Cost of Living in Curacao: A Complete Guide

cost of living in curacao

Curaçao is a popular destination for tourists, residents, retirees, and holders of Curaçao digital nomad visas thanks to its stunning colonial-style buildings, large stretches of sandy beaches, spectacular coral reefs, and welcoming inhabitants. 

The island’s bilingual population and favourable business climate make it attractive to investors from elsewhere.

After five years of residency in Curaçao, you can apply for Dutch citizenship through the country’s Citizenship by Investment Program.

Considering these criteria, Curaçao is an excellent location for setting up shop. So, how much does it take to live comfortably in Curaçao?

What follows is a comprehensive breakdown of the various components that make up Curaçao’s cost of living, including but not limited to grocery stores, restaurants, public transit, utilities, housing, apparel, and more.

Estimated monthly costs – an overview of the cost of living in Curacao

Simply put, the cost of living in Curaçao is around 40% less than in the United States.

According to some reports, grocery prices in Curaçao are 14.46 percent less than the national average. 

Someone living alone in a one-bedroom rental with minimal food and clothing needs might expect to pay between $1,650 and $1,730 per month.

The maximum annual budget for a family with two children sharing a three-bedroom apartment is $3,500.

Travellers and prospective expatriates can use these figures as a jumping-off point for planning a trip or a new life abroad.

See below for a rundown of what you may expect to pay for common items while vacationing on the island of Curaçao.

Four estimated monthly costs (Food, Healthcare, Transportation, Housing)

Here is an estimated cost of living in Curacao. We have divided the costs and relevant details following the type of necessity. Most prices are calculated considering a single person.


Despite the wide variety of food stores on the island of Curacao, we have compiled a short list of the most commonly found items. 

The food prices in curacao are very consistent. The prices remain almost the same throughout the year. It is best to stick to the chain store for readymade items because they have fixed rates on items. 

We included average prices in USD to see how Curacao’s living cost compares to your home country’s.

  • The average price of a liter of milk in Curacao is USD 1.70. [regular price – Fresh white bread]
  • On average, a piece (loaf) of bread in Curacao will cost you about 1.63 USD. [regular price]
  • The average price for a dozen eggs in Curacao is USD 2.41 per box. [regular price]
  • Rice is 3.50 USD per kilogram, on average.

Dining out

Counting the days, you plan to eat out is also important. Naturally, you won’t eat at home every single day.

 It is better to seek a diner away from the city centre to avoid costly food. 

Similarly, Curacao has several dining options, but how much cash do you need?

The restaurants you frequently visit will have the most impact on this. However, it is easy to find an inexpensive restaurant and get an equivalent combo meal for cheap which normally would cost you more in a mid-range restaurant.

Quick-service restaurants like Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken can be found on the Caribbean island of Curacao. Eat-in restaurants, both casual and fancier, may also be accessible to tourists.

According to some reports, dinner for one in Curacao will set you back about 20.06 US. A typical day of dining out will put you at approximately 50.70 USD.


Curacao’s healthcare system is challenging to navigate.

Most of Curacao’s locals have medical coverage thanks to a 2013 law mandating mandatory health insurance for all residents.

Citizens also can enroll in private health insurance plans, albeit those covered by such programs are not required to purchase the government’s standard health coverage.

You should get a visitor’s basic health insurance plan if you need medical attention while you’re here.


You should know the prices of your chosen mode of transportation in advance, whether you intend to drive or use public transport.

The local transport prices in curacao may change with each passing month. 

So, think about expenses associated with transportation, such as fuel, tickets, vehicles, taxis, and buses.

Those who rely on public transit will find few viable options in Curacao. Taxis and buses are the two most common modes of public transportation.

While the Curacao tourist guides recommend tourists rent a car or take a taxi, a one-way bus ticket fee, on average, is 1.50 USD.

Similarly, the abundance of taxi cabs is because of the island’s severe need for bus terminals.

Also, Curacao’s taxi fares change depending on the time of day, the distance traveled, and the number of passengers. 

Curaçao’s taxis don’t have meters; thus, passengers pay a set charge regardless of how far they go. Similarly, you may be charged extra if you are near the city center of any of the island’s cities. (Especially Willemstad)

A taxi for four people may cost between $25 to $100.


Rent is a major consideration whenever settling on a place to live. Your monthly cost of living will change depending on the rent you pay. 

Pricey apartments can be found in the heart of Curaçao’s cities, but how much you’ll have to pay for rent will vary depending on the size of the unit you’re looking at.

The housing prices in curacao go up and down along with the real estate market. A good strategy is to buy apartments away from the city center. You may be eligible for citizenship if you do this (since you invested).

On average, accommodation in Curaçao is 60% cheaper than in the US.

When deciding where to settle down, it’s important to consider more than just rent and utilities.

Most people’s primary concern when deciding where to settle is the monthly rent they’ll have to fork out.

Urban regions of Curacao are, on average, the most expensive places to call home. The number of bathrooms and bedrooms you need will also affect the monthly rent. But sharing an apartment with multiple individuals might reduce monthly housing costs.

According to the Apartment Guide:

  • The typical monthly cost for a one-bedroom apartment in the United States is $600. 
  • Despite the dearth of apartment buildings on the island of Curacao, the average monthly rent for a similar property is about $350, as reported by an authentic source.
  • You can buy an apartment at a cheap rate if you are farther from the city centre. 

Other costs

In this section, we have described other costs of living like leisure, education, utilities, etc.

Entertainment costs

In general, Curacao is a very fun and enjoyable destination. There’s much to do on the island, whether you’re a native or a visitor. You can visit all the cities and roam around watching interesting sites.

Also, Curacao has a thriving nightlife and the usual array of daytime attractions.

  • For 8.35 USD you’ll get a single movie ticket. 
  • A fitness club monthly fee is approximately 52.55 USD. 
  • A tennis court rent 1 hour for 50 – 100 USD.

Finally, there is a wide variety of bars and nightclubs to suit various tastes. You can easily control your spending limits on a tight budget. The entertainment prices in curacao can change with your taste and desired luxury.

Utility bills

The additional expenses of owning a property should be considered after you consider renting a place.

Telephone, utility, and internet expenses are included in this category.

  • Spend about 52.21 USD per month for internet on average. [monthly fee – price can change]
  • A monthly average of 207.49 USD goes toward utility prices. [monthly fee – price can change]
  • All of these prices add up to around 260 USD each month. 
  • You can estimate the total cost of all three bills by adding your phone bill to 260 USD.

The cost of your monthly phone bill may vary widely based on the specific services and plan options you choose. 


If you’re moving to a new place, you’ll want to go shopping for new threads.

Additionally, when relocating to a new area, many people feel compelled to buy an entirely new wardrobe. Curacao is home to many trendy clothes, boutiques, and street vendors. Style and brand are taken into account while determining final costs.

The prices of certain items can change with the brand, so it is vital to keep a close eye on your living expenses when shopping. Most people would find a dress in a chain store for discounted prices.

We’ve included some ballpark figures for the most popular island fashions:

  • 1 pair of jeans 54.54 USD
  • 51.92 USD for a dress appropriate for the summer ()
  • Jogging shoes 90 -100 USD
  • Professional shoes 112.47 USD
  • A dress in a chain store is 30 – 100 USD

Average monthly net salary in Curacao

The average annual income (average salary) on the island of Curaçao is 56,424 USD.

There is a pay gap between males and women. On average, men earn 60729 USD each year. Pay for women is 57565 USD per year.

Management and business professionals earn an average of 115742 USD annually, followed by architects and building contractors at 114007 USD.

People with a Ph.D. earn the most in the country at 89817 USD annually. Some College graduates make the second-highest wage, at 65219 USD per annum.

Earning potential is also affected by the variety of life experiences one has. The average income for someone with 20 years of experience is 102984 USD. 

Finally, the average income tax percentage (9.75%) and income tax rate apply to sales tax, property tax, vat taxes, and other forms of business conducted in the country. The immovable property tax is at 0.4%.

The residents pay taxes annually based on their businesses worldwide. However, the tax rate for non-residents is only for businesses done on the country’s soil.

What are the benefits of living in Curacao?

As a resident of Curaçao, you’ll be eligible for several privileges. In this category are items such as:

  • Enjoy a more carefree beach lifestyle and higher quality of life.
  • An EU passport is achievable in under five years (Dutch).
  • Availability of a range of investment vehicles.
  • A secure government politically.
  • The ability to visit 172 countries without a visa.
  • Generally immune to natural disasters.
  • The island of Curaçao has excellent transportation links to many neighboring countries.
  • It is possible to communicate in several languages on the island of Curaçao. A total of four languages—Dutch, Papiamentu, English, and Spanish—are spoken on the island.
  • The country has year-round balmy sunshine.
  • The country’s trading links with other countries are very strong.
  • Low cost of living considering all the perks.

What to do in Curacao

Since its emergence as among the most desirable countries for retirees and ex-pats, Curaçao has become known for its great way of life.

The island country is perfect for anyone in need of a quiet retreat, with much to keep visitors occupied, from water sports to sightseeing excursions of the island’s fascinating history and breathtaking nature.

Retirees who move to Curaçao can spend their golden years experiencing the country’s great natural diversity and cultural heritage at its many museums, galleries, golf courses, and animal sanctuaries.

So, if you are a retiree, a tourist, a digital nomad, or looking to stele, here are a few fun activities that the Island country offers:

Excellent family times

In the island country, you and your loved ones can enjoy a high standard of living because of the island’s famed safety, security, and scenic beauty.

The island nation offers plenty of high-quality drinking water and tasty, freshly-prepared foods at its many street markets.

It’s also home to several sizable supermarkets so you can stock up on pantry staples there.

Let’s say you and your loved ones are thinking about doing something exciting together.

In that case, you and your family can enjoy a day at one of the numerous kid-friendly beaches on the island or visit one of the many attractions, such as:

  • Dolphin Academy 
  • Curaçao Seaquarium
  • Ostrich Farm.
  • Criadero Babetti horse stable

Water fun activities

Macro marine life and world-class snorkelling opportunities on the island of Curaçao are the best in the world. The underwater environment of Curaçao is a popular destination for divers and scuba divers from all over the world.

The island country has a stellar reputation as a fun-filled haven for those who enjoy water sports. 

Lastly, over 40 distinct dive zones and 65 unique sites provide divers ample opportunity to take in the breathtaking sights of the ocean floor.


Consider your existing way of life regarding your financial situation; are you happy?

At 1,261 USD, the island country’s cost of living is 1.35 times higher than the global average. Of 197 nations, Curacao is the 48th best place to live and has the 36th lowest cost of living.

Once you have determined your basic requirements for comfort, you can increase your budget accordingly. Think about the things that bring you joy, the things you enjoy eating, and the things you love doing. 

Finally, while it’s critical to ensure you’re able to meet your most fundamental demands, starting a fresh life in Curacao should be exciting. We leave you in the hope that you have learned about the cost of living in Curacao. Thanks for reading.

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