Cost Of Living In Bali: A Complete Guide

Cost Of Living In Bali: A Complete Guide

Bali is one of the most spectacular islands in the world. It is also called the Island of the Gods. It has breathtaking sights like sandy beaches, volcanoes, lush green hills, mountains, rugged coastlines, and much more. Due to its beauty, tourists and expatriates are often oblivious to the cost of living in Bali.

Every year a large number of tourists visit Bali to explore the Island. According to the Bali Central Bureau Of Statistics, 377,276 tourists visited Bali in December. After the relaxation of Covid-19, the influx of tourists has increased manifold. This is a complete guide if you are looking to travel to Bali and want to have accurate information about the cost of living on the Island. 

What Is The Best Time To Visit Bali?

Bali is just 8 degrees to the South of the Equator. On average, the weather remains quite even all around the year. The humidity remains 80 to 85 percent yearly. However, the ideal time of exploring Bali is from April to October. It is when the humidity is low and the tourists can roam around scot-free.

  • Summer In Bali

Summer is from April to October on the island. May is the hottest month with the temperature rising to 33 centigrade. August is a fun time on the island with 80 per cent humidity and almost no rainfall. Afterwards, the temperature begins to fall. This is peak time in Bali, the hotels are expensive, and the rents are high. Thus you may expect a high cost of living.

  • Monsoon In Bali

December and January are Monsoon months in Bali. The average rainfall is 300 millilitres. Despite the rainy season, tourists turn up in great numbers to celebrate Christmas and New Year on the Island. They also resort to surfing in the west of Bali where the waves are strong.

  • Winter In Bali

January is the coldest month of the year with the temperature dropping to 25 degrees centigrade. It is the time when tourism takes a nose dive in Bali. If one is eager to travel to Bali on a tight budget, January is the month for travel. The hotels are cheap and the flight tickets are affordable.

During winter you can still do water sports, indoor gaming, and other activities except volcano climbing and trekking in the highlands. 

The Cost Of Living Index

The cost of living index is a key metric for expatriates looking to relocate. According to the cost of living index 2022, Indonesia stands at 116th. Thus, it can be gauged that the living cost is not that high on the Island. 

Expenses come in many forms. When as an expatriate you visit a new country it can be tricky to allow for all your expenses. It is important to know about your expense well before the desired destination. 

What Can Be Different Kinds Of Expenses in Bali?

A mindless spending spree can leave you broke. Therefore, it’s important to make a clear plan for your expenses while living in Bali (as with most places). Different kinds of expenses in Bali are explained below.

Cost Of Hotels

  • Budgeting and Backpacking  (For Single)

Bali has a variety of hotels. The expense depends on the hotel you choose and the area in which you decide to reside. As a backpacker your budget swings between 49,120 to 447,266 IDR per night. Being a singleton, you can find a room as a house guest, or at a small hotel. 

The backpackers often flock to the Southern area of Bali including Kuta, Bukit, Canggu, and Padangbai in the east owing to cheap hotels and restaurants.

Most packages in these areas will cover 3 meals, bare-bones lodging, and a few drinks. Bear in mind that any partying or drinks will cost you extra.   

  • Mid-Range Hotels (For Single)

The mid-range hotels are in the majority in Bali. Almost all of these hotels are 3-star. Most tourists opt for these. The rate of an accommodation per night ranges between 446,821- 893,643 IDR. The hotels will often have clean rooms, air-conditioning, laundry service, 3 meals, WiFi, Sauna, Hot Tub, and a Bicycle.

The hotels are located within a walking distance from the beach. You can talk a walk toward the beach enjoying and appreciating the flora. Tourists will often also rent a scooter to get to the beach.

  • Affordable luxury Hotels (For Singles And Families)

‘Affordable luxury’ encompasses 3-star to 5-star hotels. The location of such hotels is usually near the beach. The hotels offer facilities like relaxing spas, well-equipped gyms with trainers, luxurious meals, barbecue, 24-hours front desk, and much more. Prices come in around 1652297 to 3026,728 IDR.

The prices can differ within the same hotel depending on the room you choose. There are different kinds of rooms like pool views, landmark views, non-smoking rooms, and suites. 

Normally, families and newly married couples opt for these hotels.  

A few 5-star hotels are Sini Vie Villa Seminyak, The Westin Resort & Spa Ubud Bali, Cross Bali Breakers, and The Kayon Jungle Resort.

  • Luxury and High-End Hotels

Bali island has surprisingly affordable high-end hotels compared with hotels of other popular tourist destinations. Bali has some of the best 5-star hotels in Asia, if not the world. The staff are always warm and welcoming, the culture and tradition of the area are reflected in the hotels’ architecture and cuisines, and the services are outstanding.

Bali is home to well-known hotels of the hoteling world and will never disappoint you.

  • Hotel Charges For Families

Mostly, the Mid-level hotels in Bali offer suite rooms, single rooms are not common. The hotels charge for a room rather than a person. Therefore, it will cost you the same if you travel solo or with a family. Bear in mind that the hotels may charge you 20 to 22 per cent more owing to value-added taxes and service charges.

Although the hotels in Bali are comparatively cheap if you are a travelling family with a tight budget you may want to keep your costs as low as possible. In this case, it is advisable to opt for hotels which are about 20 to 25 minutes drive from the beach. The hotels are affordable and clean.

Some of the best family hotels are Four Season Resort Bali, Grand Hyatt, and Intercontinental Bali Resort. 

  • Cost Of Villas In Bali

The Villas are getting more and more in fashion in Bali. The Villa market expanded dramatically in the last decade. If you are an extended family or a group of friends travelling to Bali it is best to rent a villa to reduce your costs. It it will cost you less than renting 5 plus rooms in a hotel. The villas in Bali can have as many as 8 bedrooms.

Generally, around the world, it is costly to rent a Villa but the opposite is the case in Bali. The Villas are cheap and ideally located near the beach. In Bali, Villas can be found at Canguu, Seminyak, and Kerobokan. 

As the Villas are near the beach and restaurants, it will help you reduce your transportation charges. 

The costs of Villas depend on their size and location. The cost of a single-bedroom villa having a pool costs you 1,491,491 IDR to 2,237,872 IDR per night. 

But if you need a slightly big Villa with 2 to 3 bedrooms, the approximate cost is around 2,982,747 IDR per night. These villas have all the necessities of everyday life, with a chef to cook and a team to look after you during the day. 

Villas with 7-8 bedrooms are also available on the island. The cost ranges between 44,737,262 IDR to 59,649,442 IDR. Such kinds of villas have gyms, an indoor gaming room, a big pool, delicious food, as well as a car with a chauffeur. 

  • Advice On Villas

You will be surprised to know that some of the Villas have limited stays even during the Peak season. It is advised to keep visiting websites like Airbnb,, etc. They will charge you a cleaning and booking fee for the Villa. 

Transportation Cost In Bali

Transportation is a key component of visiting or living in Bali. On the island, you can easily misjudge distances in the tropical heat if you do not know the area well. Even though there are small buses, to a large extent public transport is non-existential in Bali.

The common mode of transport among ex-pats is the scooter, cab, and bike taxi. As these are economical and easy to navigate through the traffic and streets of Bali.

The rent cost depends on the model of the scooter and the area from which you are renting. Beware that you will bear the cost in case of damage to the vehicle. 

Renting a Scooter

A scooter ride is a must-do activity while in Bali. It gives you the freedom to go to the shops, restaurants, beaches, etc of your choice. You will not have to wait for a taxi and there are no parking problems.

If you are not a skilful driver, we advise you to use another transportation mode, or better, walk on foot. We don’t mean to scare you but it is different to drive on the roads and streets of Bali than in many other countries. There are no sidewalks, no safety gear in the scooter, and the bikers do not comply with traffic rules often. Therefore, better be safe than sorry.

Bikago is a recommended place to get rented scooters. The scooters can also be booked online. 

You can rent a scooter for IDR 74,432 to IDR 178,625 per day. The fuel in Bali is cheap and readily available. The local corner shop or Toko can be used for fuel. The vendors sell petrol in big water bottles or vodka bottles. Just pull up and they will fill up 1-2 litres of petrol for IDR 14,889.

  • Efficient And Economical Transport

More than 90 per cent of the population in Bali drives scooters. One of the reasons may be the cost of living but it’s common among travellers too. Renting a scooter is cheap depending on the size and model of the scooter. 

Per month charges for a normal scooter vary between IDR 730,000 – IDR 2981,090. The rent charges are high during the season peak. After spending some time on the Island you will get to know which areas have better scooters which will help you reduce transport costs.

The monthly transportation cost in Bali is tabulated below.

Mode Of Transport

Cost In Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

Scooter Taxi Ride

14,403 – 288,706

Renting a scooter

720,265 – 2,881,060

Buying a scooter

4,321,140 – 12,963,420

Airport taxi (unadvisable)

288,076 – 504,133 

Scooter taxi (Canngu to Ubud)

144,013 – 187,216

  • Renting Cars With Driver

Families often rent a car with a driver. In popular places like Sanur, Seminyak, and Ubud, etc the taxi drivers will ask you a lot if you need transport. 

Like any other popular tourist place, there are no set fares for tourists. You can be overcharged if you don’t know how much a taxi ride should cost, especially late-night returns from parties.

The price for renting a new Toyota Corolla is IDR 800000 for 8 hours. Another way to find cheap rental cars in Bali is to visit the OLX website where you will a variety of Cars with rental rates. 

  • Tip On Renting a Car

It’s better to negotiate with the driver before you set off. Because when a taxi gets you to your destination the driver may start arguing over rates, for example, you may hear ‘ the prices have changed after the pandemic’.

Transport Apps

Through the apps like Grab, GoJek, and GoCar you can easily find a rented scooter, scooter taxi, or rent car online. 

Bluebird taxi is a reliable metered car service in Balie. It is hard to find Bluebirds in remote areas but easy to find them in well-known places. Taxi services can also be availed through the above-mentioned transport apps.

HealthCare Cost

Never take your health for granted. If you are someone that is eyeing more than Six months’ stay then you need to choose long-term health insurance like Geoblue international medical insurance. For short stays, you can avail of nomad or travel health insurance. 

Health care is divided into State health care and Private Insurance Schemes. The Country’s health insurance scheme is called Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional (JKN). It caters to the health of all people especially the marginalized sections of society. 

Private health insurance shoulders the majority of the health care in the country as the state’s health care standard is low. Ex-pats tend to avail themselves of private healthcare. The professionals at private entities speak English and provide relatively better healthcare services.

Some of the prominent health insurance providers are AIB, Chubb, Prudential, Expat insurance Bali, Great Eastern, and Cigna Global.

Healthcare is relatively cheap compared with major cities of the world. A consultation fee can range from IDR 374,661 to IDR 837,150. 

Dental care is expensive all over the world but is comparatively cheap in Bali. It varies between 509,237 to  1,541,191. At private health care, one room will cost you IDR 764,379 to IDR 1,333,916.

Major private hospitals with English-speaking staff are BIMC, Bali, and International SOS Clinic Bali.

In post-Covid times, as a traveler to Bali, you must provide your health insurance with minimum coverage of IDR 375,207,677 for any emergency related to Covid-19.

The health cost could enhance your cost of living in Bali if you are not insured. Therefore, it is better to get health insurance to cover health costs.

Travel Insurance Cost in Bali

Travel insurance is not mandatory in Indonesia. However, it is advised to get one because emergencies can’t be anticipated. 

Different countries have different insurance policies that include Basic policy, Mid-level policy, and Comprehensive Policy. But on average if you are visiting Bali for a 10 days drip, as an ex-pat it can cost you IDR 481,495 to IDR 3,747,857. 

Mostly Travel Insurance covers medical emergencies, travel delays, personal liability, lost or damaged luggage, and cancellation cover. Three policies mostly used in Bali are

  • Basic Insurance Policy

Expect a range between IDR 299,828 to IDR 749,571. The basic policy covers personal liability, medical, and emergency travel expenses.

  • Mid-level Policy

Generally, the range for this policy is between IDR 451,303 to IDR 902,765. It covers your cancellations, medical, luggage cover, and personal liability. 

  • Comprehensive Policy

This policy covers your luggage delay expenses, hospital cash allowance, travel documents, unexpected allowances, medical, and personal liability. The cost of the policy is between IDR 902,708 to IDR 3,751,809.

Living Cost (Utilities)

Utilities do contribute to your cost of living. Mentioned below are some utilities are their prices while you live on the island. 

  • Wifi cost

On the island, almost all cafes, restaurants, hotels, and motels have internet facilities. The Wifi is free to use if you want to use it.

If you rent an apartment, villa, guesthouse, or room it will have a Wifi connection. You will not be charged separately for the internet/wifi connection. But the charges will be included in the price/rent you pay for the living facility. 

In case you want to own a Wifi, there are different services provider with different price plans to choose from. The well-known internet service providers are Smartfren, Telkomsel, and XL Axiata. Their connections are stable and fast. 

Monthly prices for the 8 Mbps internet are IDR 300,000.

  • Cost Of Sim Cards

You can easily get a sim card for making phone calls. The sim cards are also available at Airports but do know that the prices are premium. You can also get a sim card from Kiosks. It is better to get a sim card when you reach your desired destination. You will get a better price in districts.

The price of getting a sim card varies between IDR 30,000 to IDR 90,000 depending on where you buy and how aware you are about sim card prices. 

Telkomsel and XL Axiata are your go-to brands in Bali. Recently, XL Axiata launched 5G on the island which means access to the fastest internet in the world. You don’t need to worry about internet connectivity if you are a digital nomad in Bali.

  • Laundry And Water Costs

It costs you IDR 1,052,680 to IDR 1,956,011 a month for your Electricity and Water charges. In Bali, most guesthouses don’t offer laundry facilities. Therefore, you will have to do it outside. Laundry services are cheap and readily available. It is more fun when you go outside and find yourself a laundry service.

It is going to cost you IDR 10,000 to IDR 20,000 for 1kg washing. 

Groceries Cost

Grocery is important for daily life. You need to pick your groceries carefully to keep your living cost under control. The supermarkets and malls in Bali offer plenty of groceries. 

The best supermarkets for expatriates are Taman Sari Market Kerobokan Kelod, Samadi Sunday Market Canggu, Kreneng Night Market Denpasar, Gianyar Night Market Giyanyar, etc. These markets remain open from early morning till 8 pm.

These markets are inexpensive, modern, and have everything you need for your day-to-day life. The prices for groceries are tabulated below.


Cost In Indonesian Rupees

Water (2 Ltr bottle)

IDR 21,000

Milk (1 ltr)

IDR 13,550

Lipton Tea Bags (50 No)

IDR 15,000

Sugar (1 kg)

IDR 13,330

1 Loaf Of Bread

IDR 9670

1 Kg Tomato 

IDR 22,000

1 Kg Onion 

IDR 14,520

Organic eggs (1 dozen)

IDR 16,200

1 Kg Apple

IDR 21,880

What Are Schooling Costs in Bali for Kids of Expats?

Every year Bali attracts a lot of families for Travel, Business, or any other purpose. As an expatriate, we advise you to choose your kid’s school first before choosing a home.

Factors To Consider Before Admitting Your Kid To School In Bali

  • Your period of stay on the island
  • Location of your residence
  • Child’s age
  • Facilities at the school
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Curriculum offered
  • Medium of instruction
  • School’s Cost On The Island 

The cost of school primarily depends on the age, and grade of study of the child. Most international schools in Bali will cost you IDR 73,089,753 to IDR 292,436,464. This does not include fees like registration and application fees. The schools sometimes also have sibling discount fees of 5 percent and 10 percent. 

  • What Are Housekeeping Cost In Bali?

If you are a long-term you will need to employ some staff in your house or villa to assist you in everyday chores. 

Usually, a full-time housekeeper will cost you approximately IDR 3,014,349. The charges are for working 6 days a week. It covers tasks of cooking, laundry, and cleaning. These charges are for live-out maid/staff.  For a live-in, you will have to provide food and living expenses besides the wage. 

For any additional work, there will be extra charges. The hourly rate for cleaning in Bali is IDR83,098.

If your settlement has a pool and a garden then you need to hire staff for it. You might need a full-time staff member. Others might not need full-time but part-time staff for service. 

If you have a pool and a garden you can expect IDR 1,206,786 for maintenance charges. 

What Is The Cost Of Entertainment In Bali?

When it comes to entertainment it is your hands to Jack Up your cost of living or keep it under control. If you explore the surrounding beaches, and waterfalls, and eat local food then expect your entertainment expenses to be around IDR 452,444.

But if you like to party at fancy beach clubs, and fancy bars and dine at expensive places then your entertainment charges can be anything. 

Bali has some exquisite cinemas. Two kinds of cinemas operate in Bali named cinemaxx and XXI. The ticket price for a movie varies between IDR 45,271 to 90,542. The tickets are relatively cheap during weekdays. In Bali, hit movies have an earlier premiere in Asia.

Gym membership charges are not that high in Bali. A well-equipped gym can cost you around IDR 603,182 a month. Apart from gyms, there are other services available like surfing, archery, yoga centers, dancing classes, and playing musical instruments. The charges are nominal for these services. 

What Is The Cost Of Housing In Bali?

The biggest expense you can have as an ex-pat in Bali is Rent. It is not that rents are high on the Island, it’s just likely to be your largest expense. Comparatively, Bali is one of the cheapest touring spots in the world. The rent cost depends on the property and the location of living, as with most places. 

A shared room in a guest house or a shared house will be much cheaper than renting a villa or a house. The areas of Ubud and Canguu are considered to be the most expensive locations in Bali as most travellers choose to live in these places. Try to avoid these places for living. A 5 minutes scooter drive from Ubud and Canguu will get you to the suburbs. You can find many cheaper places in the suburbs of Ubud and Canguu.

Some examples of the rent costs are,

  • Sharing a room in a villa in Canggu costs IDR 5,279,033.
  • The rent of a luxurious villa in Canggu starts from IDR 10,529,462.
  • Standard villa in Canggu ranges from IDR 8,282,675 to IDR 12,487,665. 

The choice of your residence also depends on whether you prefer privacy or saving. If you are moving with your partner or family then it’s best to have your segregated place. But if you are a singleton then it’s advised to share your space with another person to reduce the cost of living and save some money.

If you are staying for a long term then you can have villas or houses for relatively cheap rents. The pro tip is to rent a hotel for a few days, roam around the place talk to the locals or those travellers who are already occupying villas.

What Are Food Expenses In Bali?

The food in Bali is one of a kind- sumptuous and comes in many varieties. When you walk down the food street, the aroma of delicious dishes will tantalize your taste buds. Besides, Bali is also known for its abundance of vegetarian food. 

The cost of food also depends on whether you want to dine out or cook your food in your home. Dining out can beef up your food expenses.

If you are a couple and decide to eat at a hotel in Bali, you should anticipate the following expenses.

Type Of Restaurant 

Charge In Indonesian Rupees

Asian Restaurant


Italian Restaurant


Mexican Restaurant


Japanese Restaurant


French Restaurant


  • Fast Food Charges In Bali


Price In Indonesian Rupees

McMeal at McDonald’s








What Is The Cost Of Living In Bali For A Single Person?

You are a single person and looking to travel to Bali; the great news is that you can have fun on a limited budget. One worry in Bali may be the rent, but still, it is affordable compared to many tourist destinations around the world. 

The ex-pats generally earn more compared to the Balinese. You will be amazed to know about the cheap prices on the island. Your cost of living in Bali as a single person varies, depending on your style of living. The estimated budget you can expect to have is IDR 12,514,945 a month if you dine out, party, have a decent living place, and have a vehicle to move around.  

What Is The Monthly Cost Of Living In Bali For A Family?

Bali is an ideal place for a family to live in. The lush green rice fields, mesmerizing beaches, and tall palm trees are a treat for the eyes. The living cost for the family in Bali is likely to vary depending upon the area you choose to reside in and the living style you choose. On average a family can expect a budget of up to IDR 18,108,042. 

The supermarkets have all the required groceries and imported items you might need. Fuel is cheap and readily available in every vicinity of Bali. To have a private car in Bali is not advisable as the other transportation is cheap. But if you are a family of Four or more then you may think of having a car. 

The Island has 5G internet, but if you want to have an internet connection with more affordable charges then there are companies like Telkomsel and XL Axiata. The internet speed the company offers varies between 8Mpbs to 30 Mbps. A breakup of the monthly expenses for a couple is mentioned below

List Of Example Expenditures

Cost In Indonesian Rupees 


3,772,616 to 9,054,280


301,809 to 903,688


452,268 to 904,537


930,000 to 3791,120

What Is The Monthly Cost Of Living In Bali For A Couple?

In Bali, a couple can enjoy the best life for IDR 28,649,417. But if you opt to choose a villa near the beach with 3 to 5 bedrooms then expect your monthly budget to be stretched more. Choosing a villa with 1 to 2 bedrooms without a garden and pool can save you IDR 4,552,183.

Food is not expensive in Bali and will not cost you much if you eat at Local warungs or restaurants. But if you are a foodie and like eating international food then your bill could increase. But don’t worry, it will not drain your pocket. 

The best way to get cheap stuff is to go to shops in the local markets of the island. These markets are located in all six regions of Bali. The vegetables in the market are fresh from the farms. If you an ex-pat do buy from the local markets. Doing so will not only get you fresh food but the Balinese will also be supported.

You can also find international grocery stores throughout Bali. If you are used to using some products that can only be available at international stores, do buy them. But try to refrain from excessive spending on groceries in these stores as it will enhance your groceries expenses. 

All the necessities like fruit vegetables, eggs, fish, etc are found at the local markets.

There are many choices for a couple to choose a living place. However, the most popular among travellers are Seminyak and Ubud. These places have an abundance of amenities. The hospitals like BIMC and Siloam are also nearby these places. 

Places like Uluwatu or Sanur offer the most affordable villas and have supermarkets too for you to shop. A per-month budget for a couple in Bali is given below.

Cost In Indonesian Rupees



Health Insurance


Pool Maintenance






Dining out

1,507,348 to 3,768,370




7,563,855 to 15,073,711

What Is The Cost Of Cigarettes In Bali?

The average cost of a pack of cigarettes in Bali is IDR 25000 for local brands. For famous brands like Dunhill, Marlboro, Bensen & hedges, etc the price of a pack is IDR 32,000.

What Is The Cost of Buying A Car In Bali?

The Automobile markets in Bali offer a variety of cars. Both old and new cars can be purchased as an expatriate. But mostly second-hand cars are used in Bali. Because importing a car can be expensive as is rarely done. The Indonesian customs authorities charge 300 per cent tax as import duty.

The law says that the engine of imported cars must not exceed 3,000 CCs. But, somehow if you get hold of a car above 3,000 CCs; it can become difficult for you to resell it and the Customs authority can also seize it.

You need to meet some requirements when buying a car. The requirements are,

Buying A New Car

You need to have the following document to purchase a new car in Bali

  • A valid passport or ITAS or ITAP. ITAS and ITAP are used interchangeably which means having a limited-stay visa or a temporary stay permit in Bali. As a foreigner, if you don’t have a stay permit, you can’t legally own a car. A letter of approval from the foreigner’s sponsoring company can also help you purchase the car.

Other requirements for a foreigner are

  • A copy of SIUP /Permission to carry out business
  • A copy of NPWP/ A valid tax registration number
  • A copy of Akte Perusahaan/ The sponsoring company

Car Type/Company

Cost In Indonesian Rupees

Toyota Avanza

2,331 to 295,8 million

Honda Hrv

375,9 to 529,9 million

Toyota Rush

278,8 to 302,2 million

Honda Brio

159,1 to 243,9 million

Purchasing Used Car

Be cautious when purchasing an imported car. Because the car dealer might reset the odometer close to zero. It is a practice in Bali to leave the registration of the sold car in the name of the first owner. It is done to avoid paying the ownership fee. 

It is not that we are encouraging tax evasion, but to let you know about this practice. The actual invoice becomes important to prove ownership of the car. In case of any accident, you will not be held accountable as it will show that the car is now owned by someone else.

The following requirements will be needed at the time of purchasing a used car.

  • The ITAP/ITAS or valid passport
  • The money to purchase the car

After reaching an agreement of sale, you shall receive the below-mentioned documents.

  • The registration of Car or STNK (surat tanda nomor kendaraan)
  • The ownership book or BPKB (buku pemilik kendaraan bermotor)
  • The original invoice as received from the manufacturer
  • The receipt of the transaction from the car dealer

Prices of used cars in Bali are,

Car Type/ Company/model

Price in Indonesian Rupees

Honda Brio (2015 model)

89.8 million

Honda City (2015 model)

105.9 million

Toyota Calya (2017 model)

112 million

Toyota Calya (2016 model)

111 million

Daihatsu Ayla (2018 model)

108 million

Car Insurance In Bali

Do get your car insured if you are in Bali. You may face some hardship in insuring old model vehicles. But a bit of online search and asking about insurance companies in the vicinity can land you in the office of insurance companies. There are many foreign insurance companies operating the business in Bali.

Some of the best vehicle insurance companies in Bali are The New India Insurance Co. Ltd, Rakhsit Financial Services, and Insurance Gain Dot Com.

Comparison Of  Living Costs Between Bali And Major Capitals Of The World

Bali is 57 percent cheaper than London, United Kingdom. The comparison by categories/items of the city is given below.

Item Price Difference

Minus (-) shows cheapness

Plus (+) shows expensiveness


+ 20 %


+ 61%





The cost of living in Bali is 75 percent cheaper than in Newyork, USA. The price break for both cities is mentioned below.

Item Price Difference

Minus (-) shows cheapness

Plus (+) shows expensiveness









Bali is 12 percent cheaper than Beijing, China. The differentiated prices are tabulated below.

Item Price Difference

Minus (-) shows cheapness

Plus (+) shows expensiveness









Bali is 46 percent cheaper than Canberra, Australia.

Item Price Difference

Minus (-) shows cheapness

Plus (+) shows expensiveness









Bali is 56 per cent cheaper than Berlin, Germany.

Item Price Difference

Minus (-) shows cheapness

Plus (+) shows expensiveness









  • The cost of living in Bali is 19 percent cheaper than in Moscow, Russia.


       Price Difference

Minus (-) shows cheapness

Plus (+) shows expensiveness









What Are The Pros And Cons Of Living In Bali

The island has its Ups and Downs. If you want to move permanently to Bali or take out some time from your hectic life, the following advantage and disadvantage may be considered.

  • Large Expat Community

Bali has a surprisingly large number of Expat communities from every walk of life and age. If you are planning to arrive in Bali, it is highly recommended to search for Facebook groups where you will find several ex-pats living in Bali. The most famous groups are the Ubud community, the Uluwatu community, and Bali ex-pats.

  • Friendly Balinese Community

Balinese, the natives of Bali, are gregarious. Despite the influx of foreign culture, the Balinese are clinging to their ways of life. They will do everything possible to help you out. 

The majority of Balinese are Hindu and believe in Karma i.e. good deeds will benefit you in times ahead while bad deeds will result in harm to you.

  • Home To Digital Nomads Bali has one of the largest digital nomads communities in the world. The weather on the island remains temperate almost throughout the year. Additionally, there are plenty of beautiful sights on the island and the adjacent islands. You can do your V-logs while on the island and meet a community with similar interests. 
  • Affordable Cost Of Living

The living cost in Bali is very affordable compared with many tourist destinations like North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia. Grocery, utilities, transport, and other necessities are cheap. If you are a shopping freak, the budget can allow you to shop lavishly sometimes.

  • Warm and Sunny Weather

Sunshine is extremely helpful for the human body as it helps in the formation of vitamin D in the body. The island receives a lot of sunshine and the weather is humid throughout the year. If you are someone who likes sunshine, beaches, surfing, and swimming, get yourself a ticket to Bali. 

  • Healthy Life

Fruits and vegetables are fresh, cheap, and in abundance on the island. If you are worried about your diet and involve a lot of meat and junk food then get yourself accustomed to vegetarian food in Bali.

The Cons of living in Bali

The listing of the disadvantages of living in Bali is not to scare you but to give you an overall idea of the island. 

  • Congested Traffic

The traffic does not flow always. At times it can get messy. If you are on a tight schedule for time, do consider making allowance for traffic jams. At times a 20 minutes ride can take you 50 minutes. The hiccups are more common in places like Seminyak, Ubud, and Canggu.

  • Visa 

To live in Bali for a long, you will need to get a 6-month visa which is called a social visa. After completing six months you will report to immigration and leave the country and then return for the renewal of the visa. You can’t renew your visa while in Indonesia.

An alternative could be to get a tourist visa for a month and after expiration renew it for another month. 

To escape the headache of visiting frequently, it is advised to get an agent to do all the processes for you.

  • Sick and Stray dogs

On the roads in Bali, you will come across many stray and sick dogs. If you are an animal lover in general and a dog lover in particular, the sights can distress you.

There are no dog catchers and if there are animal hospitals, they are not doing their job to look after the dogs. Some dogs can be seen lying dead on roadsides, maybe due to cars or scooters.

  • Intimidating waves

The ex-pats who are fond of swimming and surfing should be cautious. You might be doing it in your home country. But it is different in Bali. The waves are big and intimidating. Before getting into the water, be sure that you can handle the waves.

  • Poor Healthcare

Health facilities are a question mark in Bali. The emergencies are unforeseen like road accidents, dengue, or insect bites. The state health care system is poor. Only a few private hospitals like BIMC  have better health facilities but can be overcrowded.

Therefore, make sure to have health insurance and take safety measures like using mosquito repellants and avoiding wild creatures.

How To Reduce The Cost Of Living In Bali?

If you are travelling to Bali on a tight budget, we can help you figure out how to manage a given budget.

  • Choosing the Right Season For Travel

The season for travellers can be divided into peak and low seasons. Tourism peaks in Bali during April and September as the weather is mostly sunny. This season brings high rents thus a higher cost of living. 

The low season or inexpensive season is November mid to January. It is the time when the rain pours down and the hotels are relatively cheap. It will be easy for you to manage with a limited budget.

  • Negotiate Prices And stay long

The more time you spent in Bali you will come to know about the prices and learn to negotiate too. Try to stay in for a longer period. The shorter your stay the higher the accommodation charges will be.

Another tip for reducing your living cost is to limit pre-booking. But it is only possible if you are a slow traveler and have an ample amount of time.

  • Choose Accommodation wisely

Choosing the right accommodation can certainly reduce your expenditure. Villas in Bali are very attractive but can be costly too. If you plan to stay in Bali from mid to long term, it is best to rent a guesthouse. For a longer stay the prices can be negotiated.

  • Crawl Internet For Tour Booking And Other Activities

While sticking to your budget it will be good to book your tours online. There are some reputable setups like yourguide, and Viator for online bookings. Do check out their social media pages for discounts and packages.

  • Choose Local Restaurants For Food

Balinese restaurants are called warungs. They are dotted all over the island. The food is delicious, healthy, and cheap. On the contrary, western restaurants can cost you a lot. Mostly, these restaurants have a canteen-styled display. 

One nice restaurant is warung jaba located on Pantai Batu Blong Street. It has open-air seating and a cozy environment. The food is cheap, fresh, and hot.  

  • Use A Scooter

If you know how to ride a scooter then it is very easy and affordable to go around Bali. Public transport is almost negligible while a Taxi can cost you more. Therefore the best option is to use a scooter. Make sure to wear a helmet while riding.

You can get a scooter for IDR 30,000 to IDR 50,000 for a day. The scooter can be booked online or you can also find many on the roadside.

  • Find Sharing Rooms Or Hostels

Every year solo travelers flock to the island. Solo travelers mostly have tight budgets. Numerous hostels offer cheap accommodation. 

Apart from hostels, there are guesthouses and shared rooms available for solo travelers. The best way to find such living facilities is to surf different social media pages about hostels for solo travelers in Bali. You can find a travel buddy through these pages.

  • Try To Use Local Groceries

Bali has big marts and malls which offer a variety of groceries. These malls have imported stuff too which is quite costly. While the local groceries and food are cheap. The more you use local stuff the lesser will be your expense.

  • Avoid Using Credit Cards

Excessive use of credit cards can shoot up your cost of living in Bali. The bad thing with credit cards is that at times you forget about your cash limit and the liability keeps piling up. Be mindful of using your credit card. 

It will be good to carry cash in your pockets instead of a credit card as you will be aware of your spending limit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bali

  • Is Bali Safe For A Solo Traveler?

Bali is a place where people follow culture, values, and spirituality. It is one of the safest destinations for backpackers and solo travellers.

The island has a lot of hostels and can be a perfect place for a solo traveller.

  • What Are The Worth Seeing Places in Bali For Expatriates?

Bali is divided into Six regions and every region has worthwhile places to visit. However, for expatriates, it is best to visit Ubud, Seminyak, Nusa Penida, etc.

  • Can ATMs Be Used In Bali?

Yes, ATMs are used but by international and Indonesian banks only. It is advised not to use ATMs in lesser-known areas. Do inform your bank about your travel to Indonesia or it is possible that your card can be blocked. 

  • Is The Climate Good?

If you like sunshine and a bright atmosphere, Bali is the place for you. Do carry sunblock cream and a bottle of water to remain hydrated. 

  • Does One Need A Driving License To Move Around?

Although driving rules and regulations aren’t followed strictly in Bali, it is advised to have a driving license.

  • What Are The Recommended Surfing Places?

Bali is a mecca of surfing. There are many levels for water surfing from beginners to professionals. Kuta has surfing for beginners while Bukit offers places for advanced surfing.

  • What Kind Of Currency Can Be Carried?

If you are staying for a short period in Bali, it is to better to bring British Pounds, US dollars, or Euros. The currency will be exchanged for local Indonesian rupiah. Settlements don’t need to be made in foreign currency as the local vendors may accept rupiah only.

You are advised to have money on your credit card or atm card. As it can be converted into rupiah in the local ATMs.


Bali can be a dream destination for travellers. You do not have to worry much about the cost of living in Bali as lots of things are affordable. But it doesn’t give you the license to go on a splurge. If you act following the information given in the article, you will likely have a great time on the island.

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