How To Save Money At McDonalds

How To Save Money At McDonalds

Looking to save every penny whilst still enjoying the delights of a McDonalds breakfast? Then this is the article for you!

McDonalds is a multi-billion pound corporation so do not feel bad about implementing the following strategies to save yourselves a few bucks at this fast food giant! Read on to discover new and innovative ways to save money at McDonalds.

How To Save Money At McDonalds

1) Order A Sausage McMuffin With An Egg On The Side (Instead Of A Regular Sausage And Egg McMuffin)

This little trick will save you $0.81! The regular Sausage and Egg McMuffin is priced at $2.99, whereas the Sausage McMuffin on it’s own is priced at $1.39 and the additional egg is $0.79. Genius!

2) Order The Sausage Biscuit Or Bacon Cheddar McChicken

These items are not the healthiest on the menu but they will give you the most calories per dollar that you spend and thus, leave you feeling satisfied in every way!

Sausage Biscuit: $1.19 for 440 calories, 11g of protein, 1g of fiber. Or, $0.003 per calorie.

Bacon Cheddar McChicken: $2.39 for 480 calories, 22 grams of protein, 2 grams of fiber. Or, $0.004 per calorie.

3) Use The McDonalds App To Receive Free Food

Use The McDonalds App To Receive Free Food

This app will point you towards the best deals and gives you copious amounts of coupons that can be scanned directly from your mobile device. Some examples of these phenomenal deals include: buy one, get one free Happy Meal every Wednesday. Free medium fries with any purchase. Free medium fries AND a soft drink with any purchase of a signature sandwich. Buy one, get one free sandwich on selected days. You’d be foolish to miss out!

4) Order The McDonald’s Side Salad With An Artisan Grilled Chicken Breast As Opposed To A Premium Salad

If you don’t want to indulge in one of Mcdonald’s large salads, you should definitely try out this trick. Purchase a side salad and add a meat of your choice (the grilled chicken breast is recommended!) You’ll pay far less than if you’d ordered one of their premium salads and you’ll still be getting every valuable piece of protein that you desire. You’ll save approximately $1 in the process.

5) Try To Avoid Eating Late At Night

Try To Avoid Eating Late At Night

The food at McDonald’s is renowned to deplete the later into the evening that you order. This is because it isn’t being sold as quickly and so your chance of getting fries that have been left out for a while will increase drastically.

If you’re concerned about your fries not being fresh then you should definitely ask for fries without salt. This is a well-known hack in order to obtain fresh fries and you can then add salt to them thereafter. If this isn’t an option then try asking them for fresh fries directly.

They will usually be happy to do so if you are willing to be patient for a few extra minutes. This hack arguably trumps all other monetary hacks on this list as you are guaranteed to actually enjoy your food!

7) Buy Gift Cards And Discount Tokens

If you are planning on purchasing a large amount of food to feed a party of people then you should definitely purchase a McDonalds gift card from Right now, you will be able to purchase a $50 gift card for only $45. If you’re not planning on purchasing a vast amount of food then not to worry, you can buy a gift card that has a smaller amount of money on it. This is the perfect gift for a McDonalds loving family member and trust me, this is not a gift that is guaranteed to go to waste!

8) Sign Up For Email Alerts

If you are not eager to continually check your McDonald’s app then email alerts are an alternative way of being notified when new deals arise. This solves the problem if your phone is prone to malfunctioning and not sending you notifications as your email alerts are guaranteed to come through correctly so you never miss a trick!

9) Earn Free Coffee With The Loyalty Program

Earn Free Coffee With The Loyalty Program

If you are a lover of all things coffee related then you should definitely use your app to order your daily coffee as for every five coffee you buy you will always get your 6th one free. Make sure that you scan your bar-code at the cashier in order to implement this.

10) Order A McDouble With Mac Sauce!

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to order a Big Mac in order to receive the Big Mac experience, by ordering a McDouble and adding Mac Sauce, you’ll only pay $1.69 which saves you $2! You can add on some fries from the value menu and a drink and it will still come to far less than the Big Mac Meal alternative. The taste is virtually the same so why not switch it up and save your bank balance?!

11) Order A Burger With No Patty And Make Your Own Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This is the perfect food hack for money-saving vegetarian customers and only costs the same amount as a regular cheese burger from the saver menu ($0.99). You’d be foolish to miss out on this one as who can say no to a grilled cheese?!

12) Order A Soda With No Ice!

This is arguably the best money-saving hack on this list, when you order a large soda you will usually get a soda that is filled up with ice. This ice will always be guaranteed to melt on a hot day which is why the cup is not filled up wholly when you order one of these large drinks.

However, when you leave out the ice, you will receive twice the amount of soda in order to fill the cup. It is also chilled already as it is poured from the tap and so there’s no real need for the ice in the first place!

To conclude, there are plentiful ways to save your bank balance and make the most of your food at McDonalds. Whether you are navigating your way through the apps in order to find the best daily deal or you have programmed yourself to ask for no ice with every soda, these tips are guaranteed to assist you in your quest to save as many bucks as possible whilst still enjoying a delicious meal!

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