How To Save Money On Wedding Flowers

How To Save Money On Wedding Flowers

There’s so much planning and preparation required for a wedding.

Not only do you have to book the venue, buy the dress, the suits, the rings — there are dozens of smaller details that need to be managed. From sending invitations, selecting menus, sorting out the bar, and selecting the wedding flowers, it all adds up, and it’s incredibly time-consuming.

How To Save Money On Wedding Flowers

Weddings are expensive, and if you can cut some corners to save a buck, it’ll be in your best interest. Keep in mind that, I don’t mean selecting boring, bad-quality flowers. You’ll be picking beautiful flowers, but you’ll be applying a couple of smart moves to save some dollars.

In some cases, wedding flowers can cost up to $2,000. That’s an insane amount of money, that could be used for other wedding arrangements. With that said, let’s make sure you get a gorgeous bouquet, on a smaller budget.

How To Save Money On Wedding Flowers

Follow our advice to learn some cost-cutting ideas.

Create A Realistic Flower Budget With Your Florists

When you go to meet your florist, you’re going to want to discuss the budget during the first meeting. This will help you choose the best flowers within your budget range, and it’ll give your florist a chance to create great bouquet ideas that you’ll love.

When it comes to creating the bouquet, it’s best to make suggestions regarding the style, and the type of palette you’re looking for. If there are certain flowers you hate, be sure to tell them. Likewise, if there are flowers you love, mention that too.

You deserve to get the flowers of your dreams, so be vocal. With that said, remember your florist is a professional. They know what will look good, and they will know how to make your flowers look gorgeous, on a budget.

Choose Seasonal Flowers

One sure-fire way to cut down the price of your flowers is to select flowers that are in season. Not only will you get the freshest blooms, but they’ll be cheaper because they’re readily available. Think about it, if there’s a flower you want, but it’s out of season — it’s going to be trickier, and more expensive to obtain.

There are also some flowers that bloom all year. These are your orchids, calla lilies, and roses. They will be budget-friendly, due to their ready availability. It’ll also work to your benefit if you get local flowers. Not only will you be supporting your community, and being eco-friendly, but it’ll be cheaper.

Opt For Statement Blooms

One way of saving a buck is to opt for a statement bloom. These will be your hydrangeas and garden roses. It means you’re technically getting fewer flowers because they take up so much volume.

It doesn’t look cheaper, they will still look gorgeous. In fact, they’re called focal flowers, because people immediately stare at them. In other words, they’re big, bold, and beautiful.

Choose 1-3 Flowers

So, this is a very smart move. One way to save money is to choose 1-3 types of flowers so that your florist can buy these flowers in bulk. Having 1-3 flowers still looks breathtaking. In fact, if you pair the colors correctly, it can look better than a larger range.

Some great flowers to buy in bulk are tulips, calla lilies, roses, orchids, and hydrangeas. Basically, you’re ordering what you need.

Go Green

One way of saving money on your flowers is to go green. To do this, you’re just going to be added foliage into your bouquets. It’s cheaper to buy foliage than it is to buy flowers. Keep in mind, when I say foliage, I am referring to ivy or even eucalyptus.

It looks absolutely beautiful and is perfect for rustic, or boho weddings. Even if you’re going for a more traditional wedding, they can look absolutely gorgeous. Another option would be to use a bouquet that consists only of greenery.

So, instead of getting flowers, you’ll be buying a luscious foliage bouquet. Don’t cancel it out before you look at photos — they’re incredibly beautiful and can be more unique than flowers.

Be Open

It’s very common for people to tell their florists that they hate a certain flower. You should, I encourage it — don’t opt for flowers you dislike. However, the irony is that once flowers are combined in a bouquet, they look very different.

They look so different, that people change their views on the flower. Do you see where I’m going? If there are cheaper flowers that you dislike, talk to your florists and do your own research. It might be that you don’t like them individually, but combined in a bouquet, you’re obsessed with them.

Really, it happens. A lot.

Utilize Dry Flowers

If you plan on having flower arrangements at your tables, then it’s going to be pricey. One way to hack this is to use dry flowers. You’ll be selecting a few dry flowers for each table, and placing them into a vase.

It’s incredibly cost-effective, and it looks beautiful. This is better suited for a rustic wedding, but talk to your florist — they can make it work for whatever your theme is.

Make Your Own Bouquet

Yeah, honestly — this is an option. Instead of going to a professional florist, you could create your own bouquet. You’re going to need to do an immense amount of research, as florists is a serious skill, but it is possible.

There are tons of articles and videos on how to make your own bouquet, and if you follow some of our other tips, like selecting 1-3 flowers, you can save so much money.


There are so many ways to be cost-effective at your wedding. 

Your wedding day should be fun, a celebration of love with your closest family and friends. If you’re bogged down by expenses, the magic can really disappear. It’s difficult planning a wedding, it’s very stressful and costly.

We understand that, which is why we want to help. With our tips, you can cut down your expenses on flowers, while not cutting down on quality. 

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