How to make Money with Seashells

How to make Money with Seashells

People are always looking for ways to make money online with the most unique and interesting means. Today, people have launched successful businesses and side gigs from the most unlikely of means. One of these is with seashells.

Seashells can be found at beaches and other coastal areas and can be full-sized or broken down and fragmented. Some people make a hobby out of collecting seashells while some people want to take it the extra mile and earn extra income off them.

If you are looking for a way to use these beautiful sea items to make money, look no further. There are many ways that you can utilize sea shells and other sea items to make money. In this guide, we will be explaining a few of these ways and how you can start a seashell business.

Seashells have always been objects of interest and people have found many ways to use them to make money over the years. We will highlight some modern methods of making money using seashells.

Why seashells?

Seashells have always been objects that inspire admiration and intrigue. This is because of their beautiful patterns, shapes, and colors. People have always been fascinated by the different shapes and sizes they come in.

Some shells are smooth with surfaces that almost look polished while some are bumpy. Some shells have sharp spines while others have fully rounded edges. Each sea shell is unique, even shells of the same type.

Seashells are the exoskeletons of sea animals called mollusks. As the mollusk grows, they add to its shell for protection. This is what gives the shells all their unique shapes. A shell tells the life story of the animal that it once housed.

Seashells have always fascinated people and today, there are countless ways that you can make money using them.

Types of seashells

Whether you are an avid seashell collector or you just have a few shells and don’t know what to do with them, it is a good idea to know the types of shells. This can help you when you are promoting your seashell business or listing shells for sale.


These are the largest type of mollusk and the word gastropod means ‘stomach-footed’. The shells are usually smooth and curved into themselves with a row of bumpy ridges like teeth between them.

Bull conch

This is a popular type of shell that is known for its distinct shape. The bull conch shell is shaped like a horn and is curved. Its surface is bumpy and covered in ridges and knobs.

Keiner’s dolphin shell

This is another shell with a unique shape that is very popular. The shell has a deep spiral shape and an open end that makes it resemble a weapon.

Alabaster murex

This shell is known for its clear white color and unique shape. The inner hollow of the shell is light pink and the surface is covered in sharp ridges and barbs that enhance the beauty.

Lion’s paw

This may be the most common and mainstream shell type and shape. It is a scalloped shell with a fan shape that has thick ridges over its surface.

Precious wentletrap

This is a unique and rare shell. It is unlikely that you will find one at the seaside. Catherine the Great owned one of these and it was sold for $20,000 in the 1990s.

Five ways to make money using seashells

Here are a few ways that you can make money by using seashells. Here are a few of them;

Selling shells

Selling your seashells is the primary way for you to make money with the shells. Seashell collecting is a popular hobby and many people want shells to add to their collections. Your marketing should be tailored towards those people (potential customers) as they are likely to spend more money on shells.

Websites like eBay are the best place to sell your seashells. Sea shell enthusiasts are always prowling the website looking for unique and affordable shells. If you have a collection of unique or attractive shells, you can sell them online for money.

You can also try selling them physically at flea markets or craft shows. They might not go for prices as high as if you had sold them online but you will still find a market.

Selling seashell pictures

Seashell photography is another way of making money with your seashells. Many people set up online stores to display and sell their photography and you can do the same. If you have photography skills, you can create visual masterpieces from even the most boring shells.

You can sell digital or physical prints of your pictures. Coupling your seashell pictures with other marine-related pictures is also a good idea as people may want other items to match the seashell pictures.

You can sell your photographs and other seashell customized items on websites like Zazzle.

Selling seashell crafts

Crafty materials and hand-made items are very popular these days. Sea shells are a great medium to create jewelry, accessories, and all kinds of ornaments. If you are an artistic or crafty person, this is an example of a way you can use seashells to make money.

You can create all kinds of items such as seashell ornaments, decorations for a Christmas tree, jewelry, and decorations. You can also use other natural items like a stick and stones or sand to create unique and beautiful crafts.

Some ideas for items you can make and sell are picture frames, small household furniture and decorations, necklaces and bracelets, car accessories, and many more.

Creating a seashell blog

You would be surprised by the number of people that would be interested in reading about different topics relating to seashells, beachcombing, and other seaside activities. Blogs are a great way to monetize your interest in shells and they give you an avenue to branch out as well.

You can start a blog on different types of shells you have sold or shells from all around the world. You can also start a blog about how you make money from shells if you have been working with shells for a while.

Your blog can be accompanied by an online store to make money. Or, you could write sponsored posts on your blog to make money. You could also try out affiliate marketing and help brands that are related to your blog promote their items.

All you have to do is find your niche and work in it.

Selling other beachcombing items

Beachcombing is a fun task that many people participate in casually. It may be a hobby for some, but you could use the items you get from beachcombing to make decent amounts of money. There are a few ways for you to do this.

You can simply sell the items you find online. These items can include seashells, small pebbles and stones, sea glass, driftwood, and many more. Many of these items can be used as ornaments or decorations on their own.

You could also use the items to create crafts and items to sell. The possibilities of things you can create using items found on the beach are endless. Combining seashells and glass can be used to make things as unique as candle holders or plant pots.

You can also paint over things like shells and driftwood to create beautiful pieces of art that you can sell for decent amounts.


Seashells may not seem like items that you can make money off but you are sorely mistaken if you still think so. There are so many ways to make money off seashells and other items found on the beach. We have only included a few ideas to start you off.

The possibilities of crafty items you can make alone are endless. By doing research, you can find out ideas for things you can make with your seashells. Having a blog is also a good way to connect with an interested audience and find out what kinds of items you can sell to them.

If you have a large collection of shells or you have access to seashells, you can start making money from them today.

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