How To Save Money On Food At Disney World

How To Save Money On Food At Disney World

Disney World trips are not cheap before you factor in food. There is nothing better than Disney World, and the food there does taste good. It might be hard to resist the turkey legs and the popcorn, but we’re not saying you can’t have any!

It will be helpful to budget for food at Disneyworld, as there are so many different places to eat. Disney World has over two hundred restaurants, and various food stalls and kiosks. ,

How to save money on food at disney world

This article does not mean you cannot eat food at Disney, but there are some ways you can lessen the cost. After all, would you not instead come home with a bit more money than expected?

Here, we can give you some of the best tips for saving money on your stay at Disney World.


Drinks are super expensive at Disney World, and they are relatively standard drinks. For example, when you buy a meal at Disney, you will be paying around $5 per drink per person.

This cost adds up, especially if you spend money on meals three times a day. This will calculate at least $15 each every day. To cut down on the cost of drinks, order free tap water when you are eating a meal.

This will save you $15 each every day, and you can use this money for something else.

We know there’s something so tempting about grabbing an ice-cold raspberry soda in Disney World, but there is also nothing stopping you from bringing your own drinks if you are bringing a bag.

Also, if it is hot, stock up on water and Gatorade. This will keep your body hydrated because it does not contain excessive sugar as soda does.

Quick Service Is Cheaper

Save money by eating at Disney’s ‘fast food’ equivalent restaurants. These restaurants are the cheapest out of all restaurants, and they are excellent fast-casual restaurants.

The length of the menu and the quality may be slightly better at table serviced restaurants, but if you want to save a few bucks, this is an excellent decision to make.

Also, you’ll save money on the cost of tips that you would have given at table service.

Venture Out

This may not be an option for everybody, but it will save you some money every day. If you are staying outside of Disney World, you would have probably noticed that the cost of food at restaurants and fast-food chains is proportionally cheaper than at Disney.

This is because Disney is a holiday park so that they can charge slightly more. You can get better quality and better variety food by venturing out, and see some other sights, too.

If you are staying in a hotel at Disney, this may not be the best option, especially if you don’t have access to a car, but it is something to consider. For those renting a vacation home or staying out of Disney with a car, this tip will save you lots of money.

The Disney Dining Plan

The Disney dining plan is a way to budget for meals and allows you to choose from over one hundred restaurants at Disney World. You can make reservations, pay in advance, and even visit fine dining restaurants at the resort.

There is also a wide range of beverages provided at the price for each meal. Although the dining plan is a good idea, it is not necessary. It will not save you much money, especially if you are not planning to eat much.

For example, if you decide not to eat dinner because you have had a big lunch, you have already paid the price for the dining plan, and you will not get this money back.

For each night of your stay, you will get one waiter-served meal, one self-serviced meal (fast-casual), one drink per meal, two Disney snacks of your choice, as well as a refillable mug.

This is excellent for those who have the finances, but if you are set on saving money at Disney, this plan may just set you back a lot more than you were prepared for.

Saving at least $60 a day will ensure you can adequately budget instead of spending that money on the dining plan.

Saying that, if you and your family tend to eat three meals a day plus snacks and drinks, the plan could work for you. It may p[rvent you from buying unnecessary snacks, as you have pre-paid for the ones you are allowed.


If you are serious about saving money gradually, using a credit card to pay at Disney restaurants may benefit you. Certain credit cards will give you points when using a credit card at a restaurant.

You could get 2% back on all food purchases, which will gradually make a difference. There are also cards like the Discover Card, which gives you 5% cashback at restaurants in different seasons, and you can check out which restaurants apply to this.

There is also the option of the Disney Visa Rewards card, which can give you $10 per $500 you use. This sounds like a lot, but it could save you a small amount if you are budgeting for this amount anyway.


There are countless food stalls and snack bars at all resorts in Disney World, and they can be very tempting. For example, at Epcot, the world food section has a variety of cultural food, such as crepes, tacos, and fish and chips.

This is great, but it can be overpriced; the entertainment aspect may be better than the food quality. We’ve all done it. Walking to the next ride, and walking past the churros, funnel cakes, or turkey legs. They are tempting, but they are pricey for sure.

How to save money on food at Disney world

Of course, you have to try something once or twice but refrain from buying snacks every time you see them, as this will cost you a lot of money.

To counteract the daily funnel cake cravings, get some cheap snacks in advance. Disney World has a lot of places to eat snacks, such as benches and nice grassy areas. Buy pretzels, chips, and pastries and keep those turkey cravings at bay!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Places Are There To Eat At Disney World?

There are over two hundred places to get food, and close to four hundred, including the kiosks and snack stalls. This is why it is essential to budget for food when visiting Disney World – there are just so many options.

There are tabled serviced restaurants, fine dining, casual, and fast food places within these two hundred restaurants.

When you factor in the permanent kiosks such as the Epcot world food markets and the turkey leg stall in Magic Kingdom, there are close to four hundred places to grab a bite to eat.

How Much Does The Average Family Spend At Disney World?

The average family spends around four thousand to five thousand dollars on a trip to Disney World. This is for a family of four for five nights and includes accommodation, flights, food, and park tickets.

With more exclusive tickets to all of the parks and fast track tickets, you are looking in the ballpark of six thousand to seven thousand dollars.

The average family spends around one and a half thousand dollars on food and drinks for five nights. With our list, you’ll undoubtedly be able to cut this cost down!

What Do You Get For Free At Disney World?

Most things at Disney have a cost, but they’re worth it for the experience.

Some free things that Disney World provides are Wifi, parking, water, maps, souvenirs such as celebration buttons and wristbands, trading cards for cast members, world food kiosk passports, and driver and pilot ride licenses.

How Much Money Should I Bring To Disney World For Food?

You should be bringing around $30-45 dollars per person for food and drinks every day in terms of food. This is dependent on how much you are eating at Disney and if you are bringing snacks.

For all amenities such as food, souvenirs, and gifts, you should be looking at bringing around five hundred dollars for five days. This will easily finance all of your activities, and with a credit card, you can get money back on these costs.

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