Cost of Living in Barbados: A Complete Guide

Cost of Living in Barbados: A Complete Guide

Moving to the island country, Barbados? Find out what you can expect to spend with our comprehensive guide to the cost of living in Barbados. We’ll cover the typical costs in Barbados, from utilities, the education system, housing, and transportation to groceries and transportation. 

The cost of living is a major factor in any relocation decision. The Caribbean is a beautiful place to visit, but before you book your ticket, make sure you know what to anticipate financially. 

Similarly, living on the island may seem too pricey initially, but only a few low-cost options are available. 

Here is what you need to know if you are considering moving to or visiting Barbados:

Estimated Monthly costs – An overview

A little island country in the Caribbean, Barbados is a sight to behold. The Arawak and Caribbean people, originally from South America, were the first to settle on the island. By 1627, the British had established a colony in Barbados, keeping it that way until 1966. From then on, Barbados has been a sovereign state within the Commonwealth.

Living average costs in Barbados are higher than in many other Caribbean nations. Prices for imported products and services are high, and wages on the island are relatively high, contributing to this trend. 

On the other hand, the quality of life in Barbados is exceptionally good, thanks to the island’s top-notch infrastructure in healthcare and education.

Four estimated monthly costs


In the United States, the cost of food is among the highest, but in Barbados, it is not. You won’t believe it, but most grocery goods on the island are cheap. 

The cost of food, like the cost of anything else, is a function of individual choice and way of life. For example, feeding a family of four will cost more than just one individual, regardless of how you slice it. But if you’re going out to dine by yourself, you can save money.

Furthermore, the cost of groceries is one of the most important considerations for any impending move to Barbados. The great news is that the cost of living in Barbados, including food, is relatively low. A typical monthly food budget looks like this:

  • Food basics, including bread, dairy, and eggs, may be purchased for $50.
  • A fresh produce purchase of $150
  • Meat and poultry cost $200.
  • Disposable food and drink costing $50

But remember, these are only ballpark figures; the exact amount you spend will vary widely according to individual preferences and requirements. 

However, on average, a Barbadian family can anticipate spending about $500 a month on food.

Furthermore, in Barbados, the cost of a meal can be calculated in a few different ways. 

The prices of meals, including breakfast, lunch, and supper, can be viewed on a restaurant’s menu. Alternatively, you can prepare your own meals to save money.

Fast food restaurants in Barbados typically charge around $9 for a single meal. This equates to spending up to $25 on food daily.

For those who prefer to prepare their own meals, the cost of a kilogram of rice is $4.5, a dozen eggs $6, a kilogram of chicken $13.9, and a kilogram of bananas BBD$2.75. For about $28, a single traveler can enjoy a two-day stay in Barbados.


Residents of Barbados do not need to worry about affording medical treatment because the government provides it. Yet, a nominal monthly fee (about $6) contributes to healthcare infrastructure upkeep.

Barbados has affordable healthcare options. A trip to the doctor will only set you back about $20, and neither the visit nor the medication will break the bank. 

Lastly, major medical operations and visits to a specialist can significantly increase healthcare costs.


The cost of lodgings should be one’s first priority while planning a trip to a foreign nation. Many people planning to live abroad will look for the best possible location. As a result, it is crucial to ensure that a property to rent is managed under the tenant’s budget.

A huge, luxurious property is one choice for living in Barbados, but it is by no means the only one. 

In a desirable area, you may rent a moderately sized flat for between $500 and $1500. Please remember that the rent prices drop if you move farther from the city center.

However, if you’re willing to travel a bit, you might find a cheaper rental further inland or away from the city center.

Here is an estimated list of rental options:

  • A studio apartment $900 – $1000 [Furnished in an expensive area]
  • One-bedroom apartment $1250- $1500 [Furnished in a costly area]
  • A studio apartment $400 to $450 [Furnished in a normal area]
  • One-bedroom apartment $600 to $700 [Furnished in a normal area]
  • A three-bedroom apartment $1000- $1200

One month’s rent for this studio apartment in Barbados starts at a minimum of $500. While a three-bedroom apartment will set you back at least 1000 dollars each month to rent.

Therefore, ensure that this expense is covered by at least your pay. A two-bedroom apartment in Barbados will set you back a minimum of $750 a month if you’re a single person who doesn’t mind roommates. With a roommate, you may split the bill and save money.

How much does a one bedroom apartment cost in Barbados?

Depending on location, facilities, and other factors, the typical nightly rate for an apartment rented for a short time can cost anywhere from $75 to $500.

Furthermore, the rent prices drop when moving away from the city center or downtown areas.

Finally, if you are looking for an apartment for a month, it may cost you between $500 to $1500, depending on the chosen area and other amenities.


Many Barbadians go around on foot; however, the island’s public transportation system is convenient and fairly inexpensive. 

Rental cars are available, although taking the bus or a cab is a more economical way to get around the island. 

A bus ride may be the most convenient way to go to a location that is not within walking distance, as buses typically operate every few mins max and cost less than $2. So, public transportation must be preferred near the city center or if you are on a tight budget.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to get around Barbados, know that the cost of doing so may vary depending on the transportation you choose. Bus cost is about $60 per month if you plan to use public transit regularly. It’s estimated that a monthly budget of $200 be set aside for gas if a car is to be used periodically.

Lastly, you can spend about $400 a month on a ticket if you plan to fly frequently. These figures will, of course, change based on the kind and frequency of your trip. However, this should provide a ballpark estimation of the travel cost on Barbados island.

Entertainment costs in Barbados

When planning your fresh start living in Barbados, it is necessary to take in the cost of leisure. Although there are many no- or low-cost things to do on the island, frequent nightlife visits will add up.

In addition, most bars and clubs won’t charge you to enter; you’ll only have to shell out $2 to $8 for a drink.

So, explore the island for all its glory, but remember, it may cost you. Thankfully, there are many low-cost things to do, and many coastlines are open to the public at no charge. 

Barbados is a great spot to visit if you like to party late at night because the nightlife is fantastic. 

Finally, it’s easy to spend over $80 on drinks and supper for 2 at a fine mid range restaurant, so if you plan on making socializing a regular part of your life, you’ll want to be financially prepared.

What is the cost of education in Barbados?

Barbados has a decent education system, which enables making a living in this new country much better.

Families should factor in their children’s education costs when planning a move to Barbados. 

The regular monthly cost is $500 (Barbados dollar) per kid. If you are concerned about whether or not this tuition is affordable, it is in your best interest to investigate other options.

A minimum of $5500 (Barbados dollar) per year is required from international students who wish to study at a university in Barbados. Applying for scholarships can help you reduce the overall cost of your education. 

Yet not all students can count on getting their tuition covered by scholarships.

Some benefits offered by Barbados

Bermuda may be the wealthiest country in the region, but Barbados has a special place among the Caribbean countries worldwide.

The pleasant climate, breathtaking beaches, and kind locals are just a few reasons why many people choose to make Barbados their permanent home.

Compared to other Caribbean islands, the cost of living in Barbados is low.

Basic living costs, such as rent or mortgage payment, groceries, and transportation, will average about $2000 per month.

Other benefits offered by Rihanna’s country (Barbados is her home country): are stunning beaches, a good public school system, clean cities, clear beach water, and other perks of the Caribbean sea.

Lastly, the cost of living in Barbados is relatively low, and a wide variety of senior-friendly activities and services.

Activities in Barbados

Exciting festivals can be found throughout the year. There are many kinds of festivals, some of which focus on music, others on culture, and others on cuisine. 

And if you’re always looking for things to do, this is the place to peruse. Many locals also enjoy perusing the local markets in search of exotic foods and unique finds.

If you believe life in Barbados consists solely of relaxing, think again.

Spend time outside

Locals and tourists like spending time outside, particularly at the beach, where they can fish, surf, scuba dive, or relax. Those who enjoy scenic hikes will appreciate the west coast of Barbados. Mount Hillaby, 336 meters above sea level, is the island’s highest peak and a popular tourist destination.

Also, explore its various small cities.

Play Golf

Golfers will also enjoy their time on the island. The island is home to numerous PGA-caliber golf courses. Some of these are connected to luxurious hotels.

Taste new food

The best way to learn about and experience local life in Barbados is through its wonderful street cuisine and local food. There is plenty of excellent fine dining establishments in the area.

Join a fitness club

If you’d like to return to your paper life, there are plenty of spas. Yoga, Gymnastics, gyms, and other places to get in shape are all easily accessible to both permanent residents and tourists.

Enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

You can still enjoy all of life’s luxuries after relocating to Barbados. Each island’s 11 parishes (districts) has unique culture and activities to offer visitors. It doesn’t matter which parish you wind up in; you’ll bring a lot of cheer wherever you go.


By international standards, the cost of living in Barbados is low. While accommodation and utilities can cost a little more than usual, getting across town and buying groceries is cheap. Barbados is a fairly inexpensive area, rendering it a desirable destination for emigrants.

Also, Barbados is a small island, so you will quickly get to know the other foreigners and locals. After a few weeks, you’ll start to run into people you know, making Barbados promptly feel like home.

Likewise, you can join tons of group activities, whether it’s a hiking group, a dive club, or a cricket game. Beach clubs are a popular place to spend the weekend, and many people rent catamarans to spend the day on the turquoise water!

Finally, remember to watch the magnificent sunsets in Barbados at the end of the day. We hope you now have a vivid idea of the cost of living in Barbados. Thanks for the Read!

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