House Removal Costs: Planning Your Removal Budget

house removal costs

So, you’ve decided to sell your house. Now you’re probably wondering how much the removal costs will be and how you can save money, right?

In this article, we describe the full breakdown of removal costs and give you some top tips on how you can save some cash along the way.

house removal costs

How are house removal costs calculated?

First, let’s look at how removal companies work out how much to charge you for their services.

The average house removal costs for a three bedroom house will range from $2,500 to $10,300 depending on a range of factors, including:

  • The size of your home: the more bedrooms and rooms you have in your property, the more items you will need to pack and transport. Removal companies often ask you to state how many rooms your house has when getting a quote for removal services.
  • How much stuff you need moving: the number of items you have will determine the size of the removal vehicle required and loading time. The bigger the vehicle, the more it will cost.
  • How easy your property is to access: if you live in a top floor apartment that requires 10 sets of stairs with no lift, don’t be surprised if your removal quote is higher than for somebody who lives on the ground floor.
  •  How far your items need to travel to the new property: removal companies will often charge you the cost of transport by working out how many miles the vehicle will travel from your old house to your new one. The further you move, the more it will cost you.
  • Whether you have any large or fragile items: these items often need special materials to protect them during the move, which will incur an additional charge.
  •  Any additional services that you need such as dismantling and re-assembly: these services are not usually included in the price and will be added to your final bill if you require them.

What house removal costs do you need to consider?

Before getting quotes for a house removal, carefully consider what services you need.

Each service will increase the total price so only choose the ones you really need.

Typical removal services include:

Packing materials: some removal companies include packaging materials in the price of a removal service, however some don’t. If you’re being charged separately for packaging materials, compare the price with how much it would cost you to buy them elsewhere. It’s possible that you can get them for much less elsewhere, or even free if anyone in your local state is getting rid of packing boxes.

Packing services: it can be handy for a removal firm to pack your items for you, especially if you’re limited by time, but these extra services come at a price. You may also be charged an additional fee for fragile items to be packed for you.

Unpacking services: as part of a removal service, the provider will usually place your furniture and boxes into the appropriate rooms. However, if you need the items to be unpacked as well, expect to be charged for it.

Crating: some items such as antiques or electronic goods are safer to move in a custom-made wooden crate. If you have items that require this, let the removal company know so that they can adjust your quote accordingly.

Dismantling and re-assembly: flat-pack or large items of furniture such as beds and wardrobes should be dismantled and ready to move before the removal firm arrives. If you need them to do this service for you, ask for it to be included in your quote before moving day.

Storage services: some removal companies offer a storage service if you are not moving into your new home straight away. Booking a storage service with the same company that you have booked for removal could cost you less than booking with a different firm.

Moving equipment: if you have any possessions that can only be moved via a hoist or cherry picker lift, these will require extra equipment and will incur an additional charge.

Removals insurance: removals insurance is really important when you move home. All of your possessions are in the hands of a vehicle and the driver, so you’ll want to make sure you’re covered if anything happens. Check whether you are covered for a house move on your existing home insurance policy. It’s likely that you will need an extra level of cover for your move, but this will be cheaper than getting a single removals insurance quote from a different provider. Ask your removal company if they are fully insured to give you peace of mind that your items will be appropriately covered during transit.  

How to save on your removal company costs

Many of the costs associated with moving house can be reduced with some planning and know-how. 

Compare house moving services

Find the best deal on your home removals cost by using comparison sites to get hundreds of quotes from different providers.

Ask for a full breakdown of the quote so you know exactly what is included and check that your quote accurately reflects how much stuff you need a removal company to move.

Incorrect quotes will only lead to additional charges at a higher rate after you’ve booked it.

Choose your moving day wisely

Most people tend to move house on a Friday or over the weekend, meaning removal companies are in demand on those days and can charge a higher price.

Choose to move mid-week and you may get a discount if it is a quieter day for them.

Book far in advance

Some removal companies offer special deals if you book far enough in advance of your moving date.

Finding out the off-peak times to move to your new home will help you save a huge amount on your house removal costs.

Autumn tends to be a busy time for house moves because people want to be in their new property in time for Christmas.

The least popular season to move house in is winter.

Nobody likes the thought of transporting everything you own in the cold and wet, but it can save you a heap of dosh.

Start collecting free packing materials

As soon as you’ve set a delivery date, start saving all of the boxes and packaging materials you get from deliveries to your home.

Ask family and friends to do the same and before long you will have enough for your move.

You could also speak to local shops and restaurants and ask if they could keep different size boxes for you to have and reuse.

Household items such as towels, bedsheets, newspapers and magazines can be used to pack delicate items, saving you money on bubble wrap.

Do the smaller rooms yourself  

Rooms such as bathrooms won’t have many items in them that need moving. Instead of paying a company to move them, save yourself some dollars by boxing up the items yourself and transport them in the trunk of your car on moving day.

Avoid unexpected removal costs and penalty charges

It’s important to check whether your removal firm will charge you any penalty fees if your house move was delayed before you book their services.

If your possessions are in storage, you may also face additional storage fees if you don’t collect your items when you agreed to.

Planning your removal budget

House removal prices can vary, but using our top tips will help you get the best deal and save some dollars.  Want to know more about mortgage and homeownership? Take a look at our library of articles.

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