How To Save Money On Gifts

How To Save Money On Gifts

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about gifts again. But whether you’re trying to get some holiday shopping done, celebrating a special occasion, or simply looking to treat a special someone, gift-buying on a budget can be hard.

Finding a perfect gift can often run the risk of breaking the bank, particularly in a culture where expensive = good. However, there are some simple tricks you can use to give someone a great gift without hurting your wallet.

How To Save Money On Gifts

Here are some handy tips for saving money on gifts.

Tips And Tricks

Make A Gift Yourself

Making a gift yourself is a great way to save money, while also giving someone something unique and personal. Making a gift also opens up a lot of possibilities depending on the occasion and who it’s for.

There are plenty of ways to make a gift. For example, creating a piece of art (like painting or pottery) can make a unique and lovely gift. Even if you need to get supplies, you’ll be spending much less than if you were buying some art. Not only that, but making a gift also adds a personal touch that makes it more special.

Scrapbooks are a lovely way to share your memories with a person, and make for a deeply personal and heartfelt gift. If you’re looking for something special for a loved one, scrapbooks are the perfect option. Finding a cheap blank scrapbook is easy, and filling it is simple if you already have plenty of photos and mementos.

Printing off pictures is simple if you have a printer, but if not then there are plenty of places that will print for a low price (if they charge at all). There are also cheap photo printing services that will send sturdier photos through the post if you would prefer.

Stick To Your Budget

While it might sound obvious, setting yourself a budget is crucial to saving on gifts. Planning a gift budget in advance is preferable, especially if you save up beforehand.

If you have a clear idea in mind of how much you’ll be spending on a gift, it’s easier to find something affordable. Good planning can also give you a bit of a safety net, as keeping money aside for the gift can help you out if the price changes or you have a tighter budget.

Planning can also pay off if you get your gift well ahead of time. For example, prices tend to go up over the holiday season, so buying a gift in advance can help you save. Gifts are special regardless of the price tag, so don’t feel like you have to spend more than you can afford.

Get Something Personal

As mentioned before, it can be hard to find a gift on a budget in a culture where expensive automatically means better. However, something personal will make a better gift than something with a higher price tag.

Depending on who you’re getting the gift for, think of something you know they like and try to find something related to that. As previously mentioned, this could be something you make (which always feels more personal regardless of what it is). Or if you know something they’ve had their eye on for a while, it can be the perfect gift if it’s within your budget.

If you’re completely stuck for ideas, you can always ask the person what they want. While this isn’t always the best course of action, you might be able to find the perfect gift without shelling out for something generic and expensive.

Personal gifts are great for giving to the people you care about, and if it’s something you know they’ve wanted then it won’t matter if you were able to find it for cheap.

Look For Discounts Or Sales

Another one that might feel obvious, discounts and sales are ideal for saving money. Though fairly self-explanatory, getting gifts on sale isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Some things won’t go on sale at all, and it can be difficult to know when and where certain items are discounted.

However, as previously mentioned, proper planning can come in handy here. If you know what you’re getting someone in advance, you can keep an eye on it over time to see if it goes on sale.

Additionally, there are plenty of gifts that don’t have a time limit on them. If you see the perfect gift on sale months before you’d be giving it, there’s no harm in getting it early and gifting it when the right time comes.

Although this isn’t the most consistent or reliable method of saving money on gifts, you can still save by taking advantage of discounts and sales when they come up.

Shop Independent

As well as helping to support small businesses, getting your gifts from an independent seller or small business can help you save money. While small and independent businesses are often seen as being more expensive, it’s not hard to find a great gift at a low price.

Small businesses often produce their products themselves, so getting a gift from someone independent makes it more special (and often better quality) than something mass-produced.

Not only that, but sites like Etsy and Depop make finding independent businesses much easier, so the hardest part will be trying to choose which gift is the best!

Give Something Non-Material

Not every gift has to be a material thing – sometimes the best gift is something non-physical. Giving someone an experience can be a great gift, like taking them on a fun day out or making them their favorite food (going back to making the gift yourself).

You could also do something personal, such as making them a specially curated playlist or making a video of all their friends and family sending their best wishes. This makes for a great personal gift that costs you nothing.

Final Thoughts

So now you have some tips and tricks for all your gift-buying needs. There are plenty of ways to shop for gifts without breaking the bank, while still letting you give something special and full of care. Now all you have to do is find the perfect gift. Good luck!

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