – How Do You Cut Costs?

It’s a wise decision to try and cut costs for your wedding. You’ve got to consider if there are things you absolutely need to have or whether you can reduce costs with little problems to the overall quality of your wedding. Let’s take a look at some good ideas for reducing the costs of your invitations:

Forget The Invitations – Do It Online!

The great thing about the internet and our advanced technology is that it’s now become so affordable, that most people have access to the internet and social media. Keeping this in mind, if you have a particular theme in mind – why not build a website dedicated to your wedding?

You could have the website created in your chosen theme, have a blog set up where guests can post things such as updates or questions, a photography area that keeps guests updated on your progress and where you can put the wedding photographs after, contact details for important people such as the reception venue, you and your partner etc.

If you wanted to recoup even more money – you could ask the venue, photographer and any other person or company that you’ve used to sponsor you – meaning you place their ads on your wedding website! Maybe even give them all their dedicated area on the site.

You could even ask for the “sponsors” to reduce their costs for advertising. Altogether, you might get reduced costs from:

  • The venue
  • The photographer
  • The DJ
  • The florists
  • The dress and suit supplier
  • Drivers
  • Caterers
  • Cake supplier

Speaking of the online presence – you may decide against a website, but you can still utilize social media. Why not get the guests to RSVP through social media on a dedicated group or page? It’s free to do and still keeps people up to date on the wedding plans.

Not only is it cheaper, but it’s a great way to protect the environment from more paper or card usage – and we all want to help where we can nowadays. Not to mention, there’s no need to struggle getting all those stamps!

Use One Company For The Whole Thing

Using the same people for stationary can be hugely cost efficient as many stationers will reduce overall costs if you remain loyal to them for multiple needs. They might give you a larger discount, a package deal or remove certain fees that they would normally charge.

Ask Yourself – Do I Need This Or Want This?

It’s understandable that the big day is normally a once in a lifetime event, so many of us go all out with the costs. But if you’re trying to reduce your costs, then you might want to reconsider certain choices. If you’ve been hoping for specific designs – maybe think to yourself, is it worth the costs?

Prioritize the needs that you have over things that you want. The need of an invitation is having the information on the card along with any color schemes to inform the guests – but you probably don’t need ribbons or glitter, this is more of a want than a need!

Forget Calligraphy

While calligraphy is beautiful to look at and an amazing form of art, it doesn’t often come cheap. Completely hand-crafted cards that have the individual care for each guest is a lovely idea, but it’s not for the couple who want to cut their costs down. Simply address the envelopes by hand.

Plan Ahead

On the face of it, this might sound crazy – but hear it out – order more invitations than you think you’ll need.

If you’ve ordered a batch with an agreed price, you might discover weeks or months down the line that you need more invitations. The problem here is, you’ll have to agree on another price and you’d be paying for a second job – whereas if you order more at the same time (all at once) and agree to one job cost, rather than two – you could save yourself some serious bucks!

What’s more, you’d be wise to try and book your stationer early. You might find that if they have more time to complete the job, they may offer a cheaper rate than you’re expecting. The closer to the wedding, they may need to charge for a rapid job to prioritise you!

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