How Can a 16 Year Old Make Money?

16 year old

Are you a teen who is tired of being skint? If you’re sitting at home dreaming of the big bucks and wondering ‘how can a 16 year old make money?’ then you’ve come to the right place. 

This guide will teach you some of the top ways to make some extra cash.

Most importantly, due to the challenges we face during the pandemic, the top strategies we discuss are all suitable for making money right now in 2021. 

How much money can a 16 year old make a week? 

How Can a 16 Year Old Make Money?

How long is a piece of string, right? The answer to how much money you can expect to earn as a teen depends on:

  • Your earnings rate per hour 
  • How many hours you’re able to work per week 
  • Fitting work in around other commitments such as school or your social life

The great news is that as a teen, you’ll typically have very few outgoing expenses if you’re still living at home with your mom and dad.

So, most of the cash you’re bringing in will be yours to save or spend as you like. 

The exception is if you need to pay for gas or bus tickets to get you to your workplace.

You’ll also need to be thrifty and not waste your hard-earned cash on grabbing takeouts in the middle of your work shift. 

So, how much can you earn per hour? As a 16-year-old, you’ll usually earn the minimum wage – the federal mandated wage is $7.25 per hour although this varies significantly depending on 

which state you live in. For example, the District of Columbia offers $15 per hour which is the highest minimum wage in the US. 

The good news for teens in starter jobs on minimum wage is that 29 US states pay more than the federal rate, making the nationwide average around $11.80 per hour. 

If you’re able to squeeze 10 hours of work into your week, perhaps before or after school, or on the weekends, then that’s $118 a week.

So, hang on – how much money can a 16 year old make a month? Based on these figures, you could be looking at over $500 and who couldn’t use that, right? 

Remember of course that the amount you take home at the end of the month will depend on how many hours you’ve pulled and your rate of pay. 

So, without further ado, let’s find out how a 16-year old can make money. What are the top ways? 

How can a 16 year old make money online

One of the most pandemic-friendly methods of earning money is to find a source of online income that will go straight into your account without having to leave the comfort of your home.

If you’ve been searching for how can a 16 year old make money at home tips, then consider some of these ideas:

  • YouTubemaking money from YouTube relies on you having plenty of channel views. As it can take a while to grow your following, it makes sense to start as young as possible. You can expect to earn anything from $1-20 per thousand views, so the key is to make your videos as engaging as possible to expand your social reach. Once you are publishing video content that grabs your audience’s attention, this will open up opportunities for ad revenue. 
  • Affiliate marketing – do you have a blog or website? If you love writing and have a topic or hobby you’re passionate about, then you can simply add affiliate marketing links to your content. If one of your users clicks on these links and goes on to buy a product or service you’ve promoted, then you’ll earn a referral fee as your reward. It’s free to sign up with affiliate networks such as CJ or Awin, or you might try Amazon Associates too. 
  • Fiverr – the concept is simple. Advertise your services online for $5 – you might design a logo, do voiceover work or proofread a short article. 
  • Online tutoring – if you’re an A-grade student and can pass on your wisdom, online tutors can teach anything from school subjects to art or musical instruments online. 
  • Take surveys – this is never going to replace a regular income, but it’s incredibly simple to sign up to legit survey sites such as Swagbucks and get paid for filling out quick surveys whilst you’re chilling watching Netflix. 
  • Become a freelancer – do you have a skill you could make money from? Anything from graphic design, copywriting, digital marketing, web programming, and accounting are all skills which employers could outsource to you. Sign up with platforms such as Upwork and bid for projects as they’re advertised. 
  • Virtual assistants – if you’re mega organized, then why not work for someone who isn’t? Manage their diaries, respond to their emails, and field their phone calls as a virtual assistant. You can set up a simple website to promote your services or respond to ads on freelance platforms. 
  • Upcycling – if you’ve ever sold anything on eBay or Facebook Marketplace, then you’ll know how easy it is to use these platforms. To turn this into a money-making opportunity, there’s an art to finding cheap goods which you can upcycle before selling on for a profit. 

Neighborhood Odd Jobs for Teens 

If you live in a friendly, busy neighborhood then there will be plenty of opportunities for you to make money in the local area.

The best thing about working locally is that word can spread quickly. If you’re good at what you do, then you’ll get plenty of referrals.

  • Gardening – from lawn management to landscaping, if you’re willing to put in some hard graft then you could get paid a decent income. This work can be pretty seasonal too, so if you want to pick up some extra projects during the summer then there’s often plenty of customers around. 
  • Dog walking – if you’re tired of being cooped up during the pandemic, then walking the neighbor’s dog is a great way to be paid to take some exercise. You can also branch out into pet sitting too. 
  • Marketing – local businesses are keen to attract new customers during the pandemic, so there are plenty of marketing gigs for teens including handing out flyers and billboard advertising. 
  • Paper route – plug your earphones in and get your exercise before school whilst making a few dollars. 
  • Odd jobs – if you haven’t yet found a skill but are willing to give anything a go, then advertise your services for completing small projects such as painting fences, weeding, watering plants, or decorating spare rooms. 

Part-time Employment for 16-Year-Olds 

Jobs in food service or retail are the most popular types of part-time employment for 16-year-olds, although it has been challenging for teens to keep their jobs during the pandemic. 

Some of the most popular roles include: 

  • Food delivery – from pizzas to burgers, the food delivery business has skyrocketed during the Covid-19 era. If you have your driver’s license then you should be all set. 
  • Grocery stores – these businesses have been exceptionally busy during the pandemic and are keen to take on new workers. 
  • Sports jobs – from becoming a referee, trainee coach, or a lifeguard at your local pool, if you have a passion for fitness then why not put your energy to good use? 

How can a 16 year old make a lot of money? 

Do you have a certain figure in mind that you wish to achieve? Perhaps you’re saving for your first set of wheels or want to get a head-start on saving for your first home. If you’re interested in making the big bucks, then you’ll need to work hard, save hard and make sure that you’re earning a decent rate of pay. For teens, some of the best ways to make money can be found online, particularly if you set up as a freelancer or a digital entrepreneur. With low to zero startup costs and excellent hourly rates, you could grow a solid business in just a few months. 
For more teen finance tips, check out our extensive collection of blog articles at the Finances Hub.

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