Cost Of Living In Ukraine: A Complete Guide

Cost Of Living In Ukraine: A Complete Guide

Ukraine is called the ‘Pearl Of Eastern Europe’. Kyiv, the capital city can be expensive but overall the cost of living in Ukraine is relatively low compared to other cities in Europe. Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe. In the countryside, you come across dense forests, old villages, diverse cultures, and peculiar architecture, while the capital of the country is home to a mix of old culture and modern skyscrapers.

Millions of tourists visit Ukraine every year to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Some of the most visited cities in Ukraine are Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, and Vinnytsia. If you are thinking of joining them and visiting this beautiful country, this article will help you understand the living cost so you can plan your stay. 

What Are the Different Kinds of Living Costs?

As an expatriate, you can expect a variety of costs while living in Ukraine. This includes accommodation, transportation, health, food, groceries, etc. We’ve looked at each of these cost areas in greater detail below.

Accommodation/Hotel Costs

Accommodation costs are likely to be different depending on your location and type of accommodation. Compared with other cities in Europe, the cost of accommodation is relatively cheap. A mid-range hotel can cost you 1,475 UAH (Ukrainian Hryvnia) per night.

As well as mid-range hotels, you can also find 5-star luxurious hotels. A per night stay costs you 3,687 UAH to 5,531UAH.

But if you are a singleton on a tight budget, you can always choose cheap hostels and shared guesthouses. Per night costs of these types of accommodation are 258 UAH to 370 UAH. 

Hostels for backpackers are also available which can cost around 170 UAH to 330 UAH per dorm bed.  

It is to be noted that the hotels in Ukraine charges per room rather than per person.

Cost Of Renting Of Apartment

Renting apartments is cost-effective if you are planning a longer stay in Ukraine. The rent of an apartment can be different owing to location, size, and quality of the apartment. Central cities like Kyiv and Lviv have high rent cost compared to small towns. 

Apartment TypeCost In UAH
Single bedroom/Studio apartment (city)9,500 to 12,000
Single bedroom/Studio apartment (outside City)6,000 to 8,000
2-bedroom apartment (city) 12,000 to 15000
2-bedroom apartment (outside the city)9,000 to 11,000
3-bedroom apartment (city)15,500 to 18,000
3-bedroom apartment (outside the city)11,500 to 14,000

Cost Of Buying An Apartment as a Foreigner

As a foreigner, you can buy property in Ukraine. After 2013, the country experienced a sharp decline in real estate prices. The per square meter price in the city is around 35,450 UAH and outside the city, the price is 21,480 UAH. In addition to this, you also have to pay pension fund fees and Notary fees. 

Utility Costs

Primarily you will have electricity and water and natural gas charges in the utility bill. Winters are chilly and cold and summers are sizzling hot in Ukraine. You need natural gas to keep your accommodation warm in the water. While to keep the living facility cool in summer, you need electricity. Per month charges of electricity and gas bill can be 1350 UAH to 1500 UAH. 

For ex-pats, it is advised not to use tap water for drinking. The tap water is not per health standards. A lot of companies supply drinking water to homes. 600 liters of water can cost you 340 UAH to 400 UAH.

The cost of Internet 

Internet is super fast and affordable in Ukraine. If you are a digital nomad or work-from-home, don’t worry you are not going to face any internet issues.

3 GB of mobile data with 50 minutes of talk time is likely to cost you 150 UAH a month.

For unlimited data and 300 minutes of talk time, your cost is likely to be around 300 UAH monthly.

Transportation Cost

Transportation in Ukraine is cheap. Compared to other European countries, transportation is much more affordable. A single-ticket bus ride will cost you 10 UAH to 15 UAH. Having a monthly transportation pass/card cost can cost you anything from 300 UAH to 320 UAH per month. The transportation pass is free and you have to recharge it monthly. The public transportation department of Ukraine also issues student cards and retiree cards.

The cities have an Uber taxi service, which charges 170 UAH to 330 UAH depending on the length and nature of the journey.

Food Cost 

Ukraine has an abundance of natural resources. Agriculture makes up a high percentage of the national GDP. As a result, fresh food, vegetables, and dairy products are available at cheap rates. Traditional Ukrainian dishes include vareniki and golubtsi. If you have travelled to other popular cities in Europe, you will find the food expenses quite low in Ukraine.

  • Lunch or dinner for a single person at a cafeteria costs 70 UAH to 180 UAH.
  • Lunch or dinner at a restaurant can cost 260 UAH to 430 UAH. 
  • A fancy dinner at a nice restaurant usually costs around 650 UAH to 1000 UAH.
  • Fast food can cost you 50 UAH to 100 UAH.

Cost Of Entertainment

Entertainment expenses are largely dependent on the places you visit and the type of activities you indulge in. But still, most of the entertainment activities are affordable. 

Ukraine has some famous historical buildings that are a great option if you are into history and culture. For example, a visit to St. Sophia Cathedral and Bell tower can cost you around 140 UAH.

There is also a range of water and leisure parks, including Galaxy Family Fun Park, Pripyat Amusement park, Shazka Children Park, etc. The parks offer different prices for different activities suitable for the whole family.

Activity Cost 
Roller coaster 120 UAH to 140 UAH
Pirate ship80 UAH to 100 UAH
Horror House 75 UAH to 100
360 Midi Dance party100 UAH to 120 UAH
Roll glider space hub85 UAH to 100 UAH
Boating 80 UAH to 110 UAH

Healthcare Costs in Ukraine 

Although state healthcare is free in Ukraine the standard is not at the level of some other European countries. Also, most of the staff at state healthcare institutions don’t speak English. Expats normally purchase health insurance schemes to avail private healthcare facilities. 

Health insurance cost for an expatriate depends on the kind of insurance opted for. However, it is likely to cost you between 500 UAH to 5,000 UAH. As a foreigner, you can have insurance from 15 days to 1 year. 

American Medical Center, Oxford medical clinic, and Medikom are some of the best Private hospitals in Ukraine. The staff do speak and understand English in these facilities. 

What Is the Cost Of Education For Foreign Students?

Several foreign students opt for Ukraine for their place of study because of the low fee and affordable cost of living. On average it costs you between 43,987 UAH to 183,283 UAH to attend University here. 

Courses taught in English are, generally, more expensive than the courses taught in Ukrainian. Medical courses range from 146,626 UAH to 183,283 UAH. Engineering and architectural studies cost range from 73,313 UAH to 91,641 UAH. Expenses for undergraduate courses range from 73,313 UAH to 128,298 UAH per year. 

The difference between the fees for local and international students isn’t as large as in other countries. Also, international students are allowed to pay their fees per semester wise rather than in lump sums, which might help with cash flow in some cases.

 Comparison Of Living Cost Between Ukraine And Other Cities Of The World

  • The Average Cost Of living in Ukraine is 70 per cent cheaper than in London, UK.
Item Cost In UAH
Food-49 %
Housing-73 %
Transportation -21 %
Healthcare-80 %
Entertainment -60 %
  • Compared with New York City America, the average cost of living in Ukraine is 76 percent cheaper.
Item Cost In UAH
Food-71 %
Housing-85 %
Transportation -33 %
Entertainment -74 %
  • The average cost of living in Kyiv is 39 per cent cheaper than in Beijing, China
Item Cost In UAH
Housing-52 %
Transportation – 16%
Entertainment – 49%
  • The average cost of living in Kyiv is 65 per cent cheaper than in Berlin, Germany
Item Cost In UAH
Food-51 %
Housing-71  %
Transportation -23  %
Entertainment -66 %

What Is The Cost Of Living In Kyiv- Capital Of Ukraine

Living cost in Kyiv is more compared to other Ukrainian cities. But less compared to other cities in Europe. 

Rent Cost

  • A 2-bedroom apartment in the city centre cost you between 27,479 UAH to 31,143 UAH. 
  • A studio apartment in the city costs you rent ranging from 20,151UAH to 23,815 UAH.

A tip for reducing the rent is to live for a longer time in the city. 

Utility Cost

  • In summer the monthly bill for electricity, water, and gas is around 1,466 UAH per month.
  • Winters are chilly. Natural gas heating enhances the monthly utility bill. Which is around 4,398 UAH monthly. 

Transportation Cost

  • A monthly transportation pass cost you around 950 UAH for a metro. While for a tram the cost is 1280 UAH for a monthly tram pass. 
  • A taxi ride like Uber is going to charge you around 73 UAH to 183 UAH.

Generally, the transport is affordable but not modern. 

Food Cost

  • For a couple, a monthly food bill can cost you between 17,045 UAH to 20,161 UAH. 
  • For a singleton on a tight budget, eating is likely to cost 75 UAH to 183 UAH.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Living In Ukraine 

Ukraine has a rich history, but it also has a troubled historical past. So, what are the pros and cons of living in this beautiful country? 

Pros Of Living In Ukraine

  • Affordable Rent

Rent is very affordable in Ukraine. 

  • Rich Culture And Welcoming People

Ukrainians love their rich culture and are keen to share it with others. They are also extremely friendly.

  • Delicious Food

Mostly, the Ukrainians cook through the old methods which makes the food mouthwatering. Borscht is local food that is a must for foreigners to taste. 

  • Amazing Landscape

The natural beauty of the country will take you aback, especially the countryside. Sandy beaches, thick forests, and old castles are a treat for the eye. The more you explore the country, the more you will experience natural beauty. 

Cons Of Living In Ukraine 

  • Corruption And Bureaucracy

It is a pity that corruption is rampant across the country. Public offices brazenly receive kickbacks and benefits. The bureaucratic structure of the state makes day-to-day operations slow which can be frustrating for expats. 

  • High Cost Of Clothings And Electronics 

Normally, you will find Ukraine quite affordable. But when it comes to electronic devices it is expensive. 

  • Low Healthcare Standard,

Unfortunately, healthcare is not the best in Ukraine. People who are financially stable and foreigners prefer going to private hospitals. 

  • Political Instability

Political instability haunts Ukraine. Due to a weak political structure, the country is lagging in the modern era of economic supremacy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it ok to travel to Ukraine these days?

The majority of the country is safe except for warring regions like Donetsk and Luhansk. Tourist cities like Kyiv and Odesa are safe but foreigners are advised to advise taking all the precautionary measures. Obviously, this needs to be checked regularly in relation to the war with Russia. 

How To Get Around Ukraine?

Most tourists use Trains. Most of the trains are from the soviet era but the government has introduced some new trains to give you more comfort and save time. 

Is The Internet Good?

Internet all around the country is fast and affordable. 

Is It Ok To Use Tap Water For Drinking?

A big No. Never use tap water for drinking. Instead use mineral water.

What Is Ukraine Known For?

The country is known for its mesmerizing landscape, ancient castles, sand beaches, and vibrant culture.

We hope you have found this article about the cost of living in Ukraine to be useful and informative. We wish you the best of luck with your travels. 

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