How to Make an Extra Bedroom in Your House and Add Value


When it comes to moving house, a lack of space is the most common reason people decide to sell up and buy elsewhere. But what if you didn’t have to pack up your stuff and move to create more space for your family? Did you know that is you make an extra bedroom in your house you could increase its value significantly?

House prices in the US are expected to grow by 8% in 2021. So, if you’re thinking of adding value to your home by increasing the number of bedrooms, now could be the perfect time to do it. We explain how to make an extra bedroom in your house.

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Why adding value to your home is a good idea

Increasing the value of your property will help you achieve a higher price for your home when you come to selling it.

The more money you have paid off your mortgage, the more equity you are likely to have left over.

You could also release the equity in your home to remortgage if you’re planning on buying another property.

If you’re not planning on selling any time soon, creating another bedroom is still a good idea to create more space for your family to enjoy.

You can cash in your investment years down the line.

Avoid the stress and expense of relocating and expand what you already have.

Renovating can be done gradually to fit with your budget, giving you full control over the timescale of your project.

How an additional bedroom impacts the value of your home

The number of bedrooms is a critical factor that influences the value of your home. So, the more bedrooms you have, the more its worth.

A four-bedroom property is more desirable for growing families than a two or three bed because of the space and potential that it offers.

A larger number of rooms will also give you more downstairs living space.

The more square footage your house has the higher its value.

A desirable property will result in lots of offers being made if you decide to sell up.

The additional bedroom can also be used as a guest room or to rent out for people that want to make money to help pay for the mortgage or earn additional income.

How to make an extra bedroom in your house

There are lots of ways you can create more space and add an extra room.

If you’re wondering how to create an extra bedroom, get inspired by these popular house renovation ideas.

Split large existing rooms

If you’re lucky enough to have a house with large sized rooms, consider sacrificing a little space to create an extra bedroom without the need to make any external changes.

You won’t need any planning permission and it’s the simplest way how to make an extra bedroom in your house.

There are different options for building an internal wall. A stud wall is a cost-effective option which is covered in plasterboard and decorated. You could also consider using room dividers. 

Check with your local authority to make sure the work carried out conforms to fire resistance, light and ventilation building regulations.

Convert the garage

A huge 25% of people with 2-car garages don’t park in them at all. Are you one of them? Your unused garage is the perfect solution for how to make an extra bedroom in your house.

Garages offer a huge amount of potential with a large floor space that is easily accessible.

The work involved will be insulating the walls and windows, adding electric and heating and cutting a doorway to connect the new bedroom to the main house. These changes can usually be made without the need for planning permission.

The average cost of a garage conversion is around $8300 for a 15m2 integrated garage in good condition.

If you don’t want to convert your garage, you could consider building an additional bedroom above it.

Over the garage additions have huge curb appeal as they are generally big extensions and face the street.

As with the garage conversion, make sure your extra room is insulated and meets all building codes. Don’t forget to plan where the plumbing will go and how the new room will be accessed from the inside.

Do an attic conversion

An attic conversion is the most popular type of bedroom addition. You’ll need to invite a reputable builder or architect round to take a look at the space and confirm whether it’s suitable to be converted into a bedroom.

Here are the key things to consider:

  • How much headroom do you have? There needs to be at least 2.2m at mid-point and 1.9 head height for the stairs.
  • Is there enough space for dormer windows?
  • Where will the staircase go?
  • Do you have a water tank that will need to be moved?

An attic conversion doesn’t usually require planning permission unless your plans exceed certain limits. An architect or builder will be able to confirm if permission is required before you carry out the work. 

Add an extension

Adding an extension is another way of adding value to your home by creating an extra bedroom. The cost will vary depending on whether you decide to build a single-storey or two-storey extension.

Research your local area to find other properties that have been extended to help you work out how much value it could add to your home compared to the cost.

Your local planning office will be able to tell you if your extension needs planning permission or not. Make sure you comply with all the building codes in your state, county or city before starting an extension project.

Build a guest house in your garden

A garden guest house will allow you to create an extra bedroom without needing to change the structure or layout of your home. Building a garden room is also less disruptive, cheaper and quicker to build than an extension.

As with a garage or attic conversion, the garden room will need to meet building codes to make sure it is safe to live in.

Lots of people like being able to offer guests somewhere comfortable to stay away from the main house, which makes garden rooms extremely desirable and will certainly add appeal to your home.

Change an office or playroom into another bedroom

How much do you actually use your home office? Have the children outgrown the playroom, or can their bedrooms be used to store their toys?

The simplest and most cost-effective way to create another bedroom is to give an existing room a new purpose.

All you need is a new lick of paint and some furniture and you’ve created an extra bedroom without extending your home.

Dig down to create a basement bedroom

Basements tend to be dark and damp spaces that are often left unused.

A basement provides significantly more room than a loft and renovating it won’t change the external appearance of your house. It’s important to start with waterproofing your cellar if you want to turn it into a usable bedroom.

Check with your local authority about whether you need to obtain planning permission before you carry out the work. You’ll need to make sure there is an appropriate fire escape to comply with building regulations.

The cost of adding an extra bedroom will vary depending on which part of the country you live in. Speak to a local tradesman or estate agent to get an idea of prices and compare it to the expected house value once it’s completed.

Things to consider when adding a bedroom to your house

Before applying for planning permission or inviting the builders round, it’s important to research all of the costs and implications involved with expanding your home.

Here are the top things to consider:

The cost: a bedroom addition isn’t cheap, however, it can usually be justified by the added value to your home once it’s complete. Take a look at similar size homes in your area that have expanded and find out what they are worth now online to give you a good indication of how much money you can expect to make compared to the cost of the work.

Legal issues: don’t waste time or money creating an additional bedroom until you know which building codes you have to meet. If you ignore these regulations, the room won’t be considered a bedroom for resale purposes.

Tax: factor in property taxes when budgeting for your new bedroom. When you add value to your home through the addition of a new room, your tax might be increased.

Get started on adding value to your home

Now you have plenty of ideas on how to make an extra bedroom in your house, it’s time to start planning.

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