A List of Good Side Hustles for Nurses to Earn More Cash

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An experienced nurse can make a lot of money because being a nurse is a rewarding and challenging job. However, entry-level nurses often do not make that much money, and it would take a while until they can pay off their student loans. 

There are many side jobs nurses can try to earn extra cash without much effort.

Each nurse has unique skills that they can use to their advantage for part-time work.

Here is a list of good side hustles for nurses to earn more money each month. 

good side hustles for nurses

Are There Good Side Hustles for Nurses?

Yes, there are many good side hustles for nurses. Most licensed nurses can do some easy side hustles, like being an immunization nurse, a healthcare writer, a private elderly care advisor, a telehealth nurse, and a nurse consultant.

Nurses can also earn passive income by renting their property.

Each job’s hours and payment will vary on the employer and job at hand. For instance, some jobs only need nurses as needed.

So, nurses may only get as much money as the hours they worked that month.

Certain side hustles can give nurses a fairly fixed income per month.

However, passive income like renting will depend on the rental agreement.

Immunization Nurse

An immunization nurse is a nurse who specializes in keeping infectious diseases from spreading, like the seasonal flu.

Typically, this nurse’s main job is to give shots like vaccines.

These nurses can work in places like hospitals, clinics, schools, etc. These nurses can earn a lot since it averages about $20-40 an hour.

However, some nurses can make more depending on their experience.

A huge reason why working as an immunization nurse is a great side hustle because it does not have to be a full-time job.

This kind of nurse can work seasonally (like during flu season), part-time or as-needed by the employer. Therefore, a nurse working a relatively light shift at the hospital can easily earn more cash by working as an immunization nurse.

Plus, administering vaccines does not require too much energy, so a nurse will not feel worn out by doing this side hustle.

Another great reason nurses can work in the immunization field is that there is a high demand for it. For instance, tons of clinics, hospitals, and employers look for more nurses to administer more vaccines to meet the public’s demand.

Other reasons people may want an immunization nurse include home visits, drive-through clinics, mobile outreach units, curbside clinics, etc. 

The main requirement to be an immunization nurse is to have an LVN/LPN or RN license.

The nurse would also need one year of experience in administering vaccines and a CPR certification.

Other helpful skills to have are excellent verbal communication, written, computer, customer service, etc.

Nurse Consultant

A nurse consultant is a valuable employee that many people want to hire.

A nurse consultant is a specialist in a chosen field, and they are very versatile. For instance, specialized nurse consultants can consult with organizations or offices on office wellness.

A nurse consultant can earn $40 an hour or more.

A nurse consultant requires an RN license. Since a nurse consultant is a specialized nurse, they may also need to complete seminars, courses, nurse consulting programs, etc. Legal nurse consultants would also benefit from working with lawyers, completing legal courses, and such. 

Telehealth Nurse

Typically, telehealth nursing involves offering medical services through online communication tools (like chatting and e-mails) and video conferences.

Technology like this allows nurses to remotely evaluate patients and aid them in managing their injuries, illnesses and overall health.

That way, patients can get the care they need from home.

These nurses are in high demand because of the recent pandemic, so people want to get medical services remotely.

However, the demand grew well before the pandemic occurred. Telehealth and other remote nursing work increased by about 53% since 2017

Most telehealth nurses will need an RN license only, along with a computer, stable internet connection, etc.

However, certain jobs may need certificates or specific skills. For instance, a children’s telehealth nurse may likely require experience in a pediatric ward, schools, etc.

Freelance Healthcare Writer

If a nurse has some talent in writing, they can use that to their advantage.

Many sites and companies want healthcare writers with time in the medical field, so they often hire nurses to write.

Employers know nurses have valuable insight, knowledge, experience, etc., that they want for written work. 

Employers have many mediums that they need content for, like online magazine content, site content, brochures for patients, online journal articles and more.

A quick search online will reveal many potential employers looking for licensed medical professionals to write for them.

A huge bonus of being a medical writer as a side hustle is that it does not take much energy.

While they do need to research and put effort into their writing, it will not wear them out.

Plus, being a medical writer allows nurses to choose their working hours and pay.

That way, it will not interfere with their regular work schedules.

Private Elder Care Adviser

Private elder care advisers, or geriatric nurses, are nurses that specialize in elderly care.

There are different types of jobs in the elderly care field.

Nurses looking for side hustles can help elder care facilities and families with senior citizens’ mental health and physical needs. 

As an adviser, the primary job involves monitoring and assessing the patient’s needs.

It also includes scheduling and overseeing services and communicating with the elder’s family members.

An eldercare nurse will advocate for their clients, especially if the client has trouble communicating. 

How many hours a senior care nurse will work will depend on the given job. For instance, a nurse that only works for one family may only have to visit them a few times a week for a few hours each day.

The pay will also depend on the job, but most of these nurses can earn $32 an hour or more. 

Rent Out Parts of a Property

Being a nurse is a time-consuming and tiring job, so not all nurses want to pick up more work hours because they will be too tired.

Tons of nurses can rent out parts of their property to earn passive income.

That way, they will make money without exerting more time or energy.

If a nurse has extra space in their home/apartment or another property, they can rent that out for passive income. For instance, they can rent out a spare room, basement, or loft in their home to a trustworthy person to earn cash without working more.

Friends can rent out that place or a nurse can post listings on sites like Airbnb to look for people to rent their space.

To start making a listing to rent their property, a nurse would have to decide how they want to host, submit info about the property, requirements to rent the property, etc.

Typically, hosts get payment about one business day after a guest arrives at the property.

All in All

There are many good side hustles for nurses that they can do to earn more cash on the side to reach financial stability. Some side hustles they can try related to their field include jobs like being a nurse consultant, healthcare writer, immunization nurse, etc. However, busy nurses can opt for passive income by renting out empty property to get cash without effort.

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