8 Figure Salary Jobs – List and Details

8 Figure Salary Jobs

Perhaps you overheard discussions concerning six figures as a question of money. Most likely, you have also read about seven figures or perhaps even nine figures. These kinds of figures are crucial and helpful in achieving your financial goals, supporting yourself and your family, or retiring early.

In this article, we will discuss multiple-figure salary jobs, we will start from 6 figures and work our way up to 8-figure salary jobs.

What Is a ‘Figure’?               

A single figure simply denotes any sum of money between $1 and $9. It is a single digit, to put it simply. Therefore, you made one figure if you worked for $7.49. (even though the amount has 3 digits). So, to state that you made three figures in this instance isn’t entirely accurate. After learning the fundamentals, move on to investigating large numbers.

How Much Is 6 Figures?

If a number is expressed as one digit, six figures represent an amount between 100,000 and 999,999. Therefore, when someone claims to earn six figures, they refer to an income of at least $100,000 but not more than $1,000,000.

Therefore, a sum like $1,000.999 is not six figures. It is four figures. We count the dollars and ignore the cents, which is why.

Remember that “6 figures” typically refers to the annual amount of earnings. However, some people can claim to earn six figures each month. If so, it merely signifies that they make a monthly income in the aforementioned range.

What is a 6-figure salary?

A six-figure salary would entail a yearly income of at least $100,000 and a maximum of $999,999. It is 6 digits long in total.

If your annual salary is in the similar range, you might likewise claim to have a six-figure income. An annual income of six figures may also include commissions, bonuses, and other extra profits in addition to your yearly wage.

Now that you know “how much is 6 figures a year,” it’s time to calculate how much you must make each month to reach that figure.

What jobs make 6 figures a year?

Compound interest and capitalization are two conditions that must be met in order to succeed financially. The main result in the stock market and property values is capital appreciation. An investor can make money by selling shares at a higher price when rising stocks. Property owners are more likely to make money when values rise. Your returns are multiplied by compound interest. A person making six figures would never be seen without having a sizable emergency fund and employing compound interest on their investments. 3% of households save money specifically for these expenses.

Even though six-figure positions are undoubtedly something to strive for, they aren’t as uncommon as they once were. This means that if earning six figures annually is your objective, it is undoubtedly attainable.

Jobs paying this much include, among others:

·         Computer and Information Research Scientist

·         Air Traffic Controller

·         Commercial Pilot

·         Anesthesiologist

6-figure salary jobs with a degree

You have many possibilities if you’re willing to spend money on education to land a high-paying career. Some high-paying occupations necessitate an advanced academic or professional degree. However, the majority of them call for an undergraduate degree.

Here are several positions paying six figures:


The initial step in seeking a career as a lawyer is earning a law degree. You must enroll in law school to sit for the BAR exam after receiving your degree. Depending on your state, you’ll receive a different amount at home. For example, a lawyer in New York makes an average of $167,110 a year.  


A professional physician known as an anesthesiologist administers anesthesia to patients having surgery. Anesthesiologists typically make $261,730 per year.         

Big Data Engineer.

Big data engineers play a crucial role in businesses that rely on data to make strategic decisions. These experts evaluate data sets and identify trends using data processing technology. The average salary for a prominent data engineer is $119,246 per year.

6-figure salary jobs without a degree

There are many high-paying jobs available to those without college degrees. However, to be qualified, you might need to complete some training.

Consider these six-figure jobs without a degree:

Airline and commercial pilot

Delivering people or cargo to their destinations by air transportation securely is the responsibility of an airline and commercial pilot. They typically have a co-pilot who assists them during takeoff, landing, and other flight-related tasks.

Air traffic controller

At airports, they oversee and control aircraft movement in the air and on the ground. In addition, they oversee communication between control centers and pilots, give instructions to pilots during takeoff and landing, and alert them to hazardous weather conditions.

Is a 6-figure salary good?

A six-figure wage or income will usually be beneficial to you. It makes you one of the highest earners and is something many people hope to achieve.

But several other things also affect how fulfilling 6 figures might be for you. First, they consist of your living arrangements.

You may be making six figures, but your lifestyle is extravagant. You might need to increase your salary to fulfill your demands and needs in this situation. But a good choice would be to cut back on your extravagant spending and improve your money management.

When you have significant debts to pay off, a six-figure income may not be sufficient. So before you can begin to live comfortably, you must first get rid of them.

Furthermore, a high six-figure salary is preferable to one that is medium or poor. Most of the time, someone making $999,999 is better off than someone making $100,000.

A six-figure income is advantageous if you don’t lead an extravagant lifestyle and don’t have a lot of debt to worry about. Regardless of your salary, you should make sure that you are handling your finances responsibly. But there will be a few things worth concentrating on to make sure this money works well for you:

Amount of debt you hold

According to this study, your debt is more likely to be higher if your income is higher. Of course, earning more money also makes it simpler to pay off your debt if you desire to. But because higher income sometimes takes out considerable mortgages to fund their homes or other loans to sustain their lifestyles, it may be challenging for people with a six-figure salary to pay this off. Because of this, a high income is not a guarantee of a high credit score.

No matter how much money you make, taking on debt will never help you achieve your goal of being wealthy.

Where you live

Whether or not you should consider a six-figure salary depends much on where you live and the cost of living there. The classic illustration is San Francisco, where a family making $117,400 a year is today seen as having a “low income.”

This is unquestionably a result of the concentration of tech firms in the region, where higher-than-average salaries also drive up housing and other costs.

But it effectively illustrates how determining whether a six-figure salary is good will require you to consider the bigger picture.

Your purchasing patterns

Your spending habits, much like those of us who make less than six figures, can make or break your financial condition.

In particular, lifestyle creep might be terrible news for anyone aiming to reduce their spending.

You won’t ever be able to use that money for truly achieving your financial goals if your spending gets out of control, just like others who earn average wages rather than six-figure salaries.

The percentage of your six-figure earnings that you invest or save

Only if you use a six-figure salary to increase your wealth and safeguard your financial future can it truly be good.

The easiest method to achieve this is to invest your money and maintain a healthy savings rate so that your money is working for you.

It has been discovered that most Americans—45%—have no investments at all. And even while those with higher incomes are more likely than those with lower incomes to have money available for investments, many of them continue to live paycheck to paycheck due to the reasons described above.

So, yes, a six-figure income is undoubtedly superior to the majority. But how effective is it if you’re not using it to improve your savings rate and position yourself for the future?

Are Six Figures Enough for a Comfortable Life?

A six-figure income is unquestionably sufficient for a decent lifestyle. Your monthly expenditures, as well as many extras, will be covered. Of all, lavish spending on luxuries can quickly deplete your income. You can live comfortably on six figures and prevent overspending if you create a budget.

How common is a 6 figure salary?

A six-digit salary is unusual. Only 9% of Americans earn six figures, with males making as much money more than twice as often as women. Particularly, 13% of men and 6% of women said they made six figures annually. Furthermore, only 6% of those without a college degree made six figures.

Six Figures and Taxes

A six-figure salary is regarded as a success, but just because you earn $100,000 doesn’t guarantee that you will receive that much in take-home pay. This is because taxes must be paid, and the amount that can be deducted from your paycheck depends on where you live. According to CNBC, you would need to make $152,810 a year to take home $100,000. But these calculations assume that you reside in the state of Oregon.

To determine the precise amount of tax you would pay, you must consult the tax laws in your state. For instance, a single person without dependents earning $100,000 can anticipate paying an average of $15,103.50 in taxes.

How Much Is 7 Figures?

Are you curious about what seven figures in money mean? It simply denotes a sum of money between 1,000 and 9,999,999.

A person who earns seven digits makes at least $1 million but not more than $10 million annually. In other words, they earn at least $1 million but less than $10 million annually.

In such an instance, something about $10,000. 99 is five figures, not seven. We consider the dollars and ignore the cents, as stated in “How much is 6 figures?”

Additionally, “7 figures” typically refers to annual earnings. However, some people earn that much in a single month. They can therefore claim to make seven figures each month.

What is a 7-figure salary?

A seven-figure salary denotes an annual income of at least $1,000,000 and up to $9,999,999. It contains seven digits, as you can see.

If your annual income is in the seven-figure area, you might claim to make that much money. But, of course, that includes any income you receive throughout the year in addition to your wage.

Is a 7-figure income good?

A salary or income of seven digits is preferable to six figures. Making $1,000,000 or more yearly is a significant accomplishment many individuals strive for.

If you earn in the mid-to-high seven figures (3, 4, or more million dollars), you’ll be among the top 0.1 percent of earnings in the US. But, of course, the rank is considerably higher if it is the entire world.

You’ll be doing fantastic no matter which end of the 7-figure spectrum you’re at. You have the opportunity to enjoy a life of liberty, prosperity, and joy.

Therefore, if you need to make seven figures, focus on the freedom you’ll have from debt. Being referred to be wealthy or boasting about the status that comes with it shouldn’t be the focus. Instead, your aim should be to avoid prolonged and pointless hustling and the monotonous 9 to 5 slog.

What jobs pay 7 figures a year?

As you may be aware, six-figure salary are more typical than seven-figure salary. You need exceptional abilities, perseverance, and working in a lucrative industry to earn seven figures. But, in all honesty, the trip isn’t that simple.

Many people who earn $1 million or more annually work for themselves. Nevertheless, some positions can pay seven figures. But only if you put forth the necessary effort. Let’s investigate some of these seven-figure careers now.

Professional athlete

Talented athletes who compete professionally are those who play for money. They put in a lot of practice and training to excel in the field.

These athletes compete in professional sports like baseball, tennis, basketball, and more. If they play for a high-paying team, they can earn a lot of money.

You could become a professional athlete if you excel in a particular sport. But you need years of training and practice to keep your body in good shape and develop your skills.

You may begin by signing up for smaller teams and clubs, then work your way up. The greatest way to get the attention of sponsors is to demonstrate your expertise in the area.

Remember that a 7-figure salary is not the best a professional athlete can get. But it’s a great place to be in terms of money!


Your talent may be rewarded in the entertainment sector, too. Actors, actresses, musicians, dancers, comedians, and others can be considered entertainers.

Rather than their schooling, most entertainers are recognized for their performances. So, you’re good to start pursuing your aspirations if you’re convinced you can succeed in a particular entertainment field.

A lot of training and practice are required. In addition, you should showcase your abilities by doing performances or even by publishing stuff online.

Although the earnings of different entertainers vary, reaching the seven-figure threshold is not unusual. For example, many well-known actors, musicians, and stand-up comedians earn more than seven figures.

Business owner

This is most likely the preferred method for making seven figures. Then, you have to present a good or service that people require (well, not exactly in their face).

You must perform tasks like market research, create a superior product, and employ effective marketing techniques. Additionally, it’s really simple to develop brand awareness and connect with your target audience thanks to the Internet.

Finding a company idea shouldn’t be challenging. You may generate money from a skill you already possess by turning your passion into a business.


Beyond six figures, blogging continues! Few bloggers make seven figures annually. But all of it requires hard effort and perseverance. Before reaching this milestone, you’ll probably spend several years building and expanding your blog.


Another 6-figure job with a potential 7-figure payday is this one. Some well-known YouTubers earn more than a million dollars annually. And the majority of them first didn’t think it was even conceivable.

Of course, you must work hard to succeed at the same level. Go for it if you think you can produce videos that viewers will find compelling. While purchasing high-quality video creation equipment is beneficial, you are free to get started with what you already have if it is sufficient.

Self-help guru

Self-help gurus have experienced positive life transformations and use their experiences and knowledge to help others. As a result, top self-help authorities can make six figures annually.

The majority of income is generated through the sale of books, participation in seminars, podcast appearances, and other commercial endeavors.

If you think you have a story to tell, you may work in this field and earn money while bringing about change.

8 figures meaning

Making between $10,000,000 to $99,999,999 annually is considered an 8-figure income. These funds are only available to exceptionally high earners, and if you make eight figures, you are highly financially secure—even to the point of establishing generational wealth.

As was previously indicated, business people make up the large bulk of those earning eight-figure salaries. Giving this person in control a salary is effectively perceived as helping to secure profits well in excess of the eight-figure income they’re being paid because they own the business or are in charge of businesses earning billions of dollars a year.

Undoubtedly, someone earning an 8 figure income will be wealthy.

How Much Is 8 Figures?

Given that these values have eight digits, eight figures is anything between 10,000,000 and 99,999,999. It refers to somebody earning more than $10 million per year but less than $100 million in compensation. If you’re wondering, “how much is 8 figures?” the simple answer is not a tiny sum.

How much is an 8 figure salary?

An eight-figure salary is earned when your annual before-tax income is between $10 million and $100 million. Normally, someone would not receive this kind of money. Instead, it will include the value of additional perks received by the individual, such as stock options or endorsements.

Is an 8 figure salary good?

A salary of eight figures is quite good. Moreover, it is much greater than the median pay in the United States since it implies earning more than $10 million yearly. As a result, somebody making this much money is likely to be extremely affluent.

At the same time, we’ve all heard stories of people accumulating mountains of debt despite earning that much.

This further underscores the reality that, in general, the key predictor of whether or not you’ll be able to develop your wealth is successfully managing the money you have – even if it’s an 8 figure salary every year – which mostly means avoiding debt.

What jobs make 8 figures a year?

Software Developer

Software development firms have traditionally attracted top people searching for lucrative employment with plenty of room for professional and financial growth. For example, Google alone produced around $106 billion in revenue in 2016 and employs roughly 60,000 people worldwide. As the company expands its product and service offerings, its engineers must create new features and functionality for existing ones. Although many of these positions require specific degrees or training programs, having an interest in programming or web design can help you gain a job in these fields.

Real estate agent

Real estate brokers play an important role in guiding buyers and sellers through the property market. Either side pays them commissions based on the transaction’s outcome. Agents execute background checks, arrange to finance, manage house improvements, and handle legal difficulties in addition to negotiating contracts, conducting inspections, writing reports, coordinating showings, answering queries, and organizing paperwork. Aspiring brokers can start with an associate degree in business administration or communications.

After graduating, it takes several months of intensive study to become familiar with local laws, mortgages, and escrows. However, since Realtors are expected to become licensed professionals, they must complete continuing professional education programs all year long to keep up with changes in the industry.

Insurance salesperson

Insurance brokers sell life,homeowners, commercial, and umbrella policies to consumers. Prospecting, client qualification, proposal development, order handling, renewal tracking, assuring policy compliance, and customer service are all responsibilities of salespeople. Many entry-level applicants start their careers as door-to-door salespeople of goods like vehicles, appliances, electronics, jewelry, toys, and related goods. Most professions require a bachelor’s degree in marketing, economics, or a closely related field, while associateships and internships might enable you to get licensed sooner. You can improve your professional prospects even further by obtaining further qualifications, attending seminars, joining organizations, and competing in events.


The highest-paying careers are those in show business. Such jobs can earn eight figures, whether performed by a comedian, artiste, or movie star. Of course, the performer must work on a few well-known projects to make such sums.


Without a team, it might be challenging to reach the eight-figure threshold in company. The CEO is the highest-ranking executive in an organization; their duties are resource management and decision-making. So there’s a good chance that many CEOs in your city make eight figures.

Other business executives

Aside from CEOs, business executives like CPOs and CTOs can get an eight-figure salary if they’re in charge of a successful organization. For example, the 2019 salary for Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg was above $27 million.

Online Entrepreneur

Gaining an 8-figure income is one of the advantages of becoming a well-known online business. Top YouTubers, digital marketers, and bloggers are among them. To succeed, some of them merge all these online enterprises.

What’s the 9 figures meaning?

The definition of a nine-figure salary is that you make between $100 million and just under $1 billion annually. You are, therefore, very wealthy, as these sums are only available to very few high incomes.

It should be obvious that bringing in a nine-figure salary is more than most of us could ever aspire to make and, perhaps, more than we would ever need. Even having a net worth of nine figures is absurd, never mind making nine figures annually.

How much is 9 figures?

Any number between 100,000,000 and 999,999,999 with nine digits is considered nine figures. Accordingly, a person making a nine-figure wage would be making anywhere from $100 million to just under $1 billion annually.

How much is a 9-figure salary?

You are making a nine-figure wage when your yearly earnings before taxes range from $100 million to less than $1 billion. But, of course, this can never be completely considered a salary. Instead, it will also consider the worth of any additional perks the individual receives, such as stock options, recommendations, and even gains to their investment portfolio. So someone making an income in the nine-figure level won’t be struggling.

Is 9 figures a billion?

Nine numbers denote a sum between 100,000,000 and 999,999,999, which are less than a billion. As a result, someone making a nine-figure income could make less than $1 billion annually.

However, if your income is at the higher end of the spectrum, you have a reasonable probability of having a net worth of at least $1 billion. You might quickly turn the annual 9-figure sum into a 10-figure sum, if not a much larger number, by simply investing most of that salary.

What jobs pay 9 figures?

Nine-figure occupations are less common. Most folks who make nine figures per year don’t have a job. They are business owners. “Empire” is an even better word.

The others who don’t run business empires are typically the best in their field. They typically work in the sports and entertainment industries, if not in business.

The following jobs can earn nine figures:

Professional athlete

Professional athletes with the highest salaries make nine figures annually. Yet, regardless of the sport they play, they frequently excel.


Top-charting musicians in a given year may earn nine figures. The same salaries may also be paid to movie stars who land significant roles in big-budget productions.


 Big business CEOs frequently earn nine figures. Typically, their brand is well-known across numerous nations. However, CEOs with the highest salaries make far more than nine figures.

Real estate investors

When done wisely, investing money appears to be something that pays off. Those who make a nine-figure salary are among the wealthiest real estate investors.


It’s crucial to understand how much 6 figures, 7 figures, 8 figures, 9 figures, and more are worth. As a result, your financial literacy will increase. Knowing more about money makes achieving your financial objectives and improving money management simpler.

You’ve also found a few well-paying jobs. I hope you’ve gathered some ideas if you weren’t sure what you wanted to do with your life. You could as well succeed in your ambitious goals if you put enough work into your studies or your business.


What is 9 figures worth?

Nine-digit sums are what? When earning $100 million or more yearly, one can get a nine-figure wage or net worth. Even if there are incredibly high-income levels, this group of people still has relatively low income.

Is an eight-figure income good?

The salaries in the eight figures are really good. In the United States, the median annual pay exceeds $10 million. Everyone with such riches should therefore be well-off.

Who makes ten figures a year?

Large technology and media firms, wealthy families, successful business individuals, and well-known media figures. Individual salaries in the tens of thousands do not necessarily reflect the true wage amount, similar to those stated for having nine earnings figures.

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