How To Save Money On Formula

How To Save Money On Formula

Having kids is the most rewarding thing in the world, but it certainly is not cheap. So, if there’s an area we can save a few bucks on, we’d love to – right? So, let’s see if we can save some money on formula with this helpful walkthrough!

How To Save Money On baby Formula


We all love our kids and we’d do anything for them, but we are also human. We can’t afford to keep up with certain financial demands that having children brings. In fact, one estimated average annual cost is about $17,000! That’s a lot of money. To some, that’s their entire annual income!

Formula is one of the expenses that we have to deal with when we have kids, and the cost per year is around $1500, so if there’s a way we can slice these costs down, we’d love to hear about it. So, let’s dive in and take a look at some of the options to cut down on formula expenses!

Register For Some Gift Cards For Formula Purchases

One of the most recognizable events when you’re having a baby is when your friends (and people you don’t know!) come out and say they’re throwing the greatest of all baby showers for you. This is when the ideal time slot for asking for registration cards comes in.

You may not need formulas at that particular time, but it’s wise to start thinking about it. These are worth their weight in gold, so clinging on to these gift cards will give you huge future savings when it comes to the time that you need to head out to the store.

Depending on how many you get, you might even get the first year of formula totally paid for – saving you around $1500! That’s got to be a good idea, right?

Get Yourself On Some Reward Programs

The nature of business, particularly a business of needs rather than wants, involves lots of competition in the market and every brand is always competing for new mom’s custom. They’ll also not only want your business once – but year upon year as your child grows up.

Due to this, many companies will be offering reward schemes and repeat business benefits. Certain programs offer $400 worth of free gifts – including samples of formula and some even have a year’s worth of formula on offer for free!

You simply gain some points per purchase of formula and watch the rewards roll in. It’s wise to sign up for multiple reward programs, because your baby might not like certain brands.

Bulk Buying Formula – Get It In Mass!

If you are completely sure exactly what your baby likes, then it might be worth buying the formula in mass amounts. It’s crucial to note though, that baby formula has an expiration date so you’ll need to use it up in time, as soon as the box has been opened.

When you’re out in your local warehouse, ask around to see if they have offers and deals on multiple or bulk purchases of formula. If this saves you some money, it’s definitely valuable to stock up on it – but only if you’ll definitely use it!

Adding to this, you might also have a store card or credit card with rewards attached to it. If you do – make sure you take full advantage of them and get points on your points, rewards with your rewards! Get exactly what you’re entitled to have.

Discounts For Professionals – Get Them!

Some places are offering certain rewards and discounts for particular professions, which can include healthcare, first response, military, transport or the cops. It’s always good to check if the store you’re in offers these discounts (if you’re eligible for one of them). A few of them can save you money, some offering 10% at times!

Can I Get A Coupon?

Getting a coupon from a company for doing things like participating in surveys or providing essential feedback to customer services can be invaluable for the short time it will take you. You should always check the pack to see if the brand is offering any future promotions or coupon availability.

Speaking of coupons, why not check websites for coupons! They can be extremely useful and indeed valuable, particularly moments before you’re shopping online. Be sure to scour the websites and try to seek out the best and most relevant coupons that can save you money online or in-store for formula!

Gift Cards Or Cashback Offers

You may be really surprised to find out how many places can provide you with gift cards, coupons, super discounts and cash-back on your purchases. Take a look at for example, where you can earn rewards for completing things like surveys or by sending in your receipt!

Even a store like Target can get you those much needed gift cards depending on your purchases. Just spend a little time and absorb all of the potential savings and rewards at your fingertips.

Amazon: Subscribe And Save

You can schedule Amazon deliveries for formula and save on the purchases, whilst saving on gas and saving time and effort too!

Ask Your Baby Doctor

Your pediatrician might have all the information you need with some inside tips from other moms or work colleagues. Often, companies might send a sample of things like baby formula to a pediatrician as they’re hoping for a professional recommendation that they can market. It’s always a great idea to ask the professionals for their knowledge!

Check Your Eligibility For WIC

The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (or WIC) is one possible resource that you can take advantage of, if you qualify for it. The program will alter depending on which state you live in, but ensure you check the rules if you think you might be eligible for the support.

Get On The Social Media Groups

Social media has for years been praised for its advantages, and this is certainly one of the best areas it can help. You might be able to source a group dedicated to new mom support, where they might be able to advise and share certain information and inside scoops on savings!

Ignore The Big Brands

Store brand formula can be just as good as the most well-known names in the formula game. As long as it meets legal requirements and regulations – you’re totally fine to buy it for your baby.

Powdered Vs Liquid

It’s often cheaper to get powdered formula and make it up at home – check out all the prices before making a purchase!

Store Credit

Some stores may offer a returns policy for unused products to be returned in exchange for store credit – it’s a good idea, if it’s not going to be used – get something else!


Your boss might offer a Health Savings Account (HSA) or a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) which allow you to put away pre-tax money for medical or healthcare products and services – formula can apply here, but may require a doctor to sign for it.

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