How To Save Money On Uber

How To Save Money On Uber

Uber is an incredibly popular system that has become a handy alternative to cabs or food delivery services. But, it sometimes doesn’t come cheap – so how do you save money on Uber? Let’s examine it below.

How To Save Money On Uber


Uber is the alternative to traditional cabs and some other services. Gone are the days where you’d need to stand around trying to hail a cab and only find out the cost at the end of the journey.

Now, you can simply open the app on your smartphone, double check the price and one click – you’re booked! You can even view in real time where the driver is!

With Uber, you have a profile where people can rate you – the better a customer (or employee) you are, the better the rating generally and the more likely you are to get what you’re looking for – which comes with its own advantages (more on that later!).

So, as Uber saves you some money from traditional services – is there a way you can save EVEN more? You betcha!

Tell Your Friends!

Many apps have this particular helpful feature, but when Uber is so popular – you can be sure that this will be used!

If you’ve never downloaded the app or signed up for Uber before (if so, why the heck not?!), then you can get a code from a friend that does have the Uber app and you can get 5 bucks off your first 4 journeys with Uber! Eventually, you can refer friends and receive similar benefits.

Deals With Amex

The American Express Platinum credit card allows its Express members to take advantage of $15 worth of Uber credits January-November and then $20 of Uber credits in December. Just remember to use your Amex Platinum card as a payment method for Uber and let the savings roll in!

Know Your Ubers

There’s a lot of Uber services and sometimes, people don’t understand the differences in codes or names. Below, we simplify it for you with an example cost:

SUV = Holds around 6 people in an SUV
UberXL= Big transport that takes 6+ people
UberX = An Uber car with 4 doors that is aged from ‘05 upwards (up to 4 people)
UberSelect = A sedan, luxurious and comfortable for 4 maximum people
UberBlack = Top of the range, normally a limousine

For a basic journey, you could be paying $100 more with an SUV than with an UberX. In fact, sometimes the SUV service is more expensive than UberBlack. Always check!

Ride Guru

If you’re wondering how you’d check the price differences – never fear. Ride Guru has got your back. Ride Guru looks up, compares and contrasts all the prices for certain fares of all ride hailing services. Get on the site and type your potential journey in – check how much you can save!

Flat Rates For 30 Days

You can take full use of this savvy deal, if you’re a frequent Uber customer. Depending on where you live, Uber offers a purchase of 20 or 40 rides at a flat rate (between $4.49-4.99 Uberx and $2.49-2.99 UberPool). The price varies depending on your city.

The package itself costs 10 bucks for 20 or 20 bucks for 40 – which is worth it, assuming you use Uber services a lot.

Search For Promotions!

Uber has plenty of connections and you may find they have promotions on certain brands. Lay’s chips, for example, sometimes offer Uber deals with promotional codes. Typically, you could find promotional offers on the lead-up to big events like the Superbowl or World Cup.

Remember to keep an eye on Twitter – it’s normally easier to see promotions through trends on Twitter than it is on other social media platforms. Having said that, Facebook messenger sometimes offers a promotion with Uber.

If you chat with Uber on Facebook messenger, a pop up might arrive for $20 in Uber credits if you sign up or get a friend to sign up.

Be Savvy About Uber Services

Due to the nature of how Uber works, their services might be limited due to geographical or personnel limitations. At some airports, you can only get UberSelect services, which typically cost more than Uber.

If you’re ever in this situation, you can get a shuttle service to a nearby hotel and then hail an Uber on the app, saving yourself some serious dollar.

Be Smart About Surging

Surging refers to when Uber jacks the prices of their services up due to high demand. If you’ve gone on the app and the price you’re seeing is not the rate you’d expect, you can do a couple of things.

1) Wait and hope the price goes down soon or 2) set the location a short distance away and check the price difference! This won’t always work, but sometimes it does – so be sure to try it, if you’re ever stuck in this position!

Try UberPool

UberPool is a carpool service and is the cheapest one they have. Select where you are and where you want to go and see your options! You may have to carpool with a randomer, but hey – does that matter?

Hate The Price? Contact Uber

Sometimes, things go wrong. At the end of it all, we are using technology that uses algorithms and other calculations – which don’t always run smoothly. If you’ve paid for an Uber and it’s a crazy price, contact Uber customer services and they may send you some Uber credits as an apology!

Family/Group Profiles

You could make a deal with your family or friends to use a certain credit card and pay for Uber credits each week, assuming you often use Uber. Take turns in payment and you could find yourself saving money each month!

The Bottom Line

There’s so many ways to save money and when it comes to Uber, there’s no exception. It’s always a good idea to check the prices of your journey and keep an eye out for deals and promotions!

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