Step Intern Google Salary – What are they Paid?

step intern google salary

The most powerful corporation in the world, Google LLC, is an American multinational technology company specializing in online advertising, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, search engines, e-commerce, and consumer electronics. The Student Training in Engineering Program (STEP)’s objective is to close the knowledge gap between academic study and a practical internship.

The 12-week Google STEP Internship program is open to first- and second-year college students who are enthusiastic about computer science or related fields.

Google STEP Internship offers a fantastic opportunity to obtain on-the-job experience and put all the intricate details of computer science and software engineering studied in school into practice, despite its reputation for its demanding application process. However, even if applying for this job might be a smart idea, you must understand the pay, benefits, and other key information regarding the Google Step Intern position. You can find a thorough overview of all you need to learn about this technical training program in this article as you read.

What is a step intern google salary?

“Student Training in Engineering Program” is what Google STEP stands for. STEP is a brief internship program that Google offers to college students who are still enrolled. It gives students who are pursuing a degree in computer engineering, computer science, or a related engineering field the opportunity to collaborate with Google engineers on real-world projects over the summer and aid their professional development. The STEP interns collaborate to use the newest Google technology to resolve practical issues.

Interns can expect to gain extensive knowledge about computing science and the software engineering lifecycle throughout their STEP internship, which lasts 10-12 weeks, while working with mentors on projects closely related to Google’s core business. After completing the internship program, the student will have learned and gotten experience working in big companies.

Benefits of Doing Google STEP Internship

STEP is a perfect way to spend your summer break, obtain valuable work experience, developing your professional expertise, and making money, irrespective of whether you’re studying computer science, software engineering, or computer engineering,

This is what you can expect from your Google STEP Internship:

A technical project

You will be handed a difficult technical project allowing you to build your solutions while exposing you to enormous complexity and scope.

Professional skills

The student will use academic knowledge to tackle real-world problems and will discover new programming languages and tools to improve their coding abilities. As a result, the individual will gain coding expertise and will be able to master new programming skills.

Technical talks

Attend technical seminars held by Google employees to gain understanding about the development practices and technologies as well as additional technical interview preparation.

Coaching and mentorship

The company will pair you with a Google engineer who will coach, advise, and guide you throughout your internship.


With a broad group of students and industry professionals, you will have the opportunity to make new friends and build personal networks.

Step Intern Google Salary

The student is paid a stipend for the work. The company pays $9000 upfront plus $43 to $45 per hour (paid biweekly) with various benefits such as unlimited transportation and free food. Different interns at Google are paid differently.

The student’s remuneration is determined by their return status, location, negotiations, and competing offers.

How to Land a Google STEP Internship

It’s a well-known fact that getting into Google is challenging, whether you’re seeking a full-time career, an internship program, or a part of the firm in general.

The Google STEP internship, in particular, is in high demand. As a result, the STEP internship provides a unique chance for professional and technical progress to first, and second-year undergraduate students and is extremely competitive amongst students seeking entry into the industry.

Regardless of how intimidating it may appear to apply, the Google STEP internship is now within reach, provided you have all of the necessary information. This post will guide you through the full internship application process, from the application to the screening and the program specifics.

Meeting the Qualifications

The first step to landing a google STEP internship is to meet the required qualifications.

Minimum Requirements

The below are the internship’s minimum requirements:

  • First-year students: having completed at least one college computer science course (AP and IB courses do not count!)
  • Enroll in a North American university
  • You must be a first- or second-year computer science student (or a related field)
  • Students in their second year must have completed at least two college computer science courses.
  • Have experience developing in Java, Javascript, Python, and C

Preferred Qualifications

Below are the recommended requirements to qualify for the program:

  • After completing the 12-week summer internship, you must have at least two years left in your Bachelor’s degree program.
  • Capable of working full-time for a 12-week internship between May and August or June and September

Don’t worry if you don’t meet the standards! Google offers a variety of internship options. So whether you are a self-taught coder, a recent graduate, or a third-year student, Google will have chances for you.

Preparing the Application

The deadlines for Google STEP Internship opportunities differ. Check Google’s website frequently, regardless of the office you want to work in. It will help you stay up to date on new job posts and encourage you to apply early.

Follow the guidelines below before sending your application to ensure you have the best chance!

Review your resume and seeks professional advice

Make sure your resume is current and includes your most relevant experience. Make the most of your university’s resources and call out trustworthy specialists at your career center (or equivalent) for assistance. Furthermore, it is recommended that you have professionals in the industry examine it beforehand—this might be a family friend, mentor, or someone else!

Contact past Google STEP interns.

Having firsthand familiarity of the program, whether it be understanding the work environment or relevant expertise, might give you a competitive edge when enrolling. Additionally, this is a fantastic chance for you to practice networking; don’t be hesitant to get in touch with Google STEP interns on social networking sites. 

Show your enthusiasm for Google.

Though it may appear to be apparent, it should not be neglected! Contact your school’s career center to discover if Google will hold information sessions or send personnel to your campus. Make the most of the transition to digital work by reaching out to Googlers and recruiters for informational interviews.

Maintain ties with those you reach out to, if possible. This increases your chances of receiving a referral in the future. Referrals aren’t strictly necessary, but they will increase your chances of being discovered.

Make yourself known.

A great method to get a recruiter’s attention is to take part in one of Google’s coding competitions.  Additionally, participating in programming contests is a great method to demonstrate your expertise in programming language.

Interview Process

You must now prepare for the interview step after you have successfully completed the application stage. This stage is considerably more difficult than the first. This interview is conducted over the phone. You will be required to attend two 45-minute calls with a 15-minute break in between. Throughout the conversation, you will be asked a variety of questions, which you must answer confidently and clearly.

You must pass a technical round in both interviews. In this round, they will assess your skills and talents to see whether you are fit for the firm. The following round is the questions round. You will be asked a variety of questions that are unrelated to technical and software knowledge. Your responses will determine whether your vibes are compatible with those of the other employees in the organization. It’s more of a work culture assessment.

It isn’t easy to pass the interview round. However, you can reduce complexity and stress by doing the following:

Recheck your ideas.

You must answer technical and academic questions during the technical interview. Therefore you must review your old knowledge and understand the core theories and concepts. You should focus more on data structure and algorithms because the employer is quite fond of them. Clearing your fundamentals will allow you to connect the questions to prior information. This will allow you to answer the question without any hiccups confidently.

Learn programming languages.

Practice makes perfect. Thus you will be required to practice a lot to get the internship. Understand the languages and methods thoroughly, and always prioritize your strongest programming language. Make it clear to the employer that you are best for the specific language. This raises your chances of being hired for an internship. If you know the language better than others, you can answer the questions more confidently.

Interview Practice

You should constantly practice the possible circumstance before attending your actual interview. You might practice with a close friend. Your friend may ask technical inquiries, programming challenges, and questions about work culture. All you have to do is respond appropriately and confidently. This practice can boost your self-esteem and courage, aiding you during the interview.

Be on time.

You must arrive on time. You can even arrive early. A person’s timeliness determines their life discipline. The employer is looking for someone to show up to work daily. Being on time can boost your chances of being chosen.

Use statistics and facts to demonstrate your accomplishments.

Because an employer believes in facts, you must provide accurate information. For example, to demonstrate your accomplishments in a specific subject, show the employer some of your recent work connected to the programming language, codes you wrote, and so on.


Without question, the Google STEP internship is an excellent way to kickstart your career in computer science, receive hands-on experience, explore the world, have fun, and make new friends. Getting into one of Google’s most desired internships is not simple. However, if you are successful, you will have a support system and community of some of the most dedicated and brilliant people in the field.

To get there, follow our internship application standards, believe in your ability, and don’t be afraid to contact Googlers and recruiters.

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