Affirmations for saving money

Affirmations for saving money

Saving money can be difficult. We all want to have more money to help secure our financial future, but actually making that happen can be hard. That is why a lot of people are turning to having a positive money mindset and being more mindful of their spending, saving, and financial situations.

Having the right mindset can help you attract success and lead a more prosperous life, but we know that the mindset shift is hard, so this list of positive money affirmations is designed to help make sure that you can stay on top of your finances with a positive mindset. Whether you are looking to save more money for investments or whether you are looking at earning a higher salary than you expected and want to know how best to manage a high salary, money mantras can he helpful to reinforce positive thinking about money.

What are money mantras?

Money mantras or money affirmations are ways to create a more positive attitude about your financial life. You can think of money affirmations as a type of positive thinking. Each money mantra you choose to adopt will help you remove the limiting beliefs that you hold about money. Financial affirmations instead help you form a belief system where you believe in your ability to manage your money successfully, and where you know how your actions create prosperity.

Do money affirmations actually work?

While money affirmations mahy seem like a new-age strategy that might put some people off, having a positive outlook can made a huge difference, whether you are working for a debt free life or whether your financial journey is towards being able to afford your dream home.

Pick the right money affirmations for you, and your will feeling the positive reinforcement begin to help you get out of a negative mindset regarding money. If some financial affirmations seem a bit too ‘out there’, you just need to find mantras that work well for you – financial affirmations will not work very well if you have negative thoughts about them, so you need to make sure you pick the right ones.

Money affirmations will probably not turn anyone into a financial genius overnight, but developing a positive relationship with money can help you move towards being a financially successful person.

Why use money affirmations?

For many of us, managing money can be difficult. Even if we have the best intentions, it can be hard to spend money wisely and work towards a successful financial future. Add to this the huge amount of stress that can come from thinking about money or trying to make financial plans, and the need for money affirmations becomes clear – each money mantra you make can help you dictate how you think about money, and it can help us overcome a lot of money obstacles that we all face.

How many affirmations should I have?

You should have as many money mantras as you feel are appropriate. Having too few might mean that you only focus on a small section of your finances. However, having too many financial affirmations may mean that you get bogged down and cannot benefit from any of them.

Remember, choosing and using financial affirmations is a long-term process, and these affirmations should be in use for a long time. This means there is no problem in starting small – maybe pick two or three affirmations that help you approach the most urgent of your financial matters – or, on the other hand, pick two or three financial affirmations that seem manageable for you at the moment. You can always add more affirmations every couple of weeks or every month, until you have a better handle on to use affirmations to work towards becoming financially free.

Let’s look at the kind of financial affirmations you might want to use for saving money, as well as some for how you spend money, and general financial affirmations for everyday life.

Affirmations about how you save money

It can be hard to save money to meet certain money goals. These financial affirmations focus on how you can find ways to save.

“Living frugally is enjoyable because it lets me save money”

If you want to save money, you may need to cut back on your purchases. Many people dislike having to cut back expenses, but it is important to remember that this is how you save for your financial goals. Adopt a more positive attitude. In your head, change frugal living from a burden to a path you have chosen to walk. This can help have a positive impact on your attitude towards saving.

“I can reach my savings goals”

Many people find themselves trapped by limiting beliefs about their capability to save money. It might be difficult to reach a savings goal if you do not have much spare income, but it is still possible to save up as long as you make a realistic goal and timeframe. Then all you need to do is remind yourself that you can reach that goal, and this mantra can help stop the risk that you might give up and spend your savings frivolously.

“Saving gives me a solid financial foundation for my future”

It can be hard to make yourself save up money – after all, some people see all that money going into a savings account and don’t see anything coming out of it. It can be tempting to dip into savings. However, it is important to remind yourself that saving is a good thing because it can help improve the money situation you will have in the future, and in both expected and unexpected ways.

“My savings are worth more than anything I can buy”

Saving up for an emergency fund is recommended by almost all financial experts because having a proper emergency fund can help avoid the huge stress that comes with an unexpected financial problem. Your emergency savings do not just have a dollar value, they also have an emotional and mental value in the comfort and security that they offer you.

Affirmations to work towards financial freedom

Having a healthy savings account is a good start, but a lot of people want to aim for financial freedom for their future self. Let’s look at some financial affirmations that can help people reach towards financial freedom.

“If I need more money, I will try my best to find a way to earn more money”

In a world where employer’s control money and wages, it can be hard to remember that we can act towards getting more money in. Simply willing yourself to be a money magnet is appealing, but why leave yourself at the mercy of the universe? Instead, tell yourself that you are not helpless in the search for money.

It is not always a simple process to get more money, but it is important to remind yourself that if you need to find more money, you can look for the steps that will lead you there, whether that is seeking advice, applying for new jobs, starting a side business, cutting down your bills, or anything else.

“Financial abundance is possible”

For so many people it can seem that their present money situation is the same that it will always be for them. If you have grown up in a rough financial situation, it can be hard to even imagine having more than enough money for everything you need. However, reminding yourself that financial abundance is possible can help to keep negative thoughts at bay and put you in more of an abundance mindset.

“I deserve a wealthy life and I will not sabotage it”

If you worry about self-sabotage in the pursuit of your dreams, it can be important to remind yourself that you deserve to reach your financial goals. You deserve to get your financial life under control. This financial affirmation may not be relevant to everyone, but it is worth making sure that your actions are in line with building the financial situation that you want.

“Careful budgeting is exciting because it gives me a path to financial independence”

Let’s be honest, very few people enjoy budgeting – when your bank account is full of all the money you have for the month it can be tempting to spend more than you should. However, budgeting can have a huge positive effect on your future financial freedom, so reframing budgeting with a positive affirmation can help guide you towards making smart financial decisions.

“I deserve proper payment for my skills and time.”

If you have ever worked a side gig or work in a creative sector – or, let’s be honest, almost any freelance sector – you will have found people who want to undervalue your time by offering to pay a pittance. Attach positive affirmations to your skills, talents, and your time, and make sure that no-one tries to rob you of the financial compensation you deserve.

Affirmations about how you spend money

Spending and saving are two sides of the same coin – if you spend money responsibly you will likely be able to put more towards savings. Each financial affirmation here may be useful if you need to adjust your spending money mindset.

“I control my money and I can choose what I buy”

You might have enough money to buy something that catches your eye, but if you find yourself spending money without thinking about it, you may benefit from reminding yourself that you control your money, and you can decide whether ot not to buy something. There is plenty of advertising and lots of special time-limited offers that try to convince you to part with your money, but financial affirmations like this are meant to remind you that adverts and special offers do not have power over you.

“I will only buy things that bring worth into my life”

This money affirmation is another important one if you find yourself buying things often – especially if you buy things and then promptly get rid of them or lose interest in them. A good ideas with an affirmation like this is that whenever you see an object you want to buy over a set amount, take a step back and consider what worth it will bring to your life. If you think the worth will be fleeting, maybe pass it over and save the money for something that will mean more to you.

“My current self and future self both pay for my purchases, so I will consider purchases carefully.”

This money affirmation may seem similar to the previous one, but there is an important difference in focus – notably, the idea of how your future self will pay for purchases. Look at it this way – every dollar saved puts you ahead in your savings, and will earn interest. Putting money away now gives more money to your future bank account, and it takes away future stress. So you need to compare purchases with the worth they give to you now and in the future.

“My self worth is not governed by what I buy”

Of all the financial affirmations mentioned here, this one is very potent to the modern way of living. A lot of marketing materials, adverts and social media influencers put a lot of emphasis on living a certain lifestyle, which they claim can be brought about by purchasing high-end items. Unfortunately, for anyone on a budget this can mean that your whole paycheck of money flows freely away from your banking account while you chase the lifestyles in these adverts. Instead, this is an affirmation to remind yourself that your worth is not governed by what you buy, so that hopefully you can resist feeling a need to buy items that do not really mean anything to you intrinsically.

What if these affirmations don’t align with my financial goal?

Financial affirmations are not a one-size-fits all. If you have an idea for your own affirmation – or affirmations – then you should use those. The most important thing about affirmations it to tailor them to your circumstances,ideals and goals. If they are more meaningful and accurate to you, there is a much better chance that you will use the affirmations regularly in your every day life, and more chance that you will stick to them. Of course, you will also have the best luck with affirmations that are tailored for your financial situation and financial goals – if you have no problem with living frugally, an affirmation in favour of living frugally probably will not achieve much.

How to make your own money affirmations

If you want to make your own money mantras, you may be a little bit unsure where to start.

The first step is to work out what your financial goal is. Your financial goal is the most important aspect of making financial affirmations. If you select the wrong goalpost for you, the outcome of the affirmations will not be very helpful at all.

The next important step is to try to identify any barriers that are stopping you from meeting the financial success that you want to aim for. This can be difficult – after all, if we all knew what we struggling with, we would be closer to overcoming it. However, any inkling or insight into your financial issues can be very useful. Do you have trouble attracting money? Do you need to have more positive thinking? Are your money goals too abstract? If all of this seems too big to try to figure out, you can start with small concepts. Do you have trouble saving? Do you buy too many extra treats? You can fit your financial affirmations around these issues too.

Try to ground your affirmations in your beliefs about the world. For example, some people believe in the law of attraction to bring them money, or some people believe in praying to the universe to look after them. Others still believe that any money has to be earned. While you should use affirmations to challenge yourself on some matters, you should not pick an affirmation that you do not believe in, as this will make it harder to feel the benefit of affirmations.

Positive affirmations or negative affirmations?

There are two approaches when making financial affirmations. Despite the term affirmation, these mantras can be positive or negative in a way. However, most people avoid negative affirmations – these are affirmations which that focus on a negative mindset. For example, “Spending money on clothes is bad” is a very negative look at an affirmation. Whenever you repeat this kind of affirmation to yourself, you will be reinforcing a negative mindset, which can be upsetting. Negative affirmations are less likely to work because they can be seen as a form of negative self judgement or they can even feel like chastising yourself – this makes us naturally want to avoid the affirmation.

On the other hand, some people find negative affirmations to be very helpful if they need a very harsh approach to sorting out their finances. This is often the case when people are in a lot of debt or have financial goals that they have failed to reach previously. However, you should be careful when using any negative affirmations, as it can put you off saving altogether.

When making affirmations it is important to make sure that you do not make them all-of-nothing. Affirmations for saving money should not be things you can fail, they are meant to be general beliefs of life that you aim to live by. You should also not have an affirmation that puts aspersions on yourself if you do or do not follow certain behaviour – for example, do not make an affirmation that “I am a failure if I do not save X amount a month”“. This is more like insulting yourself rather than looking for a mantra to help you improve your life, and it will not help you meet your financial goals.

Do I have to use money mantras forever?

No, financial mantras should only be used for as long as they are relevant. If your money mantras are linked to a certain financial success that you want to reach, then obviously the mantras may no longer be relevant once you have reached that those financial goals – for example, if you have amassed all the riches you need for a certain lifestyle, you may need to look at affirmations that help remind you about what money means to you. There is no point when some kind of financial affirmation is not useful.

When you do reach your financial goals, you should reassess your financial mantras to see if they are still relevant. If they are not, you should make new mantras to help you in reaching your new financial goals.

If you find that a mantra is not helping you, you should dispose of it. You can either replace it with a more appropriate one, or you can just discard one and keep using others that work better.

How do I use my wealth affirmations?

There are a lot of different approaches people take to help remember their money affirmations. Some of the most common ways of using affirmations involves putting them up on notes on prominent places in the house – for example, lots of people have them on a poster in their home office to remind them of their financial affirmations before they do any online banking or online shopping. Other people post them near their front door as a reminder before they go out.

If you do not want to have them visible on the walls of your house, you could keep them on a card in your wallet, or write them in your journal. Some people even read them first thing in the morning to help them make the right financial decisions in the day ahead.

Final thoughts

Financial affirmations can be useful to help you remember what is important and what you need to do to help save regularly or work towards financial freedom. However, you need to make sure you have the right affirmations to help make sure that you follow them – affirmations are only good if you resonate with them, otherwise you will likely ignore them. For example, while some people may use an affirmation about how the law of attraction will help them find all the money they need for their future, other people may use affirmations to remind them that living within their means is a choice they are making for their future. Whether you are a student looking to save for a holiday or a young professional saving for your future, mantras can help give you the right mindset.

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