How Much Money is 10,000 Twitch Subs?

How Much Money is 10,000 Twitch Subs?

9.2 million streamers use Twitch to share gameplay and content with their subscribers and fans every month.

Now the biggest live streaming platform in the world, Twitch has seen huge growth since its launch in 2011.

Want to know how you can make money from the app?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about this popular American streaming service, including how to get started and how much money you can expect to make.

How much does a Twitch subscription cost?

A Twitch streamer can download the app and set up a profile for free. You’ll need to fill out the sign up form and create a memorable username. Twitch will ask for your email and date of birth to check that you’re not a robot.

There are three different tiers for Twitch subscribers to choose from. Payment is taken from your account every month until you cancel your subscription.

Tier 1 – $4.99

Tier 2 – $9.99

Tier 3 – $24.99

The higher the tier, the more emotes you have. Emotes are Twitch emojis that subscribers can use to react to a streamer’s video in a chat room feature. In addition to the monthly tier price, there may also be some taxes to pay depending on your location.

How much can Twitch streamers make?

How much Twitch streamers earn can vary. To start making money on Twitch, subscribers first need to be a member of the Twitch Affiliates  program. To do this, you will need:

  • A minimum of 50 followers
  • To have completed 500 minutes of streaming in the last 30 days
  • Create seven broadcasts on different days in the last 30 days
  • Achieve a minimum of three regular viewers in the last 30 days

Once you have achieved Twitch Affiliate status, Twitch will invite you to become Twitch Partners if you achieve:

  • Live streaming for at least 25 hours in the last 30 days
  • 12 unique days within the last 30 days
  • An average of 75 viewers in the last 30 days

On average, expert Twitch streamers can expect to make between $3,000 and $5,000 each month by streaming for 40 hours per week. The average streamer will make approximately $250 per 100 channel subscribers. Small Twitch streamers will earn less than this when starting out.

What are Twitch subs?

A Twitch sub is a subscriber who pays a monthly fee to support a subscriber’s channel. As a sub you also get access to features such as emotes and other benefits.

Sub points are used to earn streamers an emote slot. When you sign up you will receive six sub points, then for every tier one subscriber you get you will receive one sub point. For every two-tier subscriber you will get two sub points and for every tier-three subscriber you will earn six points.

Subs help to build a community, which is an important part of being a successful streamer. The more sub points you have, the more emote levels you will unlock.

What are Twitch Bits?

Bits are a virtual way that subscribers can use to show support to their favorite streamers. A viewer can “Cheer” during live streaming so that an animated Bit emoticon displays in the chat window. Streamers will receive $0.01 for every Bit that is used during the live streaming of their video. The cost of Bits range from $1.40 for 100 bits to $10 for 1000.

Can you lose Twitch sub points?

It is possible to lose sub points if your subscribers decide not to re-subscribe to your channel or cancel. However, once you reach a certain emote  level, your number of emotes won’t decrease even if you lose sub points. Re-subscriber subs count towards your current sub point total, so you won’t gain any new points when a user re-subscribes.

How much is 100 subs worth?

The value of subs will depend on the tier of the subscriber. For example, 100 subs on a tier-one subscription will cost the subscriber $499 plus any applicable taxes. On a tier two subscription, 100 subs would cost $999 plus taxes.

Twitch streamers will then receive 50% of the total made. Twitch takes the remaining 50%.

How much money is 5000 twitch subs?

If 500 of your viewers subscribe on tier one to your channel, you can still expect to make up to $2,500 each month. It is possible to make more through advertisements, donations and sponsorships.

How much money is 10000 twitch subs?

Twitch streamers can expect to earn approximately $3 per view. This means that 10000 Twitch subs will earn you $30,000 minus any applicable taxes.

Exactly how much of a cut Twitch will take from your earnings will depend on your streamer status, but this is typically 50%.

What are gifted subs on Twitch?

Subscribers that want to gift sub points can either pick a specific viewer or gift to the community.

Twitch gifted subs cost the same amount to streamers as a regular subscription, so they will still earn 50% of the value of the subs. You can increase your chances of receiving a gifted sub by remaining active and supportive on your channel. Loyal followers are more likely to gift you a sub than a random viewer.

What is Twitch Prime?

Twitch Prime is a premium monthly subscription service. You will need either an Amazon Prime ($12.99 per month) or a Prime Video account ($8.99 per month). As a Twitch Prime member you will receive access to games, in-game content and some free Twitch subscriptions to certain channels. There are also some exclusive emoticons and chat color options that only Prime members will be able to use. You will also have a badge that displays your Prime status in your chat messages.

So, what are the benefits of this package for streamers?

Twitch Prime provides an alternative route for viewers, increasing the number of followers and revenue made from your channel. The profit you make from Twitch Prime is the same as your normal Twitch account, but it does boost your ability to earn money by giving you access to new viewers.

What is a Twitch lurker?

A user that regularly watches a Twitch channel without interacting or chatting with the streamer or fellow viewers is often referred to as a lurker. Lurkers are a big part of the streaming world and should not be considered a bad thing. Some people prefer not to interact with others online and would rather simply watch the content. For streamers, interaction is key which is why sometimes it can be frustrated to have an audience that doesn’t engage. Don’t forget, views are equally important on Twitch so it’s better to have a few lurkers than nobody watching at all.

Tips for Twitch success

It is possible to turn your passion for streaming into a decent money-making career. Some of the top Twitch streamers earnt as much as $2,810,480 in 2021.

Want to grow your channel and start earning decent money from live streaming? Follow our top tips for success.

1.Set goals

Twitch is a great platform of opportunities for dedicated streamers. To achieve success you should treat your account in the same way as a business and create a strategy that will help you achieve your goals. For example, if you want to focus on increasing your views, create an achievable goal that will help you boost your followers. This could be creating a more attractive Twitch layout or running a giveaway competition.

2.Create a regular streaming schedule

Sticking to a regular schedule is the most effective way to gain a loyal number of viewers. Share your schedule with your viewers so they know when to tune in. Communicating with your audience is the best way to show people that they can trust you to deliver the content that they want.

3.Give your viewers added value

With over 9 million streamers on Twitch, you need to make your channel stand out by providing your followers with something extra. Do some research on what your audience wants to see and come up with some ideas to make you stand out. For example, are your viewers tuning in to improve their gaming performance? If so, provide content on tips to help them and keep them coming back to your channel.

4.Interact with your fans

People use Twitch to interact with streamers rather than just watch live gameplay. Keep an eye on your chat room to respond to messages or questions that are being asked by your viewers. As your audience grows this can be difficult to keep track of, but try to scan the messages and address key topics. It’s also important to keep talking throughout your live stream to make the content engaging, even if there are no live viewers. Asking your followers questions and using a moderator bot to help you monitor your chat room are other ways to keep interaction levels high on your channel.

5.Use social media to your advantage

Don’t rely on just your Twitch platform to grow your channel. Social media is a great tool to widen your reach and gain new followers. Posting screenshots of gameplay and adding interesting commentary across all social media platforms is a great way to spark interest among your fellow gamers. Also, upload some of your videos to your YouTube channel and include your Twitch link in the description so people know where to find you for more content.

Making money on Twitch

The most important thing to remember is that you won’t gain thousands of followers on Twitch overnight. It takes hard work, dedication and consistency to achieve success but it is possible.

For more ways to make money online, visit our personal finance blog for the latest advice and tips.

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