How to Make Money With a Broken Foot

How to Make Money With a Broken Foot

Getting injured while working can be a devastating blow to anyone. Especially if you have an injury that involves broken bones, you may end up being bedridden for anything from a few weeks to months on end. That is why you need to start looking for ways to make money when you have a broken foot or any other kind of disabling injury.

Many people find themselves in situations where they have to stop working due to injury and do not get any workers’ compensation. This leaves them with no means of making income as well as an injury to take care of. You might be tempted to lose hope if you find yourself in such a situation but all hope is not lost.

Most people work a regular job or physical jobs but these aren’t your only options if you want to make money. Suffering from an injury can be turned into an opportunity to start making money online and even start a new career path. By acquiring new skills or honing skills that you already had, you can still make money even when you are unable to leave your house.

Manual labor is not the only way to make money, especially in this modern age. There are all kinds of unique, innovative, and lucrative ways to make money without having to step foot out of your house. In this article, we will go over some of the ways that you can make money while you have a broken foot and beyond.

Things to consider when looking for jobs

When you are looking for jobs and you are dealing with an injury, you have to consider a few different factors before you decide on the job you choose. Some of these factors include:

How severe is your injury

The severity of your injury can determine what kind of job you can do. Your leg injury may be mild and only require a few weeks of bed rest while you may have a severe broken foot that leaves you bedridden for months. You may also be required to keep your legs elevated for a while, you may be on medication that makes you exhausted, or your injury would be so severe that you may require a personal injury lawyer. With all this in mind, you will have to choose a job that caters to your level of mobility.

Whether you want to return to your previous job

If you got injured on the job, you might have reservations about returning to the job because you need a fresh start. If you were working a very physical job and you ended up getting hurt while working, you may want to consider a new field or a different career path. If you are in this position, you will need to consider jobs that you are skilled enough to do or jobs where you are willing to learn the skills. You may have to do some training or take some courses before you enter a particular field if you want to change fields completely.

What resources and capital do you have available?

Some money-making options and jobs require that you have some capital or some level of resources before you can start them. If you want to start an online business or make money by selling online, you will need some amount of money to start the business. You may need money to purchase supplies, buy resources, pay for skill acquisition, and many more. Some money-making methods also require resources like an extra room in your house or items to sell.

Whether you want a full-time job or a temporary job

When you are on the search for a new job, you need to consider how long you want to work that job. You don’t want to sign up for a six-month position and have to return to your previous job in four months. The amount of time you’re willing to work will determine what kind of jobs you will choose. So, when you are choosing a job, make sure to factor in how much time the job will take.

Ten ways to make extra money with a broken foot

There are more than a few options available for someone who is in need of extra money. Some of these options can be turned into full-time money-making forms of employment while some are just temporary methods of making money while you heal. Whatever options you choose, it is important to understand the pros and cons of the job and do ample research on the field.

Here are ten ways you can make money if you are stuck at home with a broken foot.

Freelance writing

Freelance writing is one of the most popular and highest-paid online jobs currently. Freelance writers are employed by all kinds of business companies, corporations, and more. As a freelance writer, you will have a lot of flexibility to create your own schedule and work from the comfort of your home.

Freelance writing is not easy and you may need to develop some writing skills before you can take on the industry. As a freelance writer, you will not need any certifications or degrees to get jobs. What you do need is a good work ethic and good communication skills, particularly in reading and writing.

You can start as a freelancer by creating profiles on freelancing websites. There are freelancing websites for all kinds of skills, including writing such as Fiverr and Upwork. With these sites, you will get access to clients who need your skills.

Freelance writing is a great job for someone recovering from a leg injury because you do not need to move at all. If your injury is very severe or you need to keep your leg constantly elevated, a job that you can perform sitting down for hours is ideal. That is why freelance writing is a great option.

Before you kick start your freelance writing career, make sure that you have a good idea of what kind of written material you want to create, what rates you are comfortable working for, and how much workload you want to take on. All of these factors may determine how much money you make from freelance writing.

Creating written content online is a very broad field and there are all kinds of niches or work that you could operate in. Just make sure you do your research before you get into the field.

Graphic design

Working as a graphic designer is another job option that requires minimal movement and can be done comfortably sitting. These factors make it another ideal job for someone who is home with a leg injury and looking to earn some extra cash. Graphic design is a profession that involves making use of text, images, and concepts to market, advertise or inform on a product or project.

It is a form of communicative marketing that is highly profitable. To work as a graphic designer, you do not necessarily need any formal education or training but you will need knowledge and skills in the principles of graphic design. Graphic design is not a job that is done on talent alone but one that requires training and practice.

You can opt to take a paid and professional graphic design course or you may decide to learn with free online resources. Whatever you choose, you will need to obtain the skills one way or another. As a graphic designer, you can choose to offer your services freelance or work remotely for a company as an in-house graphic designer.

Choosing to freelance may be a better option if you plan on returning to your previous job once your injuries have healed. If you are looking for a brand new career path for the long run, you should consider building up a great portfolio and applying for roles in companies.

No matter what field a company works in, they will often require graphic designers to help with their digital and traditional marketing. Graphic designers help brands to create and maintain brand identities and images and you can earn a lot of money through graphic design without ever having to leave your home.

Renting a room

This is an option for making money that may not be available to everyone. However, if you have a spare room in your home and you are willing to sacrifice it and live with a roommate, this is a great and effortless way to make more money when you are bedridden due to a broken leg.

Whether or not you can rent out a room in your home depends on a few factors. Some of these factors include whether you own a home or are renting yourself, your capacity to live with a roommate, policies set down by your landlords, and more.

Once you have considered all of these and decided that you still want to rent out a room in your home, you can start putting out ads. Ads for a roommate or a renter should be very detailed and precise so that you do not end up living with someone that you can’t stand.

You may need to do some cleaning or hire a cleaning service to prepare the extra room for the new occupant but this shouldn’t cost too much money. You could also ask friends or family to assist you with cleaning out if you can’t afford to hire someone and you cannot move around enough to do it yourself.

Once the room is ready and you want to put out an ad, you also have to decide on how much you want to charge for the rent. If you are renting the place yourself, you can decide to demand half of the rent from your new owner.

If the home is yours and you are renting out a room, you can choose your rent value based on the value of the property. Living with someone may take some adjustment and accommodation so keep in mind that you will be sharing communal spaces with this person.

Renting out a room is an ideal way to make money if you are injured and in need of money but don’t want to do any extra work.

Taking online surveys

Many people don’t know that it is possible to make money online by taking surveys from countless reputable and legitimate get-paid-to websites. These websites work by asking users to answer questions and engage in small tasks with each one earning them an amount.

Most survey sites work by letting users earn in-app currency like points that can later be converted to money or other types of rewards once players have reached a certain threshold. These websites work in partnerships with companies and brands to offer rewards like gift cards and discounts.

While there are many fraudulent get-paid-to websites out there, you can also find countless legitimate and trustworthy ones. It is best to research websites and not just use the first website you see. This will prevent you from falling victim to scams.

The use of survey sites to make money is not so popularly known but people can earn a lot of money by using survey sites monthly. These sites usually only require that users sign up or create profiles in order to participate in their surveys.

Survey websites payout in the form of cash rewards, gift cards, and other forms of rewards. You can check out sites like Branded Surveys if you want a survey site that gives you both cash and gift rewards but not all survey websites offer cash rewards.

Survey sites might ask you to answer questions, download apps, play games, or complete other small tasks with each of them earning you rewards.

Online consulting

Being a consultant is a highly paid and high-demand job that you can do from anywhere. Consultants get paid a lot of money for their expertise, insights, and perspectives in different fields. Starting an online consulting business is a great way to guarantee that you are making money while dealing with personal injury.

A consultant is someone with expertise and knowledge in a particular field that provides individuals and businesses with professional advice and assistance. Consultants can work in any field and in any capacity and are in such high demand because they provide valuable assistance.

To start a career as a consultant, you first have to determine what field you have expertise in and make provisions to improve your skills. Business consultants are likely the most in-demand types of consultants and also the highest paid. This is because businesses are always in need of new perspectives and methods to operate.

If you have experience in a business field, consulting is a great work option for you because you can consult virtually and you do not have to leave your home to work with clients. There are different kinds of consultants such as financial consulting, human resource consulting, risk assessment, and many more.

As a consultant, you always have to stay at the top of your field to ensure that your expertise is unique and one of a kind. The value of a consultant is based on how much impact their advice and expertise adds to the company they are working with.

As a consultant, you can do contract work for different companies or work long-term with specific companies as an on-call consultant. You have to continuously sharpen your skills as a consultant. The primary skill you need no matter what type of consulting you do is problem-solving skills.

You can start your consulting business by first elevating your skill set by taking courses and training. Once you have done this, you can set up an online profile, search for jobs online or market yourself as a consultant to companies that you would like to work with.

Selling things on eBay

The amount of money that you can make by selling miscellaneous things on online platforms such as eBay cannot be understated. You would be surprised by the number of things that you have no use for but other people would find valuable.

Selling things online can be like a virtual yard sale. You should sort through the things you own, find the things that are less useful to you, and put listings for them online to see who would want to buy them. eBay is one of the best platforms to sell things online, and you can sell all kinds of things on eBay.

Another option for selling things on eBay is visiting local thrift stores and used items shops and finding items that you can flip for higher prices. This is a great and easy way to make profits without having to sell any of your items if you cannot find anything to sell.

Creating an eBay account is easy and free. All you have to do is create an account and put up listings for the items you want to sell. When it comes to online selling, you have to make the items look attractive with good pictures and descriptive listings.

The options for things you can sell on eBay are limitless from clothes and accessories to furniture, handhold items, crafts, and many more. So, you can get started easily and arrange for delivery or pickup of the items all on your computer from your home.

Create an online store

Another great way to make money by selling things online long-term is by creating your own online store. The best option for this is online shopping platforms like Etsy. Creating an online store is a great option if you have a craft-related hobby and you are looking for a way to monetize it.

Your online store can sell any kind of items you want. If you are stuck in bed and can’t move around well, you can take up a craft like making clothes, jewelry, accessories, and many other things. Selling hand-made items is both emotionally and financially rewarding.

You can also create niche items for fans of different things like sticker decals, merchandized clothing, and other branded items. You can create a community and make customized items on request when you create an online store.

If you do not have a speedy recovery in the near future, picking up a craft is a great idea to pass the time and earn money in the meantime. Learning a craft may be difficult but you can choose something that you already have skills in or something that you have an interest in.

To start an Etsy store, you have to create an account and register as a seller. Etsy is a very intuitive and helpful online selling platform that lets users set their own prices, sell whatever they like, and advertise their business. Creating an online store can become a full-time job if you play your cards right and you can expand your store and sell more items over time.

When it comes to online selling, you have to think of many factors such as shipping and delivery, pricing, taxes, and many more. When you are deciding on the pricing for your store, you have to consider things like the materials you used to make the item, the time you spent on creation, and the amount of effort involved.

Working with reliable shipping and delivery services is vital to your online store and you should also create social media platforms to interact with buyers and advertise.

Online assisting

Being an online assistant is not easy but is a very high-paying job that can earn you a lot of money without having to leave your home. Online assistants are in high demand, especially for business executives, people with large amounts of workloads, and entrepreneurs.

An online assistant is someone that helps their boss to organize, schedule, arrange tasks and carry out other kinds of administrative services. Online assistants handle the minutiae of their boss’ lives and ultimately work to ease the workload and stress of their boss.

As an online assistant, you will need to help your boss set appointments, create their schedule, prepare documents for their meetings and appointments, and many more. Some assistants work more closely with their bosses as personal assistants for both their professional and private lives while others only work in professional capacities.

To work as an online assistant, you need time management skills, clerical skills, conflict management, organizational skills, and many more. You also need to be good at communication and interpersonal relations to help your boss handle their meetings and appointments with other people.

The workload of a personal assistant may be a lot but it can be very rewarding if you are working for a high-paying individual. Being a personal assistant can also be an avenue for you to make good business connections and can be a mode of networking for work opportunities.

If you have experience in secretarial work, office management, and other administrative tasks, you have the option of excelling as a personal assistant. This is also a job that you can do in the long-term and can help you get advantages in a field through recommendations.

Freelance coding and programming

This is another freelancing job option that can result in a full-time, high-paying job. Freelance coders and computer programmers are always in very high demand as the tech industry continues to grow and dominate the culture.

Computer coding and programming of software are very lucrative fields that offer a lot of money. If you have the time during your recovery period, you can acquire the skills you need to become a programmer or software developer. Though these skills are not so easy to acquire, they are very profitable.

Programming could have been a hobby for you in the past but this could be a chance to take those skills to the next level and properly monetize them. There is always a demand for positions in the tech industry so you can sharpen your skills and become a programmer.

If you do not have any experience in coding, you can start taking courses and training in coding. Computer programming may not be easy but if you have a passion and proficiency for it, you can pick it up quickly and make a lot of money off it.

As a computer programmer, you can offer your services freelance to different companies and help them develop software and create digital products or you can work as an employee with a software company and be an in-house programmer.

Social media management

Social media is a booming landscape that is filled with many opportunities and career choices for you to choose from. Many people kick off their careers, businesses, and brands through their social media platforms and social media has given a lot of people a platform to create names for themselves.

For businesses and brands, social media is ground zero for sales and advertising and can be a very hectic landscape. That is where social media management comes in. A social media manager is someone that handles the social media for a business or brand.

A social media manager handles online conversations, sales, and advertising, creating posts, managing comment sections, monitoring online spaces, and many other aspects of the social media platform. Social media managers are always in high demand because businesses need to keep their social media in line to stay in business.

As a social media manager, you need good social skills, organizational skills, and some levels of administrative skills to be successful. You also need to be updated on trends and social cycles to keep the platform relevant and popular.

As a social media manager, you can work for multiple brands and offer your services to different businesses. You can start a social media management business where you work with different brands based on contracts for certain periods.


As you can see, the options for work you can do are nearly limitless. Online platforms have given way to all kinds of jobs that you can do from home and make significant amounts of money. You don’t have to let your injury halt your professional career. Instead, you can take it as an opportunity to find new ways to earn money and start on a new career path.

Whether you choose to sell online, start your own business or work remotely, there are many options you can choose from. You can use your leg injury to your advantage with these job options. You may need to pursue further training before you can do some of these jobs but they will all be worth it in the end when you are making enough money.

Use these job opportunities and ideas to get ahead even while you are injured and make good money while you have a broken foot. Don’t let your injury be a setback but rather, use it to your advantage.

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