How To Save Money On Tree Removal

How To Save Money On Tree Removal

Knowing when a tree is about to become a hazard could save the hardship of seeing your property damaged. Here’s how to save money on tree removal.

Most homeowners would find it difficult to estimate how much tree removal should cost. There are many variable factors that go into determining the final price. Then there are hazards to consider and any insurance costs.

How To Save Money On Tree Removal

The company you employ for the job may need specialist equipment then there is the actual labor involved. The obvious factors are the tree itself including its condition as well as its size and location.

  • Location: An isolated tree with plenty of room for access and fallen debris will be easier, and cheaper, than one right in the corner of your backyard.
  • Condition: A healthy tree is also less expensive to remove.
  • Size: Obviously, a larger tree will cost more to remove than a smaller one. However, weight and strength are also considered.
  • Hazards/Obstacles: If the tree has outgrown its surroundings or is located near power lines it can prove costly. Utility companies may need to be contacted to ensure that the tree is safe to remove.
  • Emergencies: Should the tree pose a threat to your home or that of a neighbor it may cost more to remove. That figure will go up if the tree falls onto a house so get it checked before that happens.
  • Access: The type of equipment needed to remove a tree has to be taken into consideration. For a tree near the street, this may only require a bucket lift. A tree that can only be accessed by climbers with ropes will be more difficult, hence more expensive, to remove.

Do Some Of The Work Yourself, Safely

It’s a mammoth task to remove a tree and it’s always best to call in qualified experts. However, there may be some tasks you feel comfortable completing.

These can include some minor pruning to get the tree into better shape. You could also dispose of the debris yourself or bring in some neighbors to help.

If you don’t mind a remnant of your tree remaining then you could simply leave the stump. You could also get multiple quotes to rent a stump grinder and deal with it yourself.

Expert Opinions

Before you even consider speaking to tree removal companies, get an expert opinion from a certified arborist.

It may appear that the tree requires removal yet only some care and attention are required. Using a disease and insect treatment with some pruning may solve the issue while keeping the tree.

Just like any purchase, it is worth shopping around. If you do discover that the tree needs to be removed then be aware that it can be a costly job. Multiple quotes are a must so you can be confident you appreciate how much it may cost.

Try some of the larger companies first then contact some of the smaller, reputable operations too. Pricing is not universal and you will find there’s a range of quotes out there.

Once you know the price range you can gauge what you believe is a fair price for the service. That’s also a good exercise into beginning to trust whoever you decide to work on removing the tree.

How To Save Money On Tree Removal

There are warning signs to look out for. Any small company that offers a quote significantly lower than the competition is usually too good to be true.

Especially if they lack the required credentials and insurance. Shop around but try not to trust the guy who turns up at your door.

This is as much a precaution in getting the job done properly as it is saving money in the long run. If the tree isn’t removed well or there are subsequent problems then insurance may get involved. Worse still, you could be liable for any damage.

Group Discounts

If you have discussed the issue of several trees needing to be removed with your neighbors enquire about group discounts. The tree removal company would likely prefer the bigger job in one go and you can likely save you and your neighbors on the cost.

Consider The Extras

When you are gaining several quotes, ensure that they cover the full tree removal. That includes the extras. These can be dealing with power lines or removing the stump as well.

Several removal companies also count debris removal and cutting down the tree as individually priced tasks too.

Extra Firewood

If you live in a rural area or have a wood fire you may see all that solid wood as firewood. With the right tools, you can transform the debris into wood chunks to keep you warm.

This will save the company from having to take it away as debris and you have a whole store of firewood. The tree would probably want to be recycled anyway.

Plan For The Off-Season

Consider the tree removal company in your decision-making too. If you contact them during the busy season it’s likely to raise the price. That’s the same for a certified arborist too.

Due to the better weather, spring, summer, and early fall are considered the busy season. Ideally, schedule your tree removal for winter.

Further Thoughts

Each tree is different. The size, location, and condition are major factors in determining how much they should cost to remove. Any hazards or obstacles are likely to bump up the price too.

Find out if you can keep the tree by having it assessed by a certified arborist. A bit of TLC may mean it can remain in place. However, if you do need the tree to be removed then shop around.

Ensure that the company you choose has the right insurance and qualifications. You should insist on getting a full quote that includes any extras such as stump removal.

You may be more comfortable dealing with certain tasks yourself. Also, try to schedule the tree removal for winter as this is likely the off-season and you’ll get a cheaper quote. You can also save yourself money by snaffling away large chunks of the tree as firewood.

Speak to your neighbors and see if they need any trees removed too and you might get a group discount. Tree removal may seem like a costly task but it can be made cheaper.

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