How to Make Money with RDP

How to Make Money with RDP

People are constantly looking for ways to make money online. As technology companies and businesses continue to release software and new technology, we need to figure out how we can optimize this software for profit.

RDP or Remote Desktop Protocol is one of the software products released by technology companies. Microsoft released RDP as a means for users to connect to each other’s servers and work together, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used to make profits.

In this article, we will be explaining all about the remote desktop protocol and how it works. We will also explain some ways that you can use this protocol to earn money and how that works. We will also be explaining the pros and cons of RDP and touching on everything you need to know about this protocol.

What is RDP?

The Remote Desktop Protocol from Microsoft is a protocol that allows users with an rdp account to access Windows devices remotely. The protocol gives users full not administrator access and complete management of devices in other locations. Hardware controls like keyboards and mice are shared between devices.

With the remote desktop protocol, a remote user located elsewhere can access and control a device as if they were sitting right in front of it. The remote desktop protocol works by connecting the software and sharing the screens between the devices.

Remote desktop control requires two components to work. These components are the RDP server and the RDP client. The RDP server is the Windows device or server that will be controlled once the shared server is set up. The RDP client is a Windows device such as a PC that controls the server. The client device will need to have an RDP client app installed on it to work and can get a free RDP account.

Microsoft makes the process easy by offering an RDP client app for all operating systems that include third-party options for non-traditional systems. The remote desktop protocol is a Windows-only one which means that RDP services are only available between Windows devices.

Despite this, RDP is not available on all Windows versions. Some versions can only work as RDP clients while some can work as both servers and clients. There is also the option for connecting multiple users on an RDP system but this will require that the server have a Remote Desktop Services component.

Another addition that is essential to establishing remote desktop protocol between systems is installing the remote desktop gateway from Microsoft. This is a security measure that replaces a virtual private network and keeps the system secure.

Whether or not a remote desktop protocol can be used between devices totally depends on the Windows version of the devices, whether they have high configuration, and what other additions have been installed onto the devices.

Ways to make money with RDP

There are a few ways that the remote desktop protocol can be utilized to make dollars for people. Using the internet with RDP can be dangerous but not impossible. Whether you will make a profit from these methods depends on your location and some other factors.

Web hosting

One method of making money through RDP is to use RDP to host websites. Web hosting is a service that lets people and businesses post their websites online without having to deal with storage and management.

As a web host provider, you will provide the services that people need to upload their websites online. This involves different types of technology and services that come together to allow websites to be visible on the internet.

You can use the remote desktop protocol to host websites online. With RDP you can access and control the data of a remote computer without leaving your location. To host websites using RDP you have to do it over VPS.

VPS allows clients to access networks with ease and simplicity. All you have to do is enter the IP address of the system you are accessing and you can get remote control of it without lifting a finger.

You don’t need any technical knowledge or experience to provide remote desktop hosting services. The service provider handles all of the setting up for the system as well as maintenance and security. With RDP, you don’t have to constantly manage the servers that you are hosting.

PTP or Paid to promote

PTP or paid-to-promote websites are sites that let you earn money through ads and promotions. Some websites include a paid-to-promote feature that lets users access their links and see their deals and systems.

If you already have an online presence such as a blog or a website, you can include the link to the paid-to-promote site there. You will earn a commission for every customer that clicks on the link and performs an action on the site.

If you have high traffic on your website, you will be able to generate a lot of traffic for the PTP site and earn high amounts in commission. You can also provide paid-to-promote services by promoting your link on PTP sites to gain traffic.

You can use a remote desktop protocol to monitor and control websites and pages that you are promoting remotely.

Selling traffic

Another way to make money using a remote desktop protocol is to sell traffic. You sell traffic by embedding links to sites that need the traffic into your sites or online products. As more people click on and interact with the link, the site benefits from your traffic and pays you for your services.

Selling traffic is a way of silent earning online that lets you earn decent amounts of money. It is different from sponsorships and affiliate marketing and it can be enhanced by using a remote desktop protocol.

With an RDP, you can remotely access the systems and use them to drive traffic to other sites. When you have control of a system, you can control what websites they visit and what online activities they undertake. This way, you can generate and sell traffic with RDP.

Pros and cons of RDP

The remote desktop protocol has many advantages and disadvantages. One of the biggest advantages of RDP is that it doesn’t need a virtual private network to operate. Unless you are setting up your RDP connection over the internet, you will not need a VPN.

Choose RDP account and gain access to store data securely on the desktop instead of on the cloud or on your devices. It provides remote services so that companies can hire more remote workers and lets them work securely from their homes.

One of the disadvantages of RDP is that if the local internet connection is not stable, users may experience a lag in the data flow. This can be frustrating and time-wasting. Another big disadvantage of RDP is that it may leave computers open to security breaches.

Opening an RDP connection over the internet leaves the systems involved exposed to cyber-attacks. People working with RDP connections have to take extra care to ensure that their systems are not compromised.

Ways to ensure RDP connections are secure

With remote desktop solutions, there is always a probability of cyber security risks. That is why you have to take measures to ensure that your system and network are protected while using an RDP.

Don’t use RDP over the internet

You should never allow your RDP connection to be open over the internet. The best way to use a remote desktop protocol online is to set up a VPN or virtual private network so that you have a secure tunnel between you and the system you are connecting to.

If your remote desktop connection is open over the internet, anyone can access it and control the server or programs, installing malware or planting viruses into either system.

Don’t allow administrator access

When you are using an RDP connection, you should not allow administrator access. Only non-administrator access should be allowed to protect the system. When administrator accounts connect to the server remotely, they can change system settings and install software to the system.

Allowing only non-administrator users limit the number of people that have access to all the files and data on the system. It also limits the number of threats the system is vulnerable to and secures the system from malware.

Put a limit on password attempts

When people try passwords too many times, it can lead to a denial of service attack. To prevent this and the damage it causes, a limit can be placed on the number of password attempts that can be made. This way, when someone tries a wrong password several times, they will not be able to attempt it again for a while.

You should also make use of complex passwords that are not easy to guess and are more secure. When you use a secure password for the remote desktop protocol, you ensure that there is a lower chance of someone hacking into it. Also, avoid using the same password for multiple devices.

Use Network Level Authentication

NLA or Network Level Authentication should be a default setting on many recent Windows versions such as Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012. If you have an older version, you will need to manually enable the NLA.

The purpose of network level authentication is to ensure that connections are verified before allowing people to access them. Authentication is done using a username and password, so only people that have the right ones can access the network once the NLA is enabled.


As you can see, there are many ways to make money using RDP. Many of these methods are free and easy to use. The most important thing to remember is that you should always secure your RDP connection to prevent it from being corrupted.

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