DIY Crafts to Sell: Focus Your Efforts on What Will Work!

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It’s no secret that we’ve all been spending a lot more time indoors lately. So, rather than getting bored or frustrated, what better opportunity to learn or rediscover crafts? Crafting is a wonderful way to pass time, engage your brain and feel creative. And here’s the added bonus – you can actually make money from your crafts!

DIY Crafts to Sell

That’s right, by finding the best DIY crafts to sell, you can make a profit through a fun and stimulating creative activity. 

And the fun doesn’t stop there!

These days, you don’t even need to haul your crafts to a trade show or craft fair to sell them. Instead, everything can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Interested? Read on to find out some of the best DIY crafts to sell and how to sell them. 

What can I make at home to sell?

The list of DIY crafts to sell is almost endless and the best thing is that you can pick a craft based on your own interest, time, resources and expertise.

We’ve compiled some of the best crafts to sell to give you some inspiration.

Time to let your imagination run wild! 


Soap never goes out of fashion and is always a thoughtful, appreciated gift.

So there’s likely always going to be a market for handmade soap products!

Soap is easy to make, doesn’t require many tools and is pretty lightweight when it comes to posting.

It’s a customisable product – perfect as it is, but also with the scope to add texture, color and scent to make your soap stand out from the rest.

Pinterest offers lots of inspiration if you’re keen to turn your hand to making soap.

Mason jar candles

Just like soap, these candles are cheap to make and always in high demand so have lots of potential to be strong earners.

A best selling item that is simple to put together, this would be a great craft to get your children involved in making too if you’re looking for an activity that all the family can get stuck in with.


The jewelry market is booming and always popular, so this is a great craft to hone.

Earrings tend to be the simplest and cheapest type of jewelry to make with materials ranging from resin to wood, plastic to embroidery. Get imaginative, get creative and see what unique, beautiful items you can come up with.

Wooden pots

Whether it’s for utensils or pens, a rustic wooden pot is a staple in every home.

Funky and fashionable, wooden pots are easy to make and easier to fill!

They offer a touch of farmhouse chic to brighten up any home. 

Wind chimes

Wind chimes have the wonderful flexibility of being made as big or small as you like, with as simple or sophisticated items as you prefer.

We’ve all been spending more time at home lately so a wind chime is a perfect addition to your garden – particularly with summer just round the corner.

Easy and inexpensive, wind chimes will serve you well as crafts to sell and profit from.

Baby blankets

A beautiful, sentimental item, baby blankets are always meaningful to new parents.

A special gift to give or receive, there will continually be a market for baby blankets and many ways to make them!

No-sew, knitted and crocheted options are all available for you, so you can be creative with the style you make.

Fabric pots

Who’d have thought that the simple two-item combination of plant pots and scrap fabric would make such a popular DIY craft? Fun to make and easy to source, fabric pots can brighten up homes and gardens with ease, making them profitable crafts to make and sell. 

No-sew cushion covers

The right cushion can really make a room and so cushion covers are constantly desired items to buy for your own home or as gifts.

If you don’t know how to sew, don’t be daunted! No-sew options are just as effective, not to mention simple to make.

There are plenty of easy-to-follow tutorials to follow online and, after that, the craft world is your oyster! Cushion covers often sell for around $50 making them highly marketable crafts to learn.

How do I sell my crafts?

First things first, you’ll need to have a business PayPal account set up in order to begin trading.

Once you’re sorted there, online platforms like Facebook Marketplace and buy/sell/trade groups can be excellent starting points to begin selling your crafts.

Alternatively, there are several dedicated online spaces for traders. These include:

  • Etsy: Budget- and user-friendly, Etsy lets you create an online shop to list your crafts to sell. 
  • Shopify: Where Etsy is an online marketplace, Shopify is a webstore platform. A well developed option set up for selling with no limit on what you can sell, Shopify is a more pricey space for crafters who want to push their business to succeed.
  • Blogs/websites: Creating your own blog or website allows you to sell your crafts through in – either through linking to an Etsy account or listing your items directly onto your blog.

We all know that 2020 was a rollercoaster of a year, but a silver lining was that so many people discovered the wonderful world of crafting.

More time spent indoors meant that a lot of people picked up new craft trends, resulting in a whole lot of DIY crafts to sell. Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok have seen craft trends emerging and staying strong into 2021, so we’ve rounded up a few of the hottest craft trends to look out for. 

  • Resin: Resin keyrings full of brightly colored dyed flowers have been staple crafts on TikTok. However the resin fun doesn’t stop there, with wall art, bowls and bookmarks also appearing as cute DIY crafts to sell. 
  • Tie-dying: Tie-dying has made a huge comeback with 90s vibes planting themselves firmly in 2021. With more social focus on sustainable fashion, eco-friendly materials and upcycling, tie-dying is a firm favorite for the conscious buyer.
  • Painting: There’s a lot to be said for the humble art of painting. Whether you’re a paint-by-numbers type or a lover of watercolor, painting is a soothing, peaceful practice perfect for time spent indoors. Talking of which, there’s no better time to be buying artwork to adorn your walls, making painting an excellent DIY craft to sell. 
  • Pottery: The Great Pottery Throwdown has undoubtedly provoked a surge in wannabe potters, with at-home kits offering all you need to create pen pots and plant pots. 
  • Polymer clay: We might have Instagram and TikTok to thank for the reintroduction of polymer clay, with their videos showing satisfying color combinations and swirling patterns. It’s a cheap and versatile material that can be used to make jewelry, pots, figurines… The list goes on!
  • Embroidery: From wall art to coasters, beads to texture, embroidery flourished in 2020 and is set to continue well into 2021. A kitsch craft, embroidery brings retro flare to contemporary furnishings and so has every potential to be a top seller. 

Entering the world of crafts is not only fun and creative, but has real potential to be a money-maker. Through investigating the best DIY crafts to sell and choosing what works for you, you have the opportunity to be making good money from your living room doing something you enjoy.

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